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The Brexit election terror atrocity targeting children and young women took place at a pop concert by a young American singer and Murdoch ‘Scream Queen’ embarking on her -‘Dangerous Woman’- Tour in the UK that touts the use of ‘social media’ algorithms big time.


... it was blair who said peaceniks would have blood on our hands if we opposed the illegal iraq war... the illegal iraq war proved there was never any war on terror...


The only purpose of any terror atrocity on defenceless civilians is to try and make people ‘believe’ peace is only possible through the ‘gift’ of corporate politicians.


The crocodile tears from politicians and media barons hides them collecting and writing corporate checks in their War on Terror where civilians blood is the currency in Westminster.


The reason there is no investigative journalism is because journalists refuse to consider the actions of politicians and media barons within the basic framework of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.







The public all understood Westminster's Matryoshka of their MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts was only 'hidden' in full view by politicians and media barons for a full two years between 1 May 2010 - 4 May 2012, because we have been around for years.


MI5 7/7 Nafeez Ahmed who was one of the 'organizers' of their 'Democracy Village': 'Trump is the culmination of an invisible -war- on women':


... jan 20... 'trump is the culmination of an invisible -war- on women'... mi5 7/7 nafeez ahmed & co haven't really been hiding what they have been doing for years now...


Their MI5 'Democracy Village' was the 'culmination' of an 'invisible' war on women too, over 22 February 2006, where the spy ring was forced to at least overtly retreat after we filed the High Court jury lawsuit on 17 August 2011 that goes all the way back to December 2005.


MI5 7/7 Nafeez Ahmed is a nasty, nasty piece of work.


... the old bond myth...




Westminster use the number 22 because they always intend to maliciously target defenceless civilians.


They held the original malicious prosecution against me on 22 February 2006 -because- that is the same date Nazi Germany held a show trial and executed the White Rose peaceniks on 22 February 1943 in Munich.


They target peaceniks trying to end war because war is only ever all about corporate governments making money.


We beat Westminster's multi-billion dollar 'Enabling Act' which in all the circumstances of their violently relentlessly using the entire apparatus of the state against us is a very considerable achievement.


The police and lawyers [who it is well documented always ran, including Ian Macdonald who is the head of Garden Court Chambers who unknown to us at the time, was working with MI5 Nafeez Ahmed from August 2007 when 7/7 Livingstone et al were violently attacking us too] always talked about that original malicious prosecution in terms of 'pour les autres' which always seemed odd.


Ian Macdonald had threatened me to my face on 13 December 2006, referencing Nazi Germany.


... 17 august 2007...


Their original malicious prosecution on 22 February 2006 all became tied up to their malicious prosecutions on 22 January 2007, delayed until 22 May 2007, that we won on 13 December 2007 [which is linked to 13 December 2006 and also to 22 January 2007] which is when Brown was late signing the Article 50 'Enabling Act'.


The police records that have been disclosed also show 23 May 2006 was supposed to be 22 May 2006, but I didn't get back until after midnite, which only shows they were tracking and waiting for me.


In legal terms this will be, because they knew they couldn't really go ahead because 22 February 2006 was strangely the real first 'test case' in the High Court, that they just endlessly 'delayed' until 'forgetting' to invite me while I was illegally denied legal representation. The malicious prosecution on 22 February 2006, which was a quite remarkable 'show trial' was the key that unlocked and forced the repeal.


It was always all 'void ab initio'.


It's only embarrassing for Blair to explain what on earth he was doing maliciously prosecuting me on the same date the Nazis prosecuted and executed the White Rose peaceniks in Munich in Nazi Germany !!


There is a very real misogyny in Westminster towards women [and peace]


... it's hardly new what the government do... 'face off against bent coppers, double crossing agents [like mi5 nafeez ahmed] black ops'...


Brian who was so respectful towards women was so very different to this job lot of creeps.


There were never any terror attacks in the UK on my watch in Parliament Sq. because we have always practiced the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.





It is down to law abiding civilians to tell the grim truth because everything politicians and media barons spin is trying to move away from that lawful framework, the rest of us naturally live by every single day.



Of particular concern is a chilling 'interview' the City of London lobbyist Farage gave on 19 May 2017 [see below]


What still concerns me most of all is that all governments haven't signed up to the International Criminal Court to take responsibility for protecting their civilian populations and limiting the options of those like Westminster with a long history of war mongering, to wage war.


