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The 'Royal' Brexodus 'Inquisition' & 'Edicts of Expulsion' is trying to violently 'purge' anyone who peacefully opposes corporate war, by trying to arbitrarily revoke -any- citizenship to deny law abiding civilians their true identity and cultural heritage.


... the catalans from around the iberian peninsula on the mediterranean were really expelled, not because some were sephardis, but because they are an ancient people who rejected the absolute authority of both kings -and- popes etc ...


It's just appalling that politicians and media barons are using the Royal Brexodus 'Edict of Expulsion' 1290 - 2019 'Article 50' re-write to try and use civilian murders !! to re-invent the European Union in their own corporate image.


It is only ‘extraordinary’ how politicians and media barons and ‘academics’ can breeze right on by such a large and integral part of European history as though it never happened.



The ‘British’ Queens in Westminster who have always flown under any ‘flag of convenience’ like ‘Windsor’ or ‘Ashkenazi’ etc invented a system long ago, of using dates that serve as ‘markers’ for their rent-boy racketeering brown envelope brigands.


It isn't a 'co-incidence' that:


a) Blair had his show trial of this Catalan on 22 February 2006 [he ultimately lost] which was the same date Nazi Germany executed the White Rose peaceniks in Munich on 22 February 1943


b) Cameron publicly made the unprecedented illegal 'election pledge' on 19 July 2009 to 'remove' we peaceniks [incl. the whole 'Royal Eyesore' saga etc]


c) Cressida Dick, the 7/7 cold blooded killer of Jean Charles de Menenzes was appointed the new MET Chief on 22 February 2017 before starting work on 10 April 2017 after lurking at the Foreign Office in a clandestine role


d) the Daily Mail Hatie Hopkins made her 'final solution' jibe on 23 May 2017 which is really exactly the same as the 'Article 50' re-write of the 'Edicts of Expulsion' and 'Inquisitions' etc.


[I lawfully 'blew the whistle' in the High Court in London on the spy ring which is really a spy triangle, on 21 June 2010 precisely to try and avoid another 22 February 2006 etc on 22 June 2010, which is why I was then illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010]



Any sentient human being can see the Royal’s Stalin Corbyn and Theresa Murdoch & Co are waging an ‘election’ campaign of medieval terror to try and ‘purge’ any opposition to the ‘Edict of Expulsion’ in 1290 that was never repealed, but can’t be laundered through the ECHR.


... 9/11 again !!... most people can see why that 'edict of expulsion' which is no different from article 50 etc, can't be laundered through the european court of human rights...


The vulgar politicians and media barons and their cling-ons are all so ghoulish with their insincere crocodile tears whenever there is a terror attack on defenceless civilians they only ever use for their own corporate ends.


It only becomes clearer that when Brexodus Westminster claimed they were ‘leaving’ the European Union which no-one has tried stopping -them- doing, what they really meant was they want to ‘remove’/‘expel’/‘purge’ any law abiding civilians in the European Union who are opposed to their corporate wars of divide and rule.






It was ‘British’ royalty who expelled Sephardis in 1290 [now think Brexodus ‘Article 50’ Edict of Expulsion 2019 which is exactly the same] with France following suit in 1360.

Britain then did their whole ’Two Princes’ routine while Spanish ‘royalty’ carried out the ‘Inquisition’ against Sephardis [and Catalans generally] in 1492 [remember Balfour Declaration 1917, Treaty of Versailles 1919 and Nazi Germany 1942 too] before entering into a ‘marriage of convenience’ with Portuguese ‘royalty’ so they would do the same, and so on.

The Kingdom of Spain at that time also included Sicily and Naples in Italy.

The persecution and forced 'conversions’ of Sephardis [and Catalans generally] to Catholicism or expulsions and worse continued through various rulers and Popes over the centuries and on into the World War Two Holocaust.


The Catalans were really expelled and so on not just because some were Sephardis but because they were an ancient people who rejected the absolute authority of both kings -and- popes.


I can't say if I would personally be a practicing Sephardi because I was always denied the opportunity.


What I personally do now know with absolute certainty is the relevant paperwork etc proves that my own Catalan ancestors [some of whom were Sephardis and did become Catholic 'conversos'] who had been around before the Gauls and Romans, live/d in Spain, France and Italy during many 'purges'.


It's a fascinating and intriguing albeit sad part of history.

The Holocaust in World War Two sadly really included millions upon millions of innocent civilians of all races and religions who were slaughtered across Europe.


Brian's father was one of the soldiers who liberated people from Bergen Belsen.


Most governments are not honest about their real connivance and collaboration with [for example] Nazi Germany because they were really only interested in having 'influence' with Balfour Westminster selling their Ashkenazi military garrison in the Middle East.


The ancient people of Europe like Catalans [and/or Sephardis] from around the Iberian peninsula on the Mediterranean have always been 'expelled' and 'purged' because they didn't tick the right boxes in whatever happened to be the corporate divide and rule of the time, throughout the centuries.


Catalans were treated like second-class citizens by all the 'rulers' who passed on through, including frankly the Umayyad Caliphate too.


The Catalans were not 'invaders' but the Umayyad Caliphate which fought the Kings etc was.


The divide and rule has always really been focused around the Mediterranean.


The European Union and the European Court of Human Rights have much room for improvement, but they are an improvement that too many are now trying to destroy for purely self-serving corporate ends.


The Spanish government are not sincere with their 'convoluted' legislation in 2014 that purports European descendants of those expelled have a 'right of return' to Spain regardless of their religion or no religion -if- they jump through all sorts of bureaucratic government hoops.


... the 'hidden' donna...


In Australia -after- the Holocaust of World War Two they still practiced 'racial profiling' and 'social engineering' with the White Australia 'policy' that led to [for example] the stolen generation of aboriginal children.


It's not unusual for government court records etc to not actually stand up to any proper legal scrutiny.


They'd prefer everyone just parroted the swivel-eyed old loon 'five eyes' Murdoch as 'gospel'.




One inevitably asks the question why there isn't at least a Middle Eastern and African Union too, like the European Union so that law abiding civilians have freedom of movement within each, instead of armies of mercenaries.


The only reason that there isn't is because 'rulers' make more money, the more divide and rule there is, of civilian populations.


There's certainly plenty of oil money in the Middle East and Africa for those politicians to build their own unions like the European Union too, with freedom of movement for law abiding civilians.


If politicians really cared about civilian populations anywhere they would -all- join the International Criminal Court with armies of lawyers, instead of playing the UN Security Council’s endless divide and rule through what is really one two-faced weapons supply line.

Brian who was the greatest peacemaker of our times, was the carpenter who stood among us, speaking truth to 'power' who hide behind their Gates of Hell in their House of Horrors.

I will always be proud I stood alongside Brian as we always did and still continue to try and protect everyone by doing the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law to try and save everyone’s lives.





24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!