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The Royal Nazis 'Article 50' 2019 re-write of their 'Edict of Expulsion' 1290 is of itself a 'Catch-22' that actually only really exposes themselves, before you even get to the centuries old persecution of the peaceful old Catalans.



... in practice ‘article 50’ spin is really just another ‘gag order’... it’s the kings & queens and popes and the umayyad caliphate etc all over again...


Westminster hasn't really changed at all since 1290 which is how it still really is today, in what is a very backward microcosm all of it's own, stuck in the myopic mindset of the dark ages.


All the inbred European 'royalty' really did in Two World Wars in Europe was install Stalin and Hitler and so on to use against their 'own' people in the 'transitions' from 'monarchies' to 'politicians' that has never really taken place in the UK, which still has an entirely unelected House of Lords too.


The Two World Wars in Europe were really all about inbred European 'royalty' taking revenge on their civilian populations, with the intention of forcing an exodus of Europeans to populate their planned military garrison in the Middle East too.


The British 'Official' historians only practice an appalling degree of revisionism that is not just confined to their far from 'Commonwealth' and contributes to a wider and violently imposed 'state of denial'.


The Royal Assent is the -signature- on all the corporate legislation including the invention of the City of London racket.


The politicians, police and judges etc are all functionaries who only work for the unelected royalty.


It’s only ‘politicians’ and ’journalists’ typically trying to spin Stalin Stake-knife Corbyn as somehow different from Theresa Murdoch, by ‘airbrushing’ his support for ‘Free Syria/Libya Army’ terrorists etc.

Blair’s Stalin Stake-knife Corbyn & new MET Chief Cressida Dick who was the 7/7 killer cop of Jean Charles De Menenzes are the same old MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of ‘Free Syria/Libya Army’ mercenary terrorists.


They are all singing from the same Brexodus hymn sheet dishonestly claiming they can vote to do whatever they want.


... 'free syria army'... labour -and- tories have all been supporting -their- mercenary terrorists...

In fact the swivel eyed-old loon ‘five eyes’ Murdoch has been leading the spin to ‘airbrush’ Stalin Stake-knife Corbyn’s affiliation with and support for the MI5 ‘Free Syria/Libyan Army’ terrorists because it is no different from the Tories.


Stalin Stake-knife Corbyn is exactly the same 7/7 Livingstone glee club calling for more Cressida Dicks on the street, while having cheered on the 'Free Syria Army' GLADIO terrorists too.


Brexodus Westminster and their crocodile tears, have been truly horrible to law abiding civilians in the European Union in the past twelve months, effectively blaming millions upon millions of law abiding civilians for anything and everything.


The whole world knows Westminster are a bunch of uncivilized savages.



Catalans by contrast are an ancient people who have peacefully lived around the Iberian peninsula being attacked by umm... every ‘ruler’ throughout European history.

The history of the ancient Catalans who were around before the Gauls, Romans and Umayyads is fascinating.


The Brexodus 1290 - 2019 message of all the politicians and journalists only continues to move further and further away from all reasonable and rational law abiding civilians.

The European Court of Human Rights needs considerable improvement, but it’s mere existence that only came about after millions upon millions of innocent civilians had been slaughtered across... Europe, is an improvement upon the Kings, Queens and Popes and the Umayyad Caliphate etc.
There isn’t a politician who could claim they ‘reasonably believed’ they could launder their ‘Article 50’ 2019 ‘re-write’ of the ‘Edict of Expulsion’ 1290 through the ECHR that btw the Russian government sit on.


It really would raise eyebrows having the Russian government who openly oppose law abiding civilians freedom in the European Union sitting in on Brexodus cases at the ECHR.


The American Donna... ld of l'Orange and his Holy Shit road trip is obviously a big act among many.


.... but the 'british' royalty managed to see their way clear to the balfour declaration with the ashkenazis, while installing their house of saud who by 'co-incidence' have a similar 'edict'...


