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The Brexit casino royale who are always terribly precious about their manicured corporate image always rip plebs vernacular.

Their ultimate corporate ‘Holy Shit’ [Hollywood] road trip which pointedly bypasses Baghdad, cannot explain why there isn’t a Middle East Union like the European Union.

... the sopranos... ‘holy shit’ road trip... trump’s no more a christian, than the house of saud are islamic, or netanyahoo is jewish and the pope a catholic...


All the governments in both regions should really be promoting freedom of movement for law abiding civilians instead of whole armies of mercenaries.


The illegal Iraq War proved there is no War on Terror.


The Brexit Queen and the swivel eyed old loon 'five eyes' Murdoch's media manufactured Trump-o-drama does rip the Ivanov Affair involving the Hawke government, all of which typically rather conveniently 'side-steps' Anthony Blunt et al.




ASIO Assange is not a Russian agent. The very serious fraud of his 'cover story' about 13 January and 25 May 2010 where he never made any 'leaks' is busted.


 ... asio assange is not a russian agent... when brexit cameron made the unprecedented illegal 'election pledge' in 2009 to 'remove' we peaceniks cheered on by all the politicians and media barons, asio assange was parachuted into london in april 2010 to maliciously target we peaceniks too...


ASIO Assange was covering up dates involving the MI5 'Democracy Village' undercover operation.


The true story about 13 January & 25 May 2010 in London spans both the Labour and Tory - Lib Dem administrations maliciously targeting we real peaceniks.


It wasn't the CIA 'Chelsea' Manning being unlawfully arrested on 25 May 2010 during a massive undercover operation.


... 21 june... after asio assange became otherwise engaged in the ecuadorean embassy spin after our high court jury lawsuit in 2011, cia edward snowden appeared out of the shadows...


The grubby fingerprints of Brexit Murdoch, Lynton Crosby and John Pilger are everywhere.


CIA Snowden appeared out of the shadows after the City of London 'secret' 666 'police' ambush when we left the High Court on 10 April 2013. His job was to again cover up a date, with his 21 June 2013 spin that was a rip of my lawfully 'blowing the whistle' in the High Court on 21 June 2010.


 ... 'the church of the ascension'...


The public records prove the Australian government colluded with [for example] the British government to illegally deny us legal representation in October 2009 and August 2011 etc, while ASIO Assange has always had a whole entourage of paid lawyers in tow while grandstanding for media barons, illegally hiding behind immunity of all sorts.




The Trump 7 Day Tour 20 - 26 May 2017 :


20 - 21 May 2017, Riyadh


The Brexit Queen's emissary Trump collects the $380 billion cheque from Riyadh on his way to Tel Aviv to drop off the $38 billion brown envelope 


[The House of 'Windsor' installed the House of 'Saud' to replace the Sharif of Mecca because he refused to ratify the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 when the 'Windsors' double-crossed him over the MacMahon - Sharif agreement in 1916 in favour of the Balfour Agreement with the Rothschilds in 1917


The House of 'Windsor' wanted to install a European military garrison in the Middle East]


22 - 23 May 2017, Tel Aviv


The House of 'Windsor' who were Hitler's biggest fans big celebration in 2017 is the centenary of the 2 November 1917 Balfour Declaration that led to Two World Wars !! that slaughtered millions upon millions of civilians !! in Europe !! so they could populate their military garrison in the Middle East.


... 23 may ... brexit 'windsor' who were hitler's biggest fans big celebration of two world wars !! slaughtering millions upon millions of civilians is the centenary of the balfour declaration 2 nov 2017 [there was obviously never anything remotely arabic about the brexit rothschilds or indeed netanyahoo]...


... 'false reports from russia'...





Also on 22 May 2017 Barnier confirmed Brexit Westminster's 13 December 2007 'negotiating guidelines'.


Another 23 May:


... 23 may  ... we proved this was a multi-billion dollar corporate fraud too, illegally using the entire apparatus of the state....


