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Brian Haw who was the greatest peacemaker of our times was not cowed by and did not hide behind wrought iron gates or in a T.V. studio during or after 9/11 or 7/7.


In the seven plus years I was in Parliament Sq. Central London lawfully campaigning 24/7 there were no terror attacks in the UK on my watch.

... brexit war propaganda... the home grown terror of brexit westminster have always had their own border... with this latest terror attack clearly only serving the brexit agenda...


This was because Blair and his 7/7 Livingstone and ‘Gold Commander’ Asst. Commissioner Allison et al cronies only ever exposed themselves as complete and utter liars.

We peaceniks defeated the tyranny of Westminster in their own capital by doing what comes naturally to all decent and civilized people which is the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

It is the universal message of the peace and harmony of the rule of law Westminster should be promoting but isn’t.

It’s a sorry state of affairs when all anyone hears are self-serving politicians falling all over each other, using a terror attack on defenceless civilians, many of whom were foreigners, to try and justify their stealing civilians freedoms to try and replace the European Union with a new trade bloc for global corporations.

The latest Mayniac in Number Ten will never be able to explain away why it is more than odd there were inexplicably no armed police actually on duty at Carriage Gates itself either.

The War on Terror has been going on so long now everyone knows Westminster very sadly only use gruesome terror attacks on defenceless civilians to further their own corporate agenda.

It is absolutely inconceivable that Westminster are suddenly going to start telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth about anything.



Those who wage illegal wars which take considerable planning, cunning and deceit really have zero credibility.


... a macabre state 'vigil'...


It's a staggering act of cowardice for the MET Police's 'Acting' Commissioner to literally flee the scene of a terror attack:


... beggars belief...


He wasn't even interested in going to the aid of a very many civilians, no doubt because that's not in his 'job description'.


There were no politicians or journalists running towards civilians to try and help them either, because they were too self-absorbed with their Twitter feeds !!


Westminster were far too important to join the human race to even invite any shocked members of the public in and make them a cup of tea and give them a shoulder to cry on.


There's nothing even remotely stoic about Westminster's Little Englanders who are pulling up their corporate Brexit drawbridge.


Westminster are a shameless job lot of sociopaths where this is what passes for their 'anti-terror' plod:

... november 2011: another corrupt ‘anti-terror’ plod promoted to ‘inspector’ tubby all too typically harassing... the errr... peaceniks...


Their only interest is the brown envelope:


... 'anti-terror' ... they spent considerably more harassing and violently attacking we peaceniks...


It insults anyone’s intelligence to pretend that their Mr Terrorist was a psychic who just happened to know there would unusually be no armed police on duty at Carriage Gates ?? Really ??


This is Carriage Gates in Central London:


... carriage gates were usually covered by armed police ...


The fact their own 'Acting' Commissioner was on site makes the absence of any armed police on duty at Carriage Gates in their War on Terror all the more extraordinary and particularly given Wednesday is the only day any number of layabout politicians can be bothered going there.

We do not know why, while it is claimed the suspect was like civilians said to be running away from the vehicle used in the attacks, he was the only one who entered Carriage Gates, which you would expect some tourists fleeing for their lives !! might well try and do.


It's quite a number of 'co-incidences' that a terrorist happens to a) mow down defenceless civilians while presumably driving along the footpath ? across the entirety of Westminster Bridge ? before crashing into Parliament and running around the corner to b) run through Carriage Gates which c) unusually doesn't have any armed police officer covering them, so he can attack one of usually four police officers at d) the exact same time the 'Acting' Commissioner just happens to be there, before e) the 'Acting' Commissioner is incredibly legging it out of there.

Of course the police at Carriage Gates like all the police in Westminster are notoriously only there to unquestioningly ’follow orders’ from politicians, not protect the public in any way.


Any poor civilians trying to flee to safety in the Houses of Parliament themselves unwittingly thinking that might be a safe place, would have only found the 'Acting' Commissioner fleeing in another direction and police unable to even protect themselves despite having all manner of weaponry available to them.


Any which way you look at it, the MET police are not exactly inspiring public confidence in them.


The odd behaviour of the 'Acting' Commissioner has more than a whiff of him really overseeing a false flag terror attack.