There is a lack of commitment on the part of those who call themselves 'world leaders' to sign up to the most fundamental and important checks and balances of the International Criminal Court to try and strengthen the rule of law.


That failure is why there is so much double dealing between Westminster, Washington and Moscow over the European Union and European Court of Human Rights.


... truth... the murdered children...


Westminster make every effort to steal, destroy and outlaw evidence of their murdering defenceless children in their illegal wars.


Westminster belong/ed to both the EU & ECHR while the United States military fly under the radar of the European Court of Human Rights in Europe, with the complicity of Westminster and Moscow who both sit on it. 



Politicians and media barons with their crocodile tears are not remotely honest, honorable or responsible people and there is a deep misogyny among them towards women.


There has never been any War on Terror but there is much seriously criminal war propaganda:


... the savage swivel eyed old loon 'five eyes' murdoch is a bloodcurdling war profiteer gloating the more blood the better...


What distinguishes corporate politics that is just about corporate lobbyists is that it operates outside the framework of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


... they grin from ear to ear while they hand out baubles to each other cheering themselves on...




1. It was Blair who led with divide and rule falsely claiming peaceniks would have blood on our hands if we opposed the illegal Iraq War that conclusively proved there was never any War on Terror.


The major problem with the War on Terror is that it is the easy life for self-serving politicians who just keep signing off on corporate multi-billion dollar cheques, where Stake-knife Corbyn's union leaders are no different.


2. It was Brexit Cameron whose illegal unprecedented ‘election pledge’ in 2009 to ‘remove’ we peaceniks illegally using the entire apparatus of the state cheered on by media barons proved they fear the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


Anyone who 'believes' politicians and the Daily Mail et al's legally meaningless 'will of the people' slogan is living in a brainwashed state of denial because that is the complete opposite of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law that exists for the benefit of everyone.


Adults really do have a responsibility to learn about and speak the truth so they can try and protect innocent children.

It is a matter of fact politicians and media barons who illegally publicly call to ‘remove’ peaceniks using the entire apparatus of the state while being cheered on by media barons are willing to commit atrocities against defenceless law abiding civilians at home and abroad.

3. The Manchester terror attack aimed at the weakest and most vulnerable, children, reminds all rational and responsible adults of our continuing very real responsibility to push for more real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law to protect everyone.

4. Westminster didn’t waste time using the terror attack on 22 May 2017 to put troops on the streets on 23 May 2017 to put Theresa & Trump Murdoch centre stage at their NATO jolly in Brussels on 25 May 2017.


Not forgetting their G7 Sicily on 26 May 2017 too.


The equally illiberal French President used it as an opportunity to irrationally ask to extend the 'State of Emergency' in France which doesn't even end until July, until November, and create new 'legislation'. This is despite the state itself has never been under any kind of threat. The only real pattern that emerges is politicians carrying on from each other to extend powers for themselves under any pretext.


Politicians only really fear peace so those who rely on 'States of Emergency' only do so because of their own lack of legitimacy in administrative governance.


It's not the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law with it's checks and balances and safeguards for the benefit of everyone that is the failure.


... it is an unrealistic state of denial to expect politicians and media barons who act on the basis they are above the law themselves, to tell the truth about anything...

In fact Westminster always put -thousands- of troops on the streets in Westminster in the UK for their State Opening, and there have been armed police and snipers in and all over Westminster for years, without so much as any comment.


The disgusting corporate clickbait hides that it was defenceless civilians targeted, not the British Parliament which is armed to the back teeth anyway, and isn't even sitting at the moment because they have been skiving off having their Brexit 'election':


... parliament isn't even sitting because of their brexit 'election' dodge...


This only looks like a variation of Erdogan staging a fake coup against himself for the cameras:


... everyone knows what is known as the militia are obviously not going in to the house of horrors to protect the public...


Defenceless children are murdered so they put the militia in... Parliament, who aren't even sitting ?


Blair used 7/7 to try and cling onto power for longer.

The Godfather Trump has been doing his ‘Holy Shit’ road trip to remake the world in corporate lobbyists image in seven days, which really is not by happenstance.




Trump didn't manage to find the time to join the International Criminal Court tho'.