All that’s really changed in the propaganda between 2010-2017 is they have replaced their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ rats with their MI5 Syria/Libyan ‘Jihadis’ who are all united in their opposition to law abiding civilians freedom in the European Union too.

The UK had not yet waged their ‘covert’ wars on Libya and Syria in 2010.


All the governments in the Middle East play the UN Security Council's two-faced divide and rule.


The recent Qatari 'rift' is really just a re-alignment with pre-2010 propaganda.


The Iraq War which conclusively proved there never was any War on Terror, has only been used by governments to artificially inflate the price of abiotic oil that isn't running out anytime soon, for their own benefit.


It's just shameful when you look at the state Iraq is in compared to other Middle East oil States.


War profiteers have been raking in the cash at defenceless civilians expense everywhere.


The very same false opposition who pretended to oppose 'balkanization' in the Middle East support the Brexodus 'balkanization' of the European Union.


It insults civilians intelligence to even pretend there is any difference between Netanyahoo, Abbas and Meshaal who are typical of politicians anywhere.

In the UK, it has been openly admitted since September 2011 [which is now nearly six years ago] that MI6 Vitol Oil et al have been running the Mahdi al-Harati et al mercenary terror gangs that were even ‘training’ in the UK until it became too ‘embarrassing' in 2015.


'Sir' Alan Vitol Oil Duncan who would make Anthony Blunt blush, with their £270 billion annual 'turnover' stashed in Swiss vaults, only slithered out of Moscow in early 2016, in the run up to Brexodus, so they could spin the whole Comey spiel to distract from what had really been going on in London.


The U.S. military are an enemy within in the European Union too, mouthing off through NATO while flying under the radar of the European Court of Human Rights.


The celebrity spook ASIO Assange the ‘journalist’ is a fully paid up member of the Brexodus bull with the rotten Australian government always making sure he has a whole entourage of lawyers in tow.


Brexodus Westminster has long been the acknowledged sniveling heterophobic rent boy capital of the world where the misogynist overtones are undeniable.


It was unusual for a day to go by in Westminster without someone trying to use the fact that you happened to be a woman against you, with it being considered an even greater 'crime' if you are straight. 


In contrast, Brian was always very respectful towards women.

The long-standing ‘Catch-22’ is:

a)  in practice, the governments illegally 'Classified' the Catalan, who is a law abiding civilian. It is a legal certainty the Catalan has never consented at any time ever over a very many years to the most ridiculous attempts at a 'gag order'.

b) the true Catalan connection also shows what has really always been going on incl. linking the OLD MI5 Anthony Blunt and CIA Michael Straight 'Soviet' spy ring with the NEW ASIO Assange et al etc etc etc.

The reality is the old British-Soviet spy ring proves the [for example] Australian Intelligence Services were ‘compromised’ by the British from their inception.


It was MI5 Anthony Blunt who was also a 'Soviet' spy who saved the 'royal' blushes by retrieving their 'correspondence' with Hitler.


In this day and age Putin the Pretender pimps ASIO Assange propaganda [that originated from the Guardian 'Trust' in London in 2010, to now include Murdoch's Fox] for everyone.


There was still a lot of racial profiling and social engineering going on in Australia -after- the World War Two holocaust in Europe which slaughtered millions upon millions of civilians of all races and religions or no religion.


In Australia there were the stolen generations of [for example] aboriginal children.

The real reason the MI5 Anthony Blunt and CIA Michael Straight Soviet spy ring were never prosecuted is -because- the Russian government is just false opposition who are no different to Brexodus Westminster, which most people know these days.

It’s a legal impossibility to prosecute law abiding civilians telling the truth about spy rings who were never prosecuted, incl. because they were acting illegally against civilians.

The governments incl. Putin the Pretender and his cling-ons all choose to bow and scrape to the ‘British’ Queen.


The British, Russian and American governments were all working together using the Matryoshka of the MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts in Parliament Sq. against we peaceniks in Central London between 1 May 2010 - 4 May 2012.


People can be opposed to war independently of any government.

Everyone saw the 'intelligence' services were complete tools of the Blair government in the illegal Iraq War, before they went to war.

