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It’s quite an ‘extraordinary’ spectacle seeing the media trying to sell Macron and Le Pen [along with Melenchon] as something ‘new’ with both Frexit Le Pen and Melenchon trying to corral people behind the Rothschild’s ‘centrist’ Macron.

What really jumped out in Le Grand Débat was that Pussy Le Pen who has been around forever, is an establishment stooge of FOREIGN governments !! just repeating the War on Terror script ad nauseam accompanied by fascist doses of the Frexit mantra.


... le grand débat... [it was around two and half hours long]

Le Pen has always relied on her MEP stipend from the European Parliament to give her a public platform to astonishingly spin her nationalist woo at home that has really been ramped up to sound terribly... ummm... Westminster.


It's like she's been standing in front of a mirror going "beam me up scotty" to try and re-incarnate herself as the Mayniac in Number Ten in Westminster.


One half-expected her to morph into the Mayniac at any moment.


The only difference between the MI5 Mayniac now in Number Ten and Pussy Le Pen is that Westminster's own eager fascist, has been in government since May 2010 doing her dirty deeds.

When you put plain speaking people like Nathalie Arnaud, Phillipe Poutou or indeed Jean Lassalle who are honest that elections don’t really bring about real change for the benefit of everyone, alongside Le Pen, they just completely exposed Le Pen as a media manufactured creature from the dark lagoon.

Pussy Le Pen only resembled an ageing Morticia alongside the by comparison very normal Nathalie Arnaud who is at least genuinely passionate about what she believes in.

The opportunist Melenchon who has been around forever too, has also jumped on the Frexit bandwagon to try and hijack as much of the ‘left’ as he can with his faux Mao spin with jacket to match, all very Stake-knife Corbynesque.

Le Pen and Melenchon have just been taking lessons in mimicry where they haven’t actually ever done anything of note in the political world that they have chosen to totally embrace in their own lives.


Even the premise that Le Pen is 'far right' and Jean Luc Melenchon is 'far left' is utterly false because they are both peddling the one and same fascist power grab for civilians freedoms for themselves.


Fascism is fascism which is absolutely unlawful however else you try and package it.


... polls... and the 'protest' vote thus far goes to umm... 35/36 % who vote for none of the above !!...

In the UK, Murdoch’s Faragarama is used to run cover for Westminster’s self-serving war mongering politicians who haven’t changed at all.

In France, the Presidential put-up job sees the opinion mill of politicians and journalism pushing party-free candidates, which could only be a corporate manoeuvre to suit Brexit Westminster.


There's too many fingerprints from Brexit Westminster appearing all over the French Presidential put-up job:


... it's the seriously corrupt lib dems !! who 'managed' the 'transition' between labour and tory in 2010 with the student vote lie to swing a hung parliament because all of westminster were legally compromised by then...


Lib Dems: "... Some of our campaign field staff will go to France, will be based in their [Macron's] offices... and then get out and do some campaigning...".


Pardon ????


It must be illegal for Westminster's Lib Dems !! to be out campaigning as En Marche !! in France !!


All the media in Westminster, Washington and Moscow have long been giving unfettered coverage to Le Pen, while of course Macron has been courted more recently by the Mayniac in Number Ten, to perhaps try and give a belated appearance of 'balance'.


In Westminster there really isn't any difference between Labour/Tory & Lib Dems. 

It is likely it would be harder to push French people towards a Frexit in the same way Westminster sold their Brexit in the UK.


... unbelievable !! ... blair is the one who pushed for article 50 in the first place !! before he was forced to resign in 2007... where he has just traded places with stake-knife corbyn, pretending to be opposed to brexit in the same way corbyn pretended to be opposed to war...


Blair is Project Rear, gate-keeping what he started.


His idea of interpreting the Human Rights Act he only introduced to buy time too, was that it had a 'margin of appreciation' that was so wide, it didn't exist !!


At the very least, Brexit Westminster very clearly want a French Presidential candidate installed who is there to just do their bidding.


Westminster definitely only joined the European Union as the 'sick man of Europe' [because the City of London stashed all their cash 'off-shore'] to try and hijack it.


They tried to do this by pushing the Iraq War with it's accompanying War on Terror on the European Union, along with fast tracking enlargement, before bolting for the door because they can't yet find a way to rid the European Union of the EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms.

In the real world, any politician spinning Brexit or Frexit is really only begging people to hand over their freedoms in the European Union back to the revolving doors of self-serving national politicians.


There is no doubt it would have looked very odd if the Republicans and Socialists had done a volte-face to go full on Frexit trying to drag all their voters along.

Instead the main political parties in France are standing on the sidelines while the French Presidential put-up job takes place, which is just another twist along the lines of the U.S. Presidential farce in some ways.


One couldn't help but suspect that if Mr Poutou or Jean Lassalle were given more airtime etc they might well have swung a real Presidential 'protest' vote.

Haircut Hollande’s politicians who gutted the ’Socialist’ party are a spectacle to behold, all too eager to jump ship and desert their voters by re-branding their Rothschild Macron's ‘En Marche’ as something ‘new’ leaving Hamon holding the baby.

Of course anyone looking at Fillon would have a hard time wondering anything else other than just how much his well tailored suit cost and who was paying for it, much like Sarkozy who was a king of bling.

Hamon is the best public speaker who is obviously passionate about his politics while Fillon seems to be standing because he has to, because he really doesn’t look like he wants to be taking part.

The polls interestingly show that the highest vote thus far of around 35% in the Presidential put-up job that is being touted as a 'protest' vote, is for none of the above.


Quelle surprise because it is an omnishambles of contradictions in the pick and mix.


... how and will this be 'transformed' ??... in the general elections following on from the presidential election ....


There is no real mention of the general elections that take place afterwards where the Presidential media favourites do not have political parties to yet speak of.


We do not yet know if and what kind of 'co-habitation' of all sorts may emerge.




UPDATE [The debate with all the candidates obviously didn't sit well with the very much foreign-led media spin that has very narrowly focused on a few bought and paid for corporate soundbites for public consumption]









27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!