Anyone who opposed the illegal Iraq War will understand Westminster's plan was to treat their NATO jolly on 25 May 2017 as their State Opening this year, which explains why the UK State Opening on 19 June 2017 has gone all casual.  



The British establishment operate through an opaque 'language' among themselves, where one word in passing among themselves that the rest of us wouldn't even notice can be of huge significance to them.


This is particularly evident in courts where any win by people is delivered through gritted teeth and made to sound the opposite, or the judge just runs like hell, closing the court to the press and public.


A 'dressing down': 


... anyone who looks at the full calendar of this years brexit related events knows the general election was planned so the 'dressing down' was not because of other scheduled commitments...


Only politicians and media barons spend -billions- selling ‘will of the people’ slogans, which they don’t do because they care about people.

Terror attacks are the excuse politicians use to demand more money and more power.

They have spent the last year viciously relentlessly demonizing any civilians opposed to Brexit with nothing but an endless stream of lies.


It’s the same old story that civilians are all suspects who are to blame for everything because we all have too much freedom and should be paying more to the corporate state for whatever they want.

It takes no time for ghoulish and macabre politicians and media barons who never tell the truth about anything to hijack a terror attack on defenceless civilians for their own corporate ends.



In fact those City of London corporate lobbyists like the MEP Farage who actually supports the Lisbon Treaty because it is useful to him can pose as politicians passing any fraudulent corporate legislation in the morning before donning their journalists hat in the afternoon to sell on their own lies.


Boris is a notorious corporate lobbyist posing as a politician and journalist like Gove too.


The City of London Farage is not just an MEP but works for Murdoch, Russia Today, LBC, Renaissance Technology hedge funds and Cambridge Analytica who are all also responsible for pushing Trump propaganda.

There’s nothing remotely responsible about any politician or media baron.

The memory of the SUN and police blaming civilians for Hillsborough based on what politicians were saying looms large.

The more real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law civilians can do, the harder it becomes for corporate politicians and media barons to wage corporate war and terror atrocities.



It is law abiding civilians practice of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law that both empowers and protects civilians.


Brexit itself is all about corporate politicians reaching a historical new low falsely claiming they can deny law abiding civilians legal representation to revoke -any- citizenship without access to redress in courts.

The whole City of London is built on selling the interconnected algorithms of media-elections-money markets where it serves their purpose to spread their algorithms as far and wide as possible, which they know a terror attack on a ‘social media’ pop star would do.

The Brexit headline that best sums up Westminster is the City of London ‘secret’ 666 ‘police’ ambush on April 10 2013 when we left the High Court because they had long been lawfully busted in courts of law.

That tells anyone the politicians and media barons do not ever want to tell the truth.

They signed up to Blair’s Brexit fraud after our very small group beat the entire apparatus of the state in Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007.


Looking back I am astounded that we achieved so much as such a small group in such a short space of time against such odds.


MI5 7/7 Nafeez Ahmed was covering up on and around 22 February 2006 & 23 May 2006




ASIO Assange and CIA Manning’s ‘cover story’ is covering up the truth about 13 January and 25 May 2010 in London [involving MI5 Nafeez Ahmed 23 May 2006 etc too]





City of London Farage and CIA Snowden cover stories on 21 June 2013 and 23 June 2016 are to cover up 21 & 23 June 2010 in the High Court in London when we busted what was going on [that led to the City of London ‘secret’ 666 ‘police’ ambush on April 10 2013 when we left the High Court]

The whole ‘Islamic State’ spin is identifiable war propaganda because it has no agenda beyond endless death and destruction of war to fuel the corporate War on Terror.

A) 19 MAY 2017 NIGEL FARAGE ‘COVER STORY’ FOR 22 & 23 MAY 2017

B) 19 MAY 2006 MET POLICE ’COVER STORY’ FOR 22 & 23 MAY 2006

On 19 May 2017, Farage gave a surreal interview in Brussels to a German journalist which was a pass the buck up the food chain with “both houses and black rod” saying people were still free to ‘visit’ Hamburg who are hosting the G20 on the 7/7 anniversary, before he happened to be in Manchester for the terror atrocity there.






"Farage's mission is to destroy the EU from within. Along with David Cameron and Boris Johnson, Farage is one of the key initiators of Brexit. The interview was organized by his press spokesman, who is also present.