The only purpose of false opposition in the War on Terror is to try and ’shift’ public ‘opinion’ 180 degrees by trying to ignore that the Iraq War conclusively proved there never was any War on Terror.


It's not illegal for law abiding civilians to tell the truth about ASIO Assange,  who has never 'leaked' anything.

[It's only ‘politicians’ and ‘journalists’ who obviously prefer their lucrative opinion treadmill of the trial by ‘news’ media]

c) we lawfully filed a real High Court jury lawsuit on 17 August 2011 going all the way back to December 2005 [which frankly in all the circumstances was being ‘diplomatic’] because we are obviously not doormats.


The Royal Nazis:



... brian's father was one of the soldiers who liberated people from bergen belsen...

It’s an ‘open secret’ the ’British’ House of ‘Windsor’ who fly under any ‘flag of convenience’ were Hitler’s biggest fans because they wanted to build their ‘black swan’ Rothschild Ashkenazi military garrison in the Middle East.

In Europe most governments are not honest about their participation in centuries of edicts and expulsions against Catalans [some of whom were ‘conversos’ forced to become Catholic etc long before governments collaboration with Nazi Germany too, because they wanted ‘influence’ in the Middle East.

In practice the latest ’Article 50’ spin is just being used as ANOTHER ‘gag order’ really:

1. Blair’s 22 February 2006 show trial of a Catalan in London [we eventually won] on the same date Nazi Germany executed the White Rose peaceniks on 22 February 1943 in Munich.

It was a very strange thing they did where it is difficult to be more overt than that !! which is only embarrassing for Brexodus Westminster to explain.

2. Stalin Stake-knife Corbyn’s treacherous union leaders were exempt from the same fraudulent corporate legislation we forced the repeal of.

3. Stalin Stake-knife Corbyn & Co were incredibly working with MET Police behind our backs to try and illegally ‘remove’ us since 8 March 2007



4. MET Police & 7/7 Livingstone hide 17 August 2007 attacker

5. We beat Westminster in courts on 13 December 2006 at Magistrates Court and 13 December 2007 at Southwark Crown Court, the same day Brown was late signing the ‘Article 50’ 2019 re-write of 1290 ‘Edict of Expulsion’.

6. ’Sir’ Kier Starmer appointed as Director of Public Prosecutions to cover up Doughty Chambers connivance in 22 February 2006.

7. Cameron’s unprecedented illegal ‘election pledge’ on 19 July 2009 to ‘remove’ we peaceniks.

8. Their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ Royal Eyesore show trials of Brian and myself in 2010-2011 that all the politicians and media barons cheered on.


It's really not remotely normal to literally prosecute two 'veteran peaceniks' for being a 'Royal Eyesore'.

[In fact I then lawfully ‘blew the whistle on their spy ring in the High Court on 21 June 2010 precisely to try and stop a repeat performance of 22 February 2006 on 22 June 2010, which is why I was illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010]

9. Their repeat performance of the Anthony Blunt UK-US-OZ- 'Soviet' Spy Ring triangle with ASIO Assange & Co.

[ MI5 Nafeez Ahmed who has always been covering up 22 February 2006 was joined by ASIO Assange and CIA ‘Chelsea’ Manning covering up January 13 & 25 May 2010 and CIA Snowden and MEP Farage covering up 21 & 23 June 2010]


It wasn't CIA 'Chelsea' Manning being unlawfully arrested in a massive undercover operation on 25 May 2010 that was busted in London.


Brian died on 18 June 2011.


MI5 Nafeez Ahmed is just pure evil [and pls. note 'news' media reports are 'opinions' etc. and do not constitute 'evidence']:


... the truly evil mi5 gladios like nafeez ahmed who help  -orchestrate- and carry out attacks on innocent defenceless civilians [he was an 'organizer' of mi5 'democracy village'] then dishonestly portray themselves to the unsuspecting public as 'experts' etc, to try and cover up what they have done...


