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The French Presidential ‘protest’ vote put up job was an altogether offensive display of lame duck politicians cynically gaming their system.

The main players all hid behind the spectre of Blair’s Article 50 ‘Enabling Act’ while the unspoken echoed across a country suddenly put under an international spotlight of dissembling.


... this ugly duckling's 'black swan' was very much a planned event, hiding behind blair’s charm-free article 50 ‘enabling act’ carrion call of lame duck politics...


The spin that Macron 'defeated' the two major parties, including the one he was in, disguises everyone hiding behind Article 50 propaganda.


In fact, the traditional two parties stood back to play out the 'protest' vote with Macron, Le Pen and Melenchon who are not newcomers, and have no existing party machinery to govern, using Article 50 to corral people into voting for Macron.


The corporate spin behind the political parties deserting their voters to unite among themselves:



UPDATE 17.05.2017: Macron has appointed Edouard Phillipe the new Prime Minister who along with MEP Sylvie Goualard were at the 2016 Bilderberg in Dresden. Le Drian was kept on by Macron because he arranged the $50 billion submarine deal with Australia, while Phillipe and the 'environmentalist' Hulot are a PR team for the Areva and EDF Hinkley Point deal with the UK. Until 4 May 2012, Emmanuel Macron was in business with the Rothschild's Brexit chief Lord Leach, see below, who was in the British House of Lords from 06.06.2006]


This creates the potential for political spin on multiple levels in any direction.


It's a monumental deceit to re-brand the same old politicians as 'revolutionary' etc simply because they hide behind Article 50 propaganda which is really the default position of failed politicians, playing out what are actually planned 'black swan' events.


In a country where most people who are continental Europeans support being part of the Euro and therefore by and large the European Union, the political classes could have dished up any old 'Donald' Duck and he would have won 'against' Le Pen and Melenchon selling disingenuous spin.



... 'politics' is a numbers game...


This doesn't mean that a) the 'Donald' Duck really supports civilians freedoms in the European Union or b) people support the 'Donald' Duck.


The chosen one was really chosen by the political classes to spin in any direction that is convenient to the political classes.


Jean Luc Melenchon is a big fraud too, working with Stake-knife Corbyn's People's Assembly, the Guardian 'Trust' and Cambridge University in the UK via Oliver Tonnau. Their 'economic theory' is the private right of EU citizenship is a principle, not a legal reality. The obvious logical flaw in their spin is that there is no reason to break up the European Union if their 'economic theory' really is sound.


Varoufake is another mouthpiece for Phil the Greek et al spinning chaos theory instead of the butterfly effect of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law with checks and balances and safeguards for the benefit of everyone.


The French Presidential 'protest' vote put up job raises more questions than it answered.


[The Brexit spin 'avoids' looking in the mirror and reforming:


a) the corporate House of Commons so all MP's and Minister's work with the salary they are paid by the public with no outside business interests while they are in government


b) and unelected House of Lords is replaced by a wholly elected upper house


c) and the unelected royal scroungers royal assent ends]


[The City of London hired the 'Donald' Trump brand and Robert Mercer in October 2013, to spin the Washington leg of the Brexit panjandrum]


Two interesting statistics are:


1. In the first round the Abstention 'candidate' really won, polling the most votes.


... abstention @ 10,578,445 really won the first round, polling higher than any single candidate...


2. In the second round, abstention @ 12 million collected more votes than Pussy Le Pen @ 10 million, with abstentions and blanc votes @ 15 million giving Emmanuel Macron @ 20 million a run for his money.



... abstention scored higher than pussy le pen in the second round, with abstentions and blanc votes giving emmanuel macron a run for his money...


The political map highlights that the French ‘Riviera’ of the ultra rich who knew they could not really change a mostly liberal Paris with Article 50 propaganda were just playing the industrial north off against farmers in the west.


The unelected Brexit Queen and her Rothschild bagman who are no fans of civilians freedoms:


... 04.05.2017 london... liz and war lord jacob rothschild...


The dark undercurrent of the election was the threat of the devious Article 50 ‘Enabling Act’ which the significant rate of abstention -and- blank votes show the public didn’t like being played.


... there was a lack of enthusiasm for -all- politicians in both presidential rounds...


In fact when people were left with the choice of the ugly duckling and his pensioner or the fascist and her knuckle-dusters they really chose the freedom of the European Union.


The 'black swan'/'chaos theory' is the complete opposite of a true 'butterfly effect':



... in fact the brexit 'phenomena' are all planned 'black swans'...[nathaniel rothschild... genel-energy openly supports brexit]


The orchestrated disarray of political 'parties' with contradictory messaging were united in hoping to quell any united opposition to the political classes in particular from farming or industrial communities in France.


In 2017, the masks fell away and people saw Mrs Hitler and the Rothschild united in trying to divide and rule everyone with no real or sensible choices on offer from the ‘political classes’.


The Lord Leach connection:


... 04.05.2012... the rothschild clan...


... 04.05.2012... emmanuel macron...


... 04.05.2012... the barclay bros & british rothschilds...