ZEIT ONLINE: Since 1999, European Parliament has paid your salary as a representative. Why do you accept money from an institution that you want to destroy? How can I explain that to my eight-year-old daughter?


Farage: You tell your daughter that a wave of insanity overcame the political classes of Europe.

Farage: We British are not allowed to have our own foreign policy.

ZEIT ONLINE: Do you still remember June 23, 2016, the day that Brexit was passed?

Farage: It was one of the best days of my life. Oh yes, in my career, it was the best day ever.


... it's pretty clear the city of london MEP farage is on the payroll [of MI5, 'five eyes'] murdoch, LBC, and russia today...

ZEIT ONLINE: Who financed your Leave campaign?

Farage: Who financed the whole Remain campaign for over 50 years? The government.

ZEIT ONLINE: You didn't answer the question.

Farage: Individuals. Individuals from the UK.

Farage: This campaign wasn’t about money. It was about messages, good clear messages.

ZEIT ONLINE: You never received any money for your appearances on Russia Today?

Farage: Which I do twice a year. Or three times last year. I am doing global media. I am talking to you as well.

ZEIT ONLINE: Why did you meet with Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London?

Farage stops for a moment to think.

Farage: Oh, for journalistic reasons. I will not say anything more about that. But I did it for journalistic reasons, not for political reasons.

ZEIT ONLINE: What do you mean when you say, "journalistic reasons?"

Farage: I will not say anything more about that. If you look at what I do today, I used to do politics 100 hours a week. But now I do politics for 40 hours a week, so I have got a lot of time to do other things. I am a Fox News contributor. I am an LBC presenter. I write.

ZEIT ONLINE: You have transformed yourself from a politician to an entertainer?

Farage: Perhaps.

ZEIT ONLINE: Entertainers tend to be paid well for the job.

Farage: Yes, some people really get paid for it.

Farage's press spokesman interrupts the interview. He says that the interview had actually been arranged to discuss trade relations between the EU and the UK. Neither he nor Farage, the spokesman says, want to talk about Farage's connections to the WikiLeaks founder

ZEIT ONLINE: So you were sent by someone to speak to Julian Assange? What did you talk about?

Farage: It has nothing to do with you. It was a private meeting.

ZEIT ONLINE: You just said it was a journalistic meeting, for the public.

Farage: Of course.

ZEIT ONLINE: Are you going to publish an article soon about your connections to WikiLeaks and your meeting with Assange?

Farage: You will have to wait and see. I meet lots of people all over the world. I always help them.

Farage: I want the EU to be destroyed and it doesn’t matter if God or the Dalai Lama wants it was well.

I think you are a nutcase! You are really a nutcase! Brexit is the best thing to happen: for Russia, for America, for Germany and for democracy. And that's the key point.

Farage's press spokesman again interrupts the interview. He says that the interview should focus more on trade relations between Germany and the UK. Farage nods.

... now we have left. And we are the first ones. Others will leave as well.


Farage: We will have to see. Greece. But it could be Denmark or Sweden. We will see.

ZEIT ONLINE: Greece had that option during the financial crisis, but decided against it. Now that Brexit has come to pass, what are you actually? Are you a journalist or a politician? What is your role?

Farage: Changing public opinion. That’s what I have been doing for 20 years. Using television, media. Shifting public opinion. That's what I am good at.

ZEIT ONLINE: And that's why you had to meet with Julian Assange?

Farage looks to his press spokesman and pauses again.

Farage: That, that is a different angle in this.

ZEIT ONLINE: It's an angle that I want to understand.


... crocodile tears... politicians and media barons steal evidence of them murdering defenceless children...

Farage: Well, you will not get it. I went to meet him very briefly. We talked about a lot of things.


... [farage's staged 'meeting' with asio assange was about these 9 march 2006 tapes of brian and i together in parliament square that proves all the successive met police commissioner's lied from december 2005 onwards about everything]...

Farage's press spokesman interrupts the interview for a third time. He says that Farage should talk about the economy of the United Kingdom. Farage picks up the phone to make a quick call before continuing to speak.

ZEIT ONLINE: You are a citizen of the United Kingdom?

Farage: Yes.

ZEIT ONLINE: In the event of a hard Brexit, you may not be able to work in Brussels or fly to Hamburg without a visa.

Farage: Before 1914, there were no passports at all. So what are you talking about? You obviously don’t know history, do you?