What MI5 agents like Nafeez Ahmed try and do is 'guide' people... away from the starting point of the basic framework of the rule of law because then they can start manipulating people with all sorts of 'opinions' that don't lead back to... themselves.






While we were being illegally denied legal representation, ASIO Assange had a whole entourage of lawyers in tow, including while going to hide behind 'immunity' in 2012 in the Ecuadorean embassy.

10.  We filed a High Court jury lawsuit on 17 August 2011 against everyone going back to December 2005

There was a lot going on:




11. MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ and MET & City of London Police et al grand-stand Parliament Sq on January 16 2012 in Contempt of our High Court jury lawsuit.

12. [The MET Police and] City of London ‘secret’ 666 ‘police on 10 April 2013.


... this is the real brexodus britain with it's 'secret' 666 'police' they illegally use against peaceniks...[april 10 2013]

13. Stalin Stake-knife Corbyn grandstands in Parliament Square with MI5 ‘Free Syria Army’ terrorists on 12 September 2015 in his ‘victory speech’.



... tory and labour have all been supporting their mercenary terrorists... parliament square 12 september 2015...


14. Their Article 50 2019 ’re-write’ of British ‘Edicts and Expulsions’ across Europe 1290 - 2019

15. MET Police 7/7 killer cop who murdered Jean Charles De Menenzes on 22 July 2007 re-appointed as Chief on 22 February 2017, started in new job on 10 April 2017 after hiding behind immunity in Foreign Office since 2014

16. Lord Rothermere's Daily Mail horror Hatie Hopkins makes tasteless ’final solution’ jibe on 23 May 2017

17. Brexodus Westminster ‘election’ set for 8 June 2017

18. The Rothschild Jardine-Matheson ‘black swan’ Emmanuel Macron general election 11-18 June 2017

19. The Royal Nazi re-scheduled UK ’State Opening’ on 19 June 2017 with the first Brexodus ‘report’ due on 23 June 2017

20. G20 in Hamburg Germany on Blair & Co’s 7/7 anniversary.

21. The Spanish Royal ‘Inquisition’ re-scheduled 8 June 2017 red carpet royal jolly in UK for 12-14 July 2017

... the 'hidden' donna... some catalans were sephardis and all were forced to become catholic 'conversos' etc at various times...


In fact Europe has a very long history of persecution of Catalans, who have been around since before Romans and Gauls, simply because they rejected the absolute authority of Kings, Popes and the Umayyad Caliphate etc.


It was ‘British’ royalty who expelled Sephardis in 1290 with France following suit in 1360.

Britain then did their whole ’Two Princes’ routine while Spanish ‘royalty’ carried out the ‘Inquisition’ against Sephardis [and Catalans generally] in 1492 [remember Balfour Declaration 1917, Treaty of Versailles 1919 and Nazi Germany 1942 too] before entering into a ‘marriage of convenience’ with Portuguese ‘royalty’ so they would do the same, and so on.

The Kingdom of Spain at that time also included Sicily and Naples in Italy.

The persecution and forced 'conversions’ of Sephardis [and Catalans generally] to Catholicism or expulsions and worse continued through various rulers and Popes over the centuries and on into the World War Two Holocaust.

The Catalan ’stolen generations’ has been long been covered up incl. by the... generations of spy rings from MI5 Anthony Blunt [and the Ashkenazi Rothschild ‘black swans’] to ASIO Assange & Co.

The only people Stalin Stake-knife Corbyn and his 7/7 Livingstone along with 7/7 Killer cop Cressida Dick and their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of ‘Free Syria Army’ terrorists and ‘Sir Kier Starmer have ever been trying to ‘remove’ anywhere are peaceniks.


The fake 'NGO' SHAmnesty International have been big fans of cheering on any old mercenary terrorists too:



... cheering on the 'free syria army' terrorists outside the british home office...

Stalin Stake-knife Corbyn was never a peacenik but did publicly support MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ and the ‘Free Syria Army’ terrorists, while originally pretending like Theresa Murdoch to be opposed to their grand Brexodus.






24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!