[The 'police' records show it was actually supposed to be 22 May. I had gone off much earlier that day to have a shower and didn't get back until after midnite which is why Brian and I were still awake talking at 2.30 am. So I guess they must have been tracking & waiting for me too. They certainly knew where my car was because after I was unlawfully arrested I had complained it would get towed because it was still inside the Congestion Zone area because I had planned to move it outside later before you start getting charged. When I was released without charge Steve and I were surprised to a) find my car was still there b) with a police 'minder' standing there too !!  They knew the arrest was unlawful before they did it.


The treacherous liar 7/7 Livingstone had been busy welcoming Hugo Chavez while trying to get rid of we peaceniks before he and Brown did the same with the whole Nelson Mandela routine in Parliament Sq. itself the following year.]


... their 'jerusalem' day falls on the evening of 23 may - 24 may this year...





24 May 2017, the Vatican [the favourite lair of a Nazi Pope and sexual predators]


25 May 2017: NATO Brussels Jolly on  Ascension Day [Public Holiday in Continental Europe]


Merkel is also hosting Obama's 'Foundation' launch in Berlin, Germany on the same day.


Another 25 May 2010:



... 25 may 2010... a massive undercover operation against 'two veterans' that is busted...


25 May 2017:


 ... raytheon sponsored war propaganda... most people should be asking wtf !! would nato's 'official' legal grounds be ??...


It really should have always been mandatory for all governments to belong to the ICC to protect their civilian populations and prevent the disgusting Raytheon sponsored NATO war propaganda above.


26 May 2017, G7 Sicily


On 29 May 2017, Emmanuel Macron and Putin the Pretender are getting together early at Versailles almost as if to just remind everyone that Treaties are not made to benefit civilian populations.


The Brexit general 'election' takes place on 8 June 2017


The French general 'election' takes place on 11 and 18 June 2017


18 June 2006:


... 18 june 2006 ... another guardian cover up...


18 June 2008:


... 18 june 2008... brexit westminster 'ratify' their 13 december 2007 article 50 after our win on 13 december 2007 and high court order over april 10 2008...


18 June 2010:

... 21 june 2010 i was given this, which everyone had among much failed to disclose to us that i put on the high court record on 21 june 2010 [that 'summer solstice' was a long day]...


The CIA Snowden 21 June 2013 spin is a rip of our lawfully 'blowing the whistle' in the High Court in London on 21 June 2010 that was backed up by our High Court jury lawsuit on 17 August 2011.


The Brexit 'State Opening' takes place on the 19 June 2017, while Barnier claims a) Brexit 'negotiations' will begin the week of 19 June 2017 which he says he will b) file a report about on 23 June 2017, which is less than a week later.


... it wasn't the cia 'chelsea' manning who was arrested on 25 may 2010 during a massive undercover operation...


The a) G20 takes place in Hamburg on the Anniversary of 7/7 and b) Trump is penciled in for a later appearance on the Brexit Queen's red carpet in London on 7 October 2017, before c) 2 November 2017 centenary 'celebrations' of the Balfour Agreement.



The ‘conflict of interest’ arises when politicians etc take the brown envelope over the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, which has checks and balances and safeguards for the benefit of everyone.




The BBC gagged when I commented that they were trying to whitewash the District Judge Snow-job as a 'snowflake' so 'journalists' have tried to use Brexit to direct the expression away from the corrupt old boys fishbowl towards people.


This was because the BBC were themselves caught out illegally editing and maliciously publishing a false account of my unlawful arrest on 25 May 2010.


That same head of the BBC Mark Thompson has now 'rotated' into the role of CEO at the NY Times to spin what is really a version of the Brexit divide and rule with the swivel-eyed old loon 'five eyes' Murdoch at Fox News etc.


 ... that's a capital S for the 'snowflake' & his entourage who should be hanging their collective heads in shame over the iraq war...


The photo above reminds me of the ghastly Muslim 'News' Awards at the Grosvenor Hotel on Park Lane in the UK that we hadn't known was really funded and run by the British government for collaborators like the roadshow above. They were headlining David Miliband and Hazel Blears with a truly obscene litany of lies, so it was Brian who literally stood up to the politicians who legged it.


... not really something that could be said standing in baghdad or damascus...