...brexit lord leach a long time bagman for rothschild-jardine matheson hong kong...


Lord Leach was a peer in the unelected British House of Lords from 06.06.2006 & ran the 'Open Europe' front as a long time opponent of the Maastricht Treaty because it acknowledged EU citizenship.


Predictable spin from false opposition spinning Brexit 'cash for EU citizenship' racket:


... predictable spin from false opposition selling brexit's 'cash for eu citizenship' racket...


French people who faced the real brunt of fascism in World War Two have been continental Europeans for a long time.

Everyone knows Westminster were the real surrender monkeys at Dunkirk who dropped French civilians right in it, before Westminster war propaganda once again falsely accused French people of being surrender monkeys for also refusing to back Blair’s illegal Iraq War and now Brexit.


The illegal Iraq War proved there was no War on Terror.


In France people have chosen to try and keep as much freedom as they can in a country that still has an enviable lifestyle and culture, all of which has nothing to do with politicians.


There is nothing constructive in leaving a European Union of first and foremost 483 million law abiding civilians living in peace and harmony with each other, despite the political classes.


All the Brexit quitters are trying to do is hand divide and rule on a plate to global corporations with their whole 'cash for EU citizenship' racket.

France is a country anyone can so easily fall in love with, from it’s language to the beauty of it’s architecture and landscapes.

This lifestyle and culture includes the social camaraderie of it being considered a completely normal and healthy part of life for people to protest.

The social customs in continental France are not yet wholesale 24/7 ‘instant’ noodles or whatever else.

Everyone knows that Mrs Hitler and Mr Rothschild, who are not in any way any kind of political ‘outsiders’ at all, have no track record of being fans of protest, which has traditionally gone a long way to defining political life in France.


If the opportunity for politicians to hide behind the Article 50 ‘Enabling Act’ which is the carrion call of lame duck politics was taken out of the political equation, then the true political landscape of opposition to the political classes remains.

The French are very organized and often effective protesters because it is such an integral part of life that is really related to trying to maintain social standards, politicians are too often keen to cast asunder.

The political classes playbook is instant spin while French people know the reality is protest might be a hard slog but it is more likely to pay real dividends.


It's pretty obvious it's only politicians and media barons trying to divide people:


... guardian spin 'hides' last time anyone looked it's exactly the same lying politicians and media in westminster who are still united against the people...

The real rhythm of life in France is not measured by cheap manufactured propaganda about burkini bans and the like, but is instead about really rolling up sleeves to try and create meaningful jobs in cities and saving jobs in the industrial and farming sectors.

While it goes without saying the next French President was the chosen one because he is obviously a fully paid up member of the Brexit ’cash for EU citizenship’ racket, that only highlights it is still anyone’s guess what French government may emerge after the ‘outcome’ of general elections in June.


... the 'political' map would be more accurate if it included the 15 million people who voted for 'none of the above'...

It remains to be seen if for example former ‘socialist’ politicians who are the ones who deserted !! their voters en masse will mostly try and re-brand themselves with Mr Rothschild.

It is obvious to everyone that Mr Rothschild whose lamentable efforts to really oppose Mrs Hitler and Brexit in any meaningful way is just part of the wholesale corporate political push where they never care how they do it.

The French ‘Presidential’ offensive failed to answer the real question in the upcoming general election of how many politicians either really want or will be able take voters with them anywhere ?






If you look at the Brexit calendar Westminster have pretty much shut up shop until October 2017 because Parliament was due to be in recess to end of June anyway, so they will only return for the State Opening on 19 June.

In reality by the time they have gone through their latest electoral musical chairs they will go to the NATO Summit, G7 & G20 before going on their summer holidays, to return for the annual round of talking shop at party conferences prior to Trump’s State visit.


Not forgetting their focus on the Centenary of Balfour.

‘Article 50’ is only a propaganda device for political grandstanding:

3 May: The Brexit ‘election’


4 May: The Queen and Murdoch host the usual suspects during British local elections

7 May: French Presidential ‘protest’ vote put up job


8 May: VE Day France

22 May: EU sign off Brexit ‘Article 50’ propaganda guidelines

22 May: Trump arrives Israel

23 May: Jerusalem Day ’50 year anniversary’ Six Day War in Israel begins in evening and goes through 24 May

25 May: Ascension Day: NATO Trump jolly in Brussels, with Merkel & Obama jolly in Berlin, Germany and OPEC jolly in Vienna


26-27 May: G7 Sicily, Italy

8 June: Brexit election ‘official’ VE Day celebrations

11 & 18 June: French general elections

19 June: another UK State Opening

7 July - 8 July: G20 Hamburg, Germany

5 - 8 October: Trump State visit UK


... tall tales spinning another british colonial military garrison...


2 November: Centenary of Balfour Declaration


The duplicitous Treaty of Versailles 1919 was used to 'sidestep' the MacMahon-Sharif agreement [1916] in favour of the Balfour Agreement [1917] etc etc.


There is only real democracy through the peace and harmony of the rule of law.









24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!