It is after all fortress Westminster which has quite an armory with both MI5 & MI6 just down the road all tooled up too, along with army barracks nearby and New Scotland Yard and all that goes with that etc etc.

The MET police oddly announced that the previous alleged TSG ‘riot’ police number U4157 of the police officer who died, not whatever his more recent [April 2016] Parliamentary Police number which is always the letter P followed by three numbers was, will no longer be used.


... you’d think they’d be announcing they wouldn’t be using his parliamentary police numbers either...


The real face of 'policing' in the UK does not come close to resembling anything the politicians and media barons portray:


... the real world of 'secret' 666 UK 'police'... [who knows if he was even a police officer ?]

Given the propensity of Westminster to hide the identity of police officers [who have been known to switch numbers with other police officers simply by changing coats] including behind blatantly false numbers anyway like 666, it is only a ‘mystery’ why they bother wearing any numbers at all in their ‘secret’ police state these days.


... this is the complete disgrace of what 'policing' in the uk has really descended into... [april 10th 2013] because they have been defeated by the peace and harmony of the rule of law...


It is notable that Westminster very unusually do not have a MET Police Commissioner currently technically in post, while it was claimed that the ‘Acting’ Commissioner was present at the terror attack, meaning that no-one is taking real responsibility to lead, in the police really.

That is quite incredible given that Westminster are flogging their War on Terror.


... there's a lot of pass the hot potato going on...

In the revolving doors of Westminster skullduggery the ghastly harridan Cressida Dick who incredibly had an ‘unspecified’ !! role [how can anyone legitimately have an unspecified ?? role paid for by the public] of Director General of something or other at the... Foreign Office is being wheeled back out in the MET Police... again.


... ’unspecified’ ??... westminster just have no shame...


It was only really civilians who were utterly defenceless while being mown down outside Parliament by an obviously crazed lunatic, while the biggest Stasi police state leaving the European Union is tooled up to the nines with every conceivable gadget going and then some.

The real targets of the terror attack were self evidently defenceless civilians who never stood a chance.

The person being presented as Westminster's terrorist was born and bred in the UK English and the attack was aimed at foreigners who would generally account for the majority of people walking around at that time of the day in Westminster.


... Ms MI5 Abu May... home grown terror against foreigners...


It would be easier to ask the question who don’t politicians in Westminster and let’s not forget their media barons like Murdoch spy on !!:


... not a remotely credible story from the lawless land of the mayniacs 666 secret ‘police’ ... who don’t have any self-serving... errr... politicians on their ‘radar’...

It doesn’t really need saying that the ‘news’ media’s version of anything is not reliable evidence of any kind.


So we don’t really know much beyond being sure Westminster will use the terror attack for their own corporate ends, because that is all they have ever done.


... carriage gates ... westminster have always promoted the machine gun image across all of westminster...


The sad reality for civilians is that those who wage illegal wars to line their own pockets are hardly going to be bothered about staging a false flag terror attack.


There is no plausible reason to give Westminster the benefit of any doubt.



Everyone already knows there are no politicians, police or media barons in Westminster who are remotely impartial and credible witnesses in this latest false flag terror attack that clearly only serves corporate interests.

Westminster wage whole wars based on their lying while disseminating a blanket state of denial that continues to this day.

Their Brexit deceit is the biggest fraud they have pulled since invading Iraq in their War on Terror which followed on from the Cold War, which followed on from Two World Wars etc etc etc.

There’s no amount of whitewash that can be used to portray Westminster have ever cared about civilians anywhere.

The ‘incoming’ Brexit MET ‘Police’ Commissioner was chosen precisely because she callously oversaw the horrific murder of a completely defenceless civilian Jean Charles De Menezes who was no terrorist.

It is impossible to deny that MI5 were involved in the murder of Jean Charles De Menenzes.

The intelligence agencies deservedly lost all public trust with the Iraq War.


The mythical ‘Islamic State’ bogeyman is not a tangible enemy with any rational ‘cause’ because it is really just a war propaganda device that can just keep re-branding itself, to keep ripping off the public to keep filling corporate wallets.

