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The real spectacle of the grand Brexodus awaits because the 'hidden' legal reality is politicians don’t have any 'locus standii' over law abiding civilians -private- right of European Union citizenship.



... the brexodus club... and the 1290 kings, queens, popes and umayyad caliphate all over again 2019 ... not a single one of them has any respect for law abiding civilians freedoms...


The truth of what really lurked behind Brexodus Cameron started being revealed when he publicly made the seriously illegal 'election pledge' on 19 July 2009 to 'remove' we peaceniks, which was really an attack on all law abiding civilians.





[N.B: There was a hung parliament in 2010 which -was- definitively rigged by getting the Lib Dems to sell the student fee lie because Westminster needed to flip to the Tories for public consumption, to run their MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts against us.


The very sudden general 'election' -and- exit polls prediction in 2017 of a possible 'hung parliament' again, where polls claim they don't really have a clue what is going on despite both Tory and Labour being united by Brexodus !! at most signals a change in tack, because the politicians are just propping each other up without any legitimate 'mandate' anyway.



... it's a 'bad' night for tory -and- labour really...


... slightly more successful than gordon brown who was ejected is not exactly a ringing endorsement either...





Brexodus Westminster dishonestly arguing that any Brexodus bill is tied to law abiding civilians existing European Union citizenship, has been an obvious red-herring that is only about trying to waste time.


The only single real issue there has always ever been is that of law abiding civilians European Union citizenship which not a single British politician has been remotely interested in or honest about.


On the world stage in the big scheme of things, with all sorts of large countries and economic blocs, it looks really odd for Brexodus Westminster to be so relentlessly picking on law abiding civilians in the European Union over their European Union -citizenship- because it is indeed a very 'odd' thing to do.


You only have to look at the populations of China, India or even the United States to realize that the European Union is not at all 'exceptional' but is instead despite all it's many flaws that exist elsewhere too, quite progressive.


The biggest story that's ever been told in an election that was only about wasting even more time:


... 'the olive branch' ... this is the biggest story that's ever been told...


What would really be fascinating to watch is just how many members of the public would really choose to queue up behind Theresa Murdoch, Stalin Stake-knife Corbyn and Nigel Farage et al to publicly renounce their own European Union citizenship, instead of wasting everyone else's time etc.


You can be sure the likes of Lord Rothermere and the City of London lobbyist Nigel Farage will just -buy- their own European Union citizenship in another country. 


The politicians knew the referendum was a fraud because they didn't even bother about who could and couldn't vote, or who was or wasn't represented by any politicians etc etc before they had their phoney City of London Mischon de Reya legal challenge from Lord Pannick et al.


... what they really mean is they've always been working together wasting everyone's time...


Brexodus Westminster rely on the Russian & Turkish governments who are not part of the European Union also attacking law abiding civilians European Union citizenship lawsuits at the European Court of Human Rights.

This is because it is possible to belong to the European Court of Human Rights without belonging to the European Union, but it is not possible to belong to the European Union without belonging to the European Court of Human Rights.



... they've already had more than a whole year !! wasting everyone's time with information they should have known and been ready to arrange -before- they even called their brexodus referendum...


The glaring 'omission' has always been the obvious failure to provide all law abiding civilians timely access to legal representation while the Brexodus bandwagon of the opinion treadmill of trial by 'news' media has viciously rumbled on.


The very serious issue of citizenship has been treated in a recklessly cavalier manner.

Putin the Pretender who has always been false opposition to Brexodus Westminster is however just like them, vehemently opposed to law abiding civilians freedom in the European Union too.


He has been vociferously campaigning for Brexodus because he wants to portray he can give himself arbitrary 'power' over law abiding civilians and their citizenship -in- the European Union too.


People weren't exactly clamoring to get over the Berlin Wall to where Putin was running his own Stasi that is now well and truly entrenched -with- the Brexodus City of London.


Putin the Pretender always has a sad and sorry job lot of -British-gremlins in the Kremlin stirring divide and rule because the U.S. and Russian governments don't want to join the International Criminal Court, to actually try and save -civilian- lives.


