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In 2011 a Russian man approached me over a phoney staged ‘demonstration’ that was taking place in Old Palace Yard with Russian people asking the British government to ’save’ Russia.

He said to me that although people don’t like Putin, they don’t want Westminster or any other foreign government involved in Russia.


... march 26th 2006 & another mothers day too... we did stand up to and beat the old chestnut of 'unlawful demonstration' despite being illegally denied legal representation etc etc etc...


I agreed with him, while of course my valid concern is Westminster and Moscow illegally working together in the European Union against genuine campaigners from the European Union.


This is particularly evident and impossible to deny in a time of Brexit where anything and everything is now portrayed as the fault of freedom loving British nationals in the European Union.


Russia is part of and sits on the European Court of Human Rights but is not part of the European Union.


This creates some obvious serious 'conflicts of interest' with the Russian government acting pretty much just like another Trojan Horse, while of course Brexit Westminster is leaving everything.


[On March 26th 2006 the less than charming 'New Scotland Yard' Inspector in what was a real stoush said I should consider myself 'lucky' they didn't shoot us !! because they did of course murder Jean Charles De Menezes.


Our experience of campaigning 24/7 while forcing the repeal that of course was a massive victory the BBC et al never reported !! was a PHD in the multiple layers of the Matryoshka between Westminster, Washington and Moscow et al because of our literally being right in the thick of it all]

The EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms remains far more important to most people than any politician.

What people don’t hear from politicians or read in news media is talked about more openly ‘off-the-record’ so to speak because of course what really goes on in the real world really happens.

March 26th 2017 Mother’s Day:


... march 26th 2017 and copy cat false opposition in russia...


It's a strange experience when you are a real person who has been and done the real thing and proved what people have to do, to see the by comparison insipid and meaningless copy cats who follow after, still trying to lead people down the garden path.

Alexei Navalny is false opposition who has never challenged the protest legislation itself because he would use it against any real opposition too.


... who has ever heard such garbage ??... in the uk you certainly don't get the opportunity to use your phone to tweet away in police 'custody'...


People don't necessarily lose anything from going on protests run by false opposition if they learn what really goes on that helps them make progress beyond false opposition, that like the example of Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn has proved is never going anywhere except around in circles.


... the twitterati of westminster and moscow...


Navalny's lot lack any credibility having no gumption as a supposedly large group with considerable backing, to force the repeal of the protest legislation for the benefit of everyone.


That's one very odd looking police station in Moscow the Guardian bot was 'allowed' to use his phone in [which could not contrast more starkly with the bleak metal and concrete computerized dungeons in Westminster]:


... the guardian spinning the whole wheeze supposedly tweeting from police stations which is very different from police stations in the uk who don't 'allow' you to use your phone...


[The police station picture looks more like a council or town hall room of some kind]


There were lots of photos in detention and not a handcuff in sight:


... photos all round in police 'detention' and not a handcuff in sight...


You sure won't see the corrupt Guardian and it's bent lawyers challenging the protest legislation in Moscow !!


In the UK, they make it as hard as possible to even get hold of a lawyer in police custody, where of course the second problem is as we proved no lawyer wants to represent real peaceniks, because the real issue is about the state trying to avoid the rule of law completely.


It's really, really serious, what has been going on in the UK.


The hypocrisy of Navalyny is self evident in not trying to repeal something he then only pretends to complain about for the cameras.


... navalny doesn't want to repeal the legislation because he would use it too...


It is known that the collaboration between Westminster and Moscow means the BBC portray a false image for public consumption in Russia and Russia Today and Sputnik portray a false image for public consumption in the UK.


The BBC never reported that we forced the repeal of corporate legislation because all the governments are playing the same game.

Many journalists [who are not directly part of the intelligence apparatus] freely admit they lie and publish advertorials to get paid like anyone else.


The ‘facade’ only exists in the ‘end product’ produced by ‘politics’ and ‘news’ media for public consumption.

Moscow’s main foreign propaganda vehicles like Russia Today and Sputnik suffer from a serious image problem because they have no real Russian content from Russian people while relying on churning out the west’s own fifth columnists.

It is very blatant because they have a few state apparatchiks bizarrely trying to be like British or American media ‘hosts’ and nothing but British or American fifth columnists who really are the dregs of false opposition in the UK or America.

It's a real turn-off they have no genuine Russian content that might make them remotely interesting, because of course real people like and respect different cultures and traditions, which is not something the Russian government is trying to share.

Moscow is only doing everything it can to mimic exactly the same loony faux ‘nationalism’ in the rest of the whole Brexit melodrama.

They are not at all like most normal Russian people any of us have ever known over the years who are generally very well educated and serious intellectuals we can respect.