ZEIT ONLINE: Among the EU's fundamental principles is the freedom of movement for goods, services, capital and people. Those who leave the EU risk losing these freedoms.

Farage: When I was elected in 1999, borders and immigrants weren't even mentioned. Not once in my literature. Why? Because it wasn’t relevant.

ZEIT ONLINE: Yet Brexit could result in there being a new border in Europe.

Farage: You are away with the fairies. You must be mad. I have never heard anything so immature in all my life. Because of Brexit I will lose my option to travel to Hamburg? You should be on a comedy show, not be a journalist.

Farage's press spokesman interrupts the parliamentarian for the fourth time. It's too much, he says and indicates to Farage that he should put an end to the discussion. Farage stands up from his leather armchair and sits down at his desk. That's it, he says, and looks at the papers lying in front of him. The interview is over and his press spokesman requests that the journalist leave the room"



It's a surreal interview.


What is of particular significance is that the City of London lobbyist Farage very rudely fails to responsibly address the very serious issue of British nationals real lives living in and working in the European Union, Westminster are leaving.



22 MAY & 23 MAY 2006


The disclosures the MET Police have so far made which are still incomplete show that the 7/7 Gold Commander Asst. Commissioner Allison’s illegal attack on our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign on 23 May 2006 was supposed to happen on 22 May 2006.


... 19 may 2006... 7/7 gold commander asst commissioner allison and  chief insp. layzell who used my unlawful arrest to take 'early retirement' in somewhere like the bahamas, while ingledew transferred to brown envelopes from westminster council brown for hunting down... ummmm... brellas... [is true]...


Trying to save the evidence of their murder of innocent children:


... 'father forgive them for they know not what they do, forgive us for now we do'... the politicians and media barons did always know and intend to do what they have done...

On 19 May 2006 MET Police importantly made sure they had their ‘cover story’ of ‘both houses and black rod’ in black and white because if challenged their fall-back position was the British Parliament told them to do it, which meant politicians having advance notice etc.


... 'both houses and black rod'... the british parliament do orchestrate everything...


The facts are the MET Police and Ian MacDonald who is the Head of Garden Court Chambers worked with MI5 7/7 Nafeez  Ahmed to keep me away from a High Court jury and in particular after we won the 13 December 2006 case at Magistrates Court and 13 December 2007 case at Southwark Crown Courts that covered everything really.


... the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law proved that was untrue...

That is why Brown was late signing the Article 50 Lisbon Treaty.


... everyone knows those are crocodile tears...


The sisyphean deceit of the Brexit election is really built around former PM Cameron’s illegal ‘election pledge’ in 2009 to ‘remove’ peaceniks, by which Westminster mean really mean anyone.

It is a matter of fact the ‘cover story’ of ASIO Assange and CIA ‘Chelsea’ Manning about 13 January and 25 May 2010, along with those of CIA Snowden and Nigel Farage  of 21 June 2013 & 23 June June 2016 are over 21 & 23 June 2010 in the High Court, where they are all illegally working together against peaceniks

The original dates of 13 January and 25 May 2010 expose the Labour & Tory-Lib Dem administrations working together with the Matryoshka of their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts against civilians.

The Russian government were not really opposed to the Iraq War.

An MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ organiser posing as a ‘journalist’ called Nafeez Ahmed was a gatekeeper for 7/7 working with lawyers illegally trying to cover up 23 May 2006

The same Brexit politicians in Westminster battled to stop a 7/7 jury inquest on 23 June 2010 too, preferring the multi-billion dollar opinion treadmill of a ‘trial by news media’ to exclude the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.



Farage’s job is to help Brexit ASIO Assange et al while insultingly saying people can still visit Hamburg.

The G20 is being held in Hamburg on the anniversary of 7/7.

The City of London lobbyist Farage gets paid as an MEP while working for the likes of Murdoch, Russia Today, LBC, Renaissance Technologies and Cambridge Analytica.

All reasonable and rational law abiding civilians know there is a serious ‘conflict of interest’ that is illegal with any politician who chooses to spin over and to the exclusion of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law with it’s checks and balances and safeguards that exist to protect everyone.

The latest Brexit terror atrocity only sadly proves the cowardice of politicians in Westminster trying to hold all law abiding civilians everywhere hostage to their own corporate greed.    



24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!