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The Iraq War conclusively proved there was no War on Terror and that indeed the war on Iraq was the biggest terror on defenceless civilians.


The reason there is no real investigative journalism is because journalists refuse to look at the actions of government and media barons within the framework of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


... westminster only sell their war on terror and article 50 divide and rule while peaceniks promote the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law...

Any investigative journalist could not fail to note the repeated use of the number 22 to promote Westminster’s War on Terror and it’s accompanying Article 50 Enabling Act.

The terror attacks ALL relate to keeping the War on Terror and it’s accompanying Article 50 Enabling Act of divide and rule going.

After 7/7 Westminster murdered Jean Charles De Menezes on 22 July 2005 and refused to hold a jury Inquest into 7/7, a jury inquest into Westminster’s murder of Jean Charles found it was an unlawful killing.

The MET Commissioner Cressida Dick was recently promoted by Westminster because she murdered Jean Charles !!

It is impossible to say there is not a pattern in the use of 22 because that number repeatedly keeps cropping up whenever Westminster is trying to sell divide and rule.

There are no facts, law or logic to back up Labour’s former Home Secretary Charles Clarke’s false assertions:



... proven liars about iraq war lie about everything including trying to spin stake-knife corbyn as a peacenik...


If there really was a War on Terror they would never have illegally invaded Iraq.


It is simple logic that no civilian who is genuinely opposed to Westminster’s wars would ever carry out a terror attack on other defenceless civilians because it is impossible for anyone to claim they oppose the murder of defenceless civilians by murdering defenceless civilians.


Westminster use terror to try and impose a state of denial.

The evidence is Blair used 7/7 and the murder of Jean Charles and failed corporate legislation against we peaceniks to try and stop opposition to the Iraq War and prop up the Westminster regime to continue the War on Terror.

Westminster murdered Jean Charles on 22 July 2005 and then tried to illegally use 22 against we peaceniks three times and only failed on 13 December 2007 which was the same day they signed up to Article 50.

Westminster tried to use 22 against we peaceniks on 22 February 2006, 22 January 2007 & 22 May 2007 and comprehensively lost on 13 December 2007 which is why Brown was late signing Article 50 on the same day.



Blair maliciously prosecuted me in a show trial on 22 February 2006 in London on the same date Nazi Germany had tried and executed the White Rose peaceniks in Munich on 22 February 1943.

The 7/7 Gold Commander’s attack on we peaceniks on 23 May 2006 was supposed to be 22 May but I didn’t get back until after midnight so they must have been tracking and waiting for me. When I had complained my car would be towed [which they ignored] they knew which car it was and where it was, because there was a policeman waiting by it !! when I was released without charge.   

They lost in courts over their use of 22 against us on 13 December 2006 in the Magistrates Court and on 13 December 2007 at Southwark Crown Court that included everything.

It was the Brexit PM Cameron who illegally made the unprecedented ‘election pledge’ on 19 July 2009 to use the entire apparatus of the state to try and illegally ‘remove’ we peaceniks that all the politicians and media barons cheered on.

Stake-knife Corbyn, 7/7 Livingstone and the union leaders have always worked with Blair and the Tories to try and remove we peaceniks too, because they could never explain why they were making sure their UK Stop the War Coalition was doing nothing by comparison.


Politicians and media barons who publicly cheer on trying to violently 'remove' peaceniks show they are willing to attack any defenceless civilians anywhere.


When it comes to the peculiar Brexit 'election' Stalin Corbyn is every bit the liar Theresa Murdoch is, with his promising to scrap student tuition fees in a country that doesn't even have any education system to speak of, because the entire system demands everyone anywhere surrender to anything corrupt politicians in Westminster vote for.


... brian 22 august 2005, parliament square, london...

On July 22 2011 the white supremacist Anders Breivik used the pretext of the War on Terror to murder 77 children and adults in Norway.

On 17 August 2011, Westminster’s attacks against we peaceniks ended up with a High Court jury lawsuit against everyone going back to December 2005, where we also forced the repeal.

On September 22 2011, a suicide bomb attack killed over 120 people in Peshawar Pakistan in the War on Terror.

The terror attacks all relate to keeping the War on Terror and now Article 50 going with divide and rule.

Westminster are united in war and the Article 50 Enabling Act.

There were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven year watch in Parliament Square -because- we have always done the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

The first terror attack afterwards was Lee Rigby on 22 May 2013 in the run up to Westminster trying to launch the invasion of Syria.

When we asked Westminster in June 2013 for their legal grounds to invade Syria, they never provided any.

When Stake-knife Corbyn became Labour leader he gave Labour politicians a free ‘vote’ in December 2015 on launching air strikes in Syria, before doing a volte-face with Theresa Murdoch, after both pretended to oppose Brexit.

There was a Brussels bombing on 22 March 2016 after Brexit Cameron went through the facade of a ‘failed deal’ in Brussels and there was a Munich shooting on 22 July 2016 that was purported to be against foreigners.

Westminster have long publicly admitted they run Gladio mercenary terrorists who they trained in the UK, while they were attacking and raping British people in the UK



... westminster have always been openly threatening defenceless civilians anywhere with criminal war propaganda that intends to cause the most serious identifiable harm to law abiding civilians...


On 22 March 2017 there was a terror attack in the UK that Theresa Murdoch used to distract from Westminster signing Article 50 on 29 March 2017.


On 22 May 2017 there was another terror attack in the UK murdering 22 children and adults during the Brexit 'election' which had suddenly been called, despite all the politicians in Westminster having already triggered Brexit.


[The sudden very contrived Brexit 'election' could possibly also be the pretext for another Article 50 baton change for public consumption before the G20 in Hamburg on the 7/7 anniversary]

There is no difference between Labour and Tory over War and Article 50 which is an Enabling Act.


All the politicians in Westminster are united in falsely claiming:


a) they can just have a 'free vote' to wage war on defenceless civilians anywhere




b) historically using Article 50 to falsely claim any politician can arbitrarily revoke -any- citizenship without any legal grounds or law abiding civilians having access to legal representation or redress in courts.


The world 'leaders' don't care about civilian populations or they would have all taken responsibility to sign up to the International Criminal Court to try and protect all civilian populations from war mongers who have throughout history staged false-flag terror attacks on defenceless civilians too.


It is commonsense that the more law abiding civilians promote the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, the less there is the divide and rule of war and terror attacks and the Article 50 Enabling Act.

first published @ 14.30pm CET.


24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!