It's just such lame propaganda to say people are 'Russo-phobe' if they don't like the Russian... government, who are overtly trying to ummm... destroy law abiding civilians -freedoms- in the European Union.

The question people ask themselves is why would politicians in the European Union pass the 1290 - 2019 Article 50 're-writes' of the /Edict of Expulsion/Enabling Act etc to open the door to Russian and Turkish governments attacking law abiding civilians -citizenship- in the European Union.


It was always entirely foreseeable it could and would only be maliciously used by unscrupulous politicians against law abiding civilians.


Brexodus Westminster have always been the biggest collaborators with [for example] the Russian government against what both consider their 'own' law abiding civilians.


The U.S. have always been the enemy within too, mouthing off through NATO in the European Union, while flying under the radar of the European Court of Human Rights.


Brexodus Westminster have always relied on the U.S. and Russia to try and divide and rule Europe and now the European Union.


It's no longer possible to spin the fairytale that Brexodus Westminster bow down to Washington whose military they have always just used as a convenience really.


The Australian 'five eyes' Murdoch has led all the Brexodus propaganda, which includes the Donna... ald Trump-o-drama, while currently profiting from flying under 'the flag of convenience' of an American passport.


Everyone already knows Mr Comey who was never opposed to the Iraq War either, never investigated 'five eyes' Murdoch and his whole entourage that includes [for example] Dick Cheney and Lord Jacob Rothschild etc etc etc too.


Comey is covering up for Brexodus ASIO Assange who is no 'leaker'.


Team Trump have the former Rothschild Wilbur Ross [who bailed out Trump years ago] sitting on the Bilderberger's spinning Murdoch's Brexodus, with MI6 John Sawer and Bullingdon spiv Radislaw "we'll make mountains of gold" out of Brexodus Sikorski and his partner the American 'journalist' Anne Applebaum.


The Trump-o-drama is in complete lockstep with 'five eyes' Murdoch continuing to illegally snoop on law abiding civilians anywhere in the world.


There has always been much more opposition from the public in the U.K. to Murdoch, than there is in the U.S.


The very same job lot who have pretended at various times to be opposed to the 'balkanization' of the Middle East are trying to 'balkanize' [the] Europe[an Union]... again !!


The obvious problem with the Brexodus Westminster 'War on Terror' narrative is that it is exactly the same narrative as the -terrorists- they claim to be fighting against, with 'both sides' attacking the freedoms of all defenceless law abiding civilians !!!!


This is because it is law abiding civilians in the European Union who were always at the forefront of really opposing the illegal Iraq War, so the mercenary terrorists are only trying to -help- Brexodus Westminster and 'five eyes' Murdoch et al.


There's never been any difference between 'politicians' in the UK, where Blair's Stalin Stake-knife Corbyn only pretended to oppose war, like he pretended as indeed Theresa Murdoch did, to oppose Brexodus :


... the war propaganda has been downright -criminal- for years because it has always intended to cause law abiding civilians the most serious harm possible...


The consistency of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law is easily distinguished from corrupted corporate politics who just duck and dive all over the place hiding behind the obvious lie they can vote for whatever they want, while manufacturing the odd baton change for public consumption.


The illegal Iraq War conclusively proved there never was any War on Terror.


The whole world saw 'intelligence' agencies were nothing but complete tools of government war propaganda, with 'governments' only been interested in war profiteering.


Brexodus Westminster originally installed [for example] their House of Saud with it's 'Islamic State' caliphate it has always had.


The American propaganda looks particularly disingenuous siding with the Russian government and vice versa, along with the UK, when no law abiding civilian in the European Union has similarly ever called for the break-up of either the United States or Russia, or indeed the Middle East.


What sort of 'governments' and 'media barons' collude with mercenary terrorists to try and arbitrarily revoke law abiding civilians European Union -citizenship- without access to legal representation or redress in courts !!


It is Brexodus Westminster, the United States and Russia overtly leading the call to try and divide and rule 500 million law abiding civilians in the European Union.






24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!