The ‘five eyes’ Murdoch war propaganda racket which leads all others, launched that latest moniker with well known Westminster media paparazzi Medyan Daireh actually ‘embedded’ with terrorists !! while cackling all the way to the bank.

The Brexit ‘British’ Queen’s House of ‘Windsor’ Saudi mosque sits in Central London’s Brexitstan.


All things considered our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign actually proved to be a very good deterrence against terror attacks in Westminster.

There can never be too much peace that naturally comes through the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

All good people are only ever motivated to keep trying to restore the peace and harmony of the rule of law despite Westminster’s wholly irrational opposition to the basics like the EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms.

Those who have no respect for the EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms couldn’t possibly be remotely interested in any kind of legitimate democracy or any responsible administrative governance of any kind.

All decent and civilized, reasonable and rational civilians all around the world have long ago tired of hearing Westminster’s ‘will of the people’ woo.

We didn’t live under any illusion Parliament cares about and wants to protect civilians because war mongering Westminster and their hangers on very publicly shouted from the rooftops they wanted to violently “remove” our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign, so they can keep making money in their bogus War on Terror.



The Westminster opportunists latest attempt to deflect blame for the Iraq War onto Brussels [and by extension British nationals exercising their freedom in the European Union] with the refugee crisis and Carriage Gates terror is a cynical disgrace that eerily echoes the belligerent rampage of Tory MP ‘Sir’ Simon Burns in 2008.

In fact Carriage Gates at the House of Horrors has long been a ‘known known’ in terms of being a Health and Safety Hazard... to the public.

It was the Tory MP, now ‘Sir’ Simon Burns who recklessly rampaged out of Carriage Gates in his 4x4 without stopping in April 2008, mowing down a passing cyclist, who he did not even bother to check on !!

Palace of Westminster police just swooped in and swept as much as they could under the carpet.

Mr Burns was not even breathalyzed at the scene despite the fact many MP’s only deign to go to the Houses of Parliament in return for a liquid lunch.

... MI5 doing a clean sweep... [march 22nd 2017]... there used to be bollards by big ben to the left out of sight of this picture...


The glorified doorman at Carriage Gates just spin the good cop spiel while posing for selfies with tourists and covering up for politicians.

What they have long been hiding is that Westminster has become the biggest Stasi ’surveillance’ state in the European Union.

It is Palace of Westminster police who say the only purpose of Carriage Gates is to flatter the egos of politicians who bizarrely like to be ‘seen’ driving in and out of the Houses of Parliament instead of using the tunnel under the estate etc.

It is ‘inexplicable’ why Westminster did not proceed with their project for a pedestrianized plaza all around Parliament Sq. years ago getting rid of the polluted roads, beyond the truth is they want to be separate from humanity.

Westminster is only all about politicians images and keeping up appearances for public consumption, where there are bollards all over everywhere else with armed police at the entrances to and all over Downing Street, Portcullis House and the public entrances and within the bowels of the Parliamentary Estate itself.   

They’ve never put any bollards up because they were interested in protecting civilians.

Crikey, High Court records prove Westminster forced us to be on the pavement precisely because they were trying to gas etc we peaceniks.


You won't be surprised to know they considered their grass in Parliament Sq. more important than human life.


... the 'war on terror':... glorified doormen paid rather handsomely to hand out leaflets... for politicians... while stealing peaceniks banners etc...


The responsibility free zone that is Brexit Westminster will presumably spend the next week in the run up to their chosen path of exiting the European Union warbling on in their own echo chamber with their usual cacophony of white noise.

There are no decent and civilized civilians anywhere who want to buy into their never ending cycle of ‘news’ media clickbait that profits from abusing real civilians lives.

Let us never forget that media barons are laughing all the way to the bank at defenceless civilians expense.

Our thoughts and prayers are as always with civilians everywhere.

Far too many defenceless civilians have been slaughtered in the long War on Terror.



The Westminster false flag terror attack could only have been trying to further Brexit Westminster’s truly wicked agenda of war propaganda.


... that's like an apologia for war, which doesn't just happen...

All terror attacks are only a gift to self-serving politicians of all flavours along with their assorted mouthpieces who are currently in full flow.

The peace and harmony of the rule of law is by contrast for all of humanity.






27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!