I make an exception with respect to our next door neighbour when I was growing up who was outwardly a very colourful Russian, yet looking back as an adult I can now see, was not all she seemed in a very manipulative royal battle of all sorts spanning too many continents.

Our childhood gave us exceptional freedom that distanced us from an otherwise very ‘strange’ adult world going on around us.

The foreign news media in Moscow only fawn over the likes of Alexei Navalny because he is the same false opposition at home in Russia that Putin the Pretender is overseas.

The obvious idea being that should Russian people get too 'restless' etc they can flip the birdie and install a Trumpesque stooge like Alexei Navalny.

I am always personally surprised when people bang on about corruption in the Russian government while in any real sense colluding with the even larger corruption in Westminster with it’s quite unique off-shore global banking empire.

It is impossible to deny the unelected ’British’ Queen provides the means that many hide behind.

You won’t ever see the BBC et al admitting to the ‘secret’ 666 police illegally used in the UK !! because that exposes they were all beaten by the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

The only real reason it seems that Alexei Navalny has a platform is because Medvedev who was obviously never very good at PR anyway is damaged goods who couldn’t pull off the ‘facade’ of false opposition in the West. So Navalny is just trying to sell the whole Trumpesque image.

It was Medvedev [and Lavrov] who collaborated with Westminster over their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ and their ‘Arab Spring’ in the whole bogus ‘War on Terror’.


These were people working with the likes of King Boris Johnson for goodness sakes, whose only support team is the media because the public all loathe him.


He only became Mayor of London in a baton change because I exposed the creep 7/7 Livingstone.

Russian politics is very boring precisely because it is only oligarchs scrapping with each other, which in any practical sense is the same in Westminster or Washington.


The false opposition in Russia and Westminster is dire.

I can’t imagine going on a march for Europe astonishingly led by Blair’s fucking Alistair Campbell who all invented Article 50 for goodness sakes because he is obviously trying to destroy any real opposition.

There’s not a politician in Westminster who isn’t using Brexit to try and hijack the EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms with their self-interested ‘will of the people’ woo.

Whether it is the Iraq War or Brexit the political classes are united against the people.

The whole system of voting everywhere has become so discredited because it is so entirely subservient to self-interest.

This is so vividly highlighted with Brexit where all the politicians and media barons working together spending billions doing nothing but lying could only scrape together 17 million quislings out of 65 million people willing to surrender their own freedom to Westminster to try and steal everyone else’s.


The EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms is legally binding and not something anyone has to vote to keep.

What we do know is the ‘British’ Queen could rely on Navalny who like Putin the Pretender is no man of the people in Russia, where neither would oppose the ’off-shore’ banking empire.


Putin the Pretender and Navalny have no interest in freeing Russian people from the yolk of Westminster.


... the dirty, dirty business of westminster and moscow et al's matryoshka of their mi5 'democracy village' of all sorts used to try and 'take down' our parliament sq. peace campaign...

It was MI6 ‘Sir’ Alan Duncan’s Vitol Oil who are really nothing more than a global terror cell with an annual $270 billion annual turnover funded by the British public who slithered out of Moscow in the run up to him being installed as Minister for Europe in the Brexit showdown.


Medvedev is quite like Duncan in that you just can't sell them to the public.


We never had any interest in the gremlins in the Kremlin who picked the argument with us, in the UK !!


When you add the whole ASIO Assange Wiki-woo to the mix which is obviously against Russian people too, and has done the whole rounds working with Westminster, Moscow and Washington it gives you some idea of their whole circus.


Brexit Westminster is so openly corrupt now the Lebedev's [and Daily Mail who retain 24% ownership] have George Osbourne as an 'editor' fronting their Evening Standard advertorials in the whole smoke and mirrors of swings and roundabouts and six of one and half a dozen of another.


Old 'five eyes' Murdoch is the most criminal of all the media barons in the UK on a par with the BBC who haven't yet gone fully commercial.


What has changed however is that they are all losing out big time now because it's so much simpler for so many more people these days to see right through the relatively narrow repeating circles.


A prime example was the Iraq War that united all good people in opposition to it regardless of secondary political or news media affiliations.


Now with Brexit all the false opposition to the Iraq War is completely exposed because they are once again trying to 'unite' everyone under their control again by selling a false political banner, when the EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms is quite separate to all politics. 


Anyone who supports freedom is condemned by all the Brexit quislings.

I have to say the more I see of the self-interest of spin-off politicians and news media the more my support for the EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms actually grows.

The real opposition that comes from ordinary people like ourselves is in support of the EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms that exists for the benefit of everyone.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!