Brian and I had been sitting on different tables and I found myself on a table with a BBC journalist while a Crown Prosecutor in a malicious prosecution against me was seated behind me with the equally corrupt fmr Asst. Commissioner of the MET police Brian Paddick. The BBC hastily moved tables when people on the table started asking me about Parliament Sq.


It turned out the government hadn't wanted us there but nominations were made by the public, although awards were decided by the government [all of which we hadn't known] so Brian who had already won the Channel Four public vote in the Most Politically Inspiring person [before Channel Four changed the voting system so that couldn't happen again] didn't win a government 'award' that night, humiliating Hazel Blears and Co. The politicians couldn't have the spectacle of security throwing us out, and in front of senior police etc, so the politicians had to leave instead.


This is just shameful money grabbing war propaganda:


... politicians and journalists and their 'general' jobsworths really do insult civilians intelligence trying to endlessly 'sidestep' the illegal iraq war proved there is no war on terror that only they keep trying to sell for corporate profit...


The Channel Four Most Politically Inspiring Awards on 7 February 2007 were even more gruesome, although it was wonderful Brian won that [Brian got an overwhelming 54% of the public vote, General Donut Dannatt 18%, Blair 8% and Cameron 6%] it was only a week after Blair had made a second attempt to murder me on 31 January 2007. It was very difficult to sit in the same room full of repulsive politicians and particularly in those circumstances, which I had only very reluctantly agreed to do for Brian's sake.


It was the Brexshit David Davis who used it as an opportunity to unforgivably slither up to me snidely saying if Parliament cared [about people] they would have to shut down. I didn't dignify him with a response.


The British government waged all out war against us throughout the whole of 2007 until we wiped the floor with them in Southwark Crown Court on December 13 2007 which was why Brown was late signing Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, because we were supposed to lose.


It is the BBC/NY Times who recently tried to attribute our more common usage of 'nut-job' to Trump where I have never seen him use that coinage that I have referred to including Al-Qaeda and Kissinger and much sandwiched in between like the House of Saud, McCain and Rubio et al.


We never found any real difference between District 'Judge' Snow-job and nut-jobs really.


[In 2011 a BBC 'journalist' stalking me to try and cover up 25 May 2010 was disgracefully doing a PHD about using 'media' to effect 'behavioural change' in 'criminals' , aka the illegal 'trial by media' where the revolving doors of politicians and journalists treat every member of the public as a 'suspect' because that's what fills their wallets]


That all fell apart for the BBC et al when we forced the repeal of the multi-billion dollar violent corporate legislation being used against us, proving we weren't the criminals, while slapping everyone involved with a wider High Court jury lawsuit.


In Brexit Westminster the revolving doors of politicians and journalists is morphing into the one and same.


 ...'breaking news' in 'the muslim world' ?... trump would never have dared give such a shallow and disgraceful speech standing in baghdad...


What is really a corporate lobbyist can pass fraudulent corporate legislation in the morning while wearing his politicians hat, before donning his journalists hat in the afternoon, to try and sell it on with the legally meaningless 'will of the people' slogan.


Boris Johnson was doing it with their MI5 'Democracy Village' while his and Blair's City of London protege the Faragarama works for Murdoch, LBC, Russia Today and Mercers' Renaissance Technology hedge-fund algorithms who are linked to Cambridge Analytica in the UK in the whole Brexit cash for EU citizenship racket.


They are illegally making money out of spinning the falsehood that they can just hand themselves any power they like.

The opiate of evil is what really motivates their corporate greed.


... 'interfaith'... abbas doesn't bother holding elections over his presidency any more...


'Interfaith' ? :


... riyadh... abbas has been sticking to trump like glue recently...


More recently Brexit Vitol Oil grew to be the largest global oil and 'commodities' trader in the world with an annual 'turnover' of $270 billion eclipsing the Brexit Jardine - Mathesons who made their money out of starting the Opium Wars with China.


All corporate politics is purely a 'numbers' game without any regard whatsoever for the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

The Republican Trumps and Democrat Clinton’s really did rip the British “Woke up this morning” riff [which isn’t actually about gangsters] that they used to do their whole Soprano routine with the U.S government who are really just a gun lobby running a property racket including rich Chinese.  








24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!