The global war propaganda racket at the UN Security Council will sell lethal weapons to anyone who is willing to revoltingly ’sacrifice’ anyone... else.


... another carpenter... brian haw always had the real courage that all our world 'leaders' today lack...


Those peaceniks who have honestly stood on front lines and really challenged the belly of the beast in Westminster know the war propaganda [see below] is just but one example of a load of old cobblers.


Brian had the real courage that is lacking in all our world ‘leaders’ today because the hardest battle is the one which is fought without any lethal weapons, to try and restore the peace and harmony of the rule of law for the benefit of everyone.


There really wasn't a day went by when Westminster was not peering out at us from behind the net curtains of their 'surveillance' state in what really was the ultimate 'big brother' experience of the dark arts of all sorts, endlessly plotting how to silence the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


What was unusual was that so many senior politicians using their apparatchiks in government departments so publicly headed their various plots against us all the way up the food chain, to include their 'British' Queen etc etc etc.


... and this is what a seriously, seriously corrupt murdoch rent boy posing as a 'lawyer' trying to subvert the peace and harmony of the rule of law with their R2P woo looks like...


[N.B: The very obvious flaw with the U.S. trying to fraudulently portray they rely on their R2P war propaganda which is purely for public consumption, is the true facts are they know they won't be testing it in the International Criminal Court, they refuse to join themselves !!]


Brian who was a devout Christian never agreed with or did what Bunny sensibly called the whole ‘churchianity’ routine that is rooted in social constructs, instead of the true practice of spiritual awareness that can take many forms.

Anyone who really believes in and practices their religion like Brian did, doesn’t need to rely on a building or a place to do that.


Brian's sister who is a ‘priest’ opposed what Brian did as did his twin brother who was part of Blair’s lying Labour party of ‘politics’ because it was obviously more comfortable for them to remain in their state of denial.




[I dare say any god looking at the signature on the weapons cheque might point out the divide and rule of the UN Security Council are not really true 'liberators' anywhere


Last time anyone looked Putin the Pretender is no god and he has certainly never cared about defenceless civilians in Syria or anywhere else.


The whole War on Syria could have been avoided if President Assad had shown real courage by joining the International Criminal Court with armies of lawyers, to put the whole... civilian population out of harms way, because it is not like he hadn't noticed what was going on in Iraq]


No-one is going to be lectured to by the gremlins from the Kremlin et al.


Christianity is not just something you go along to a building to do on a Sunday or wheel out on special occasions like Easter or Christmas.


I was once violently unlawfully 'arrested' [but unsurprisingly never charged or prosecuted] by the MET 'Police' on Easter Sunday many years ago in 2006, for being 'in possession' of a pink-sequinned banner that said "Peace, Love and Justice for All".


When those charlatans at ShAmnesty International censored a piece they asked Brian to write in December 2007 they were really trying to 'ghost-write' [hi-jack] using his name, to try and 'compare' it to one of their own 'change' agents in Zimbabwe called Jenny Williams, they changed his words describing what -police- did, to "men in yellow jackets".


Nevertheless, it still worked because you can't really hide most people know the MET 'Police' are yellow cowards.


And we forced the repeal of that violent multi-billion dollar corporate legislation they used on that Easter Sunday, because we stood our ground and proved it, was like so much they do, incompatible with the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


There was one of those bent 'Judges' at Southwark Crown Court in a different malicious prosecution over the pink-sequinned banner that said "Peace, Love & Justice for All" who lived to regret saying that was a "quaint notion" when we forced the repeal.


It’s only a false 'prophet' who tries to deny the peace and harmony of the rule of law that exists for the benefit of everyone, with the distraction of any number of ‘divide and rule’ mechanisms.

The real truth is many governments have made lots and lots of money out of the suffering of Iraqi people by artificially inflating the price of oil through the Iraq War.

The roots of the 'Arab Spring' that was invented by Westminster, Washington and Moscow ’spilled’ over into Syria to continue the occupation of... Iraq.



There is no mystery to Hezbollah who do what Iran tells them to do.

The follow up act to their Arab Spring, of the Brexit and Team Trump war propaganda racket is also trying to ‘take back control’ with the tired old treadmill of opinions from MSM and not at all alternative ‘news’ media.

What is called Zionism, is plain and simple nothing more than the re-branding of colonialism which is nothing new, for Middle East Wars.


Westminster who are no gods of any kind 'created' their military garrison in the Middle East called Israel.

It’s none of my business what sort of administrative governance people in the Middle East want but their ‘political’ leaders should not be hypocrites, sidestepping they buy lethal weapons that don’t grow on trees in the Middle East, from the one two-faced UN Security Council, who only practice fascist colonialism or a phoney version of communism etc.

The two-faced UN Security Council really don’t care how many defenceless civilians die in the Middle East because so many global corporations are profiting.


Those 'leaders' who literally buy into that weapons supply line of deceit in every way, are not any kind of progress in a world no human made.

People are more interested in those who profess to want to be world ‘leaders’ finding the real courage to [for example] join the International Criminal Court with their governments armies of lawyers, to really try and put whole... civilian populations out of harms way.


A leader who lacks the courage to stand with their armies of lawyers at the International Criminal Court to put their civilian population out of harms way, obviously lacks the necessary courage to be any kind of true leader.

All respect goes to Saleem al-Saqqa from Gaza, who the minute he had the opportunity to do so, forced Meshaal and Abbas to join the International Criminal Court to try and keep all civilians out of harms way, which [for example] is pointedly something Netanyahu is refusing to do.

" In a time of universal deceit, law abiding civilians trying to restore the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law is an evolutionary act."


(adapted from George Orwell)