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Brexit has finally laid to rest the 'War on Terror' myth that Westminster ever did anything because they 'care' about their 'own' civilians.


All their recent lies were designed to target British nationals exercising their freedoms in the European Union so they could then target all civilians.



It is Westminster bacon's 'standard operating procedure' to take the proverbial 'sledge-hammer to crack the nut' by any violent means to try and destroy civilians freedom to live in the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


Brexit only sees Westminster's usual carpet of deceit being rolled out.


We very unusually proved that even a very small group of law abiding civilians illegally denied the 'luxury' of basics like legal representation when confronted with the ...errr entire apparatus of the violent state, can however stop multi-billion dollar corporate lies.


We peaceniks defeated Westminster in their own capital with the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

Both the 'Mad Dog' Mayniac in Number Ten’s Article 50 'will of the people' woo rubber stamped by the unelected old crone on the throne along with Murdoch’s headline were really typically threats against defenceless... civilians.


There's no honest lawyer who would attach their name to Number Ten's bizarre 'letter' without expecting to be comprehensively ridiculed in a court of law, because it was so obviously typically trying to 'overtake' reality with all manner of flights of fantasy.


The 'Mad Dog' Mayniac repeatedly waffled on about having a 'deep and special relationship' in much the same way the Foreign Secretary had previously used Brexit to advance the 'cause' of pineapples in a similarly surreal detachment from any kind of reality.


Of course the 'Mad Dog' Mayniacs tirade at the Tory party conference was straight out of Hitler's playbook because of course the House of 'Windsor' were Hitler's biggest fans because he took a leaf straight out of their colonial playbook as indeed does the Net-an-yahoo.


Westminster's 'historical amnesia' that continues to this day has always been 'astonishing'.


It is only entirely natural that more and more people should turn their backs on the divide and rule of old Europe by rejecting the revolving doors of self-interested politics and news media in favour of strengthening the certainties of the EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms.


... 'placatory' ?.. even the deranged shades of the phoney 'socialist' left don't want the 'issue' of civilians legal rights to get in the way of any 'trade' deal for big business...


It's so dishonest to try and re-frame civilians basic legal rights as existing in the 'hard line' basket.


It's also quite ridiculous the labels politics try and attach to themselves these days.


In France people would have some difficulty to try and find any real difference between the 'Far Right' Le Pen and the 'Far Left' Melenchon who appear to be trying to corral people into the Rothschild's 'centrist' Macron.


It is an unsavoury spectacle to see French... politicians in the 'Socialist' Party deserting... voters and heading off elsewhere because they refuse to go anywhere near socialism.


Most politicians anywhere only have lists of freedoms they want to take away from civilians.


The tyranny of Westminster talk up a mythical 'unelected' European Union 'superstate' while ignoring that it is obviously comparable in size to China, India and the U.S. for goodness sakes.


Who is stopping a similar Arab and African Union with law abiding civilians, instead of whole armies and mercenaries, having freedom of movement ?


All civilians on those continents should be living a life of luxury with all the local resources that should be at their disposal.


It is Westminster's circle of war propaganda who try and 'hide' Westminster was the one in the European Union pushing all out for the Iraq War which was what they really built their War On Terror for and around.


There are only armchair generals in both the military and the phoney 'activist' brigade.



... clockwork... there's only one corporate wheel spinning it's own cogs...


The European Union's 'draft' response to Westminster's woo, from politicians not leaving, had to by and large really admit politicians cannot alone really change... civilians legal rights [which actually arose through the practice of the peace and harmony of the rule of law].



The true legal situation was always a 'known known' by all politicians and media barons who do indeed have whole entourages of lawyers.


One MI5 'Democracy Village' Matryoshka of all sorts is essentially no different from any other.


[There is a lot of waffle around Northern Ireland because people there have dual UK and Irish nationality so they are personally completely unaffected by Brexit in terms of freedom of movement]


If anything it just exposes the hot air of Westminster's white noise about borders on the continent in the rest of the European Union]


One of the very same corrupt lawyers who VOLUNTARILY SURRENDERED their 'clients' European citizenship to... Westminster [to dishonestly try and portray for public consumption that everyone had] in the stage managed Miller fraud is now trying to sneak another claim through via the backdoor in Ireland to keep trying to gate-keep civilians freedom. The latest phoney 'claim' pretends to have suddenly only realized that civilians might keep rights the lawyer previously surrendered !! The scam unsurprisingly has politicians posing as 'claimants' now too.


... not in my name... bunch of fraudsters [including politicians] weren't bothered about civilians freedoms they previously purported they had surrendered to westminster...


The fraudsters use 'crowdfunding' these days to a) try and hide who is really paying them b) incl. because Westminster want to avoid massive legal aid claims from all civilians who are really all entitled to legal representation when a government is trying to recklessly steal very important freedoms.


Westminster make places they call banana republics look good.









24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!