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On April 10th 2008 both Labour and Tory became completely legally compromised in the UK so on July 19th 2009 they very publicly threatened to “remove” our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign so they could continue their bogus War on Terror.

The British government then tortured and attempted to murder me on September 3rd & 4th 2009, which inevitably led to my ‘blowing the whistle’ big time on January 13th 2010, over their spy ring being used against us.

... most people know asio assange is an intel op [but don’t know the background of what it was trying to cover up when it was parachuted into london in 2010]...




I realized the evidence is Comey is lying in his recent Congressional 'testimony' [see below] in the U.S. when I checked dates [I had not known about] involving the U.S. 'leaks' and as I would, suddenly completely understood what they were trying to cover up.


The very serious legal issue our very real case has proved is that civilian whistle-blowers which CIA Manning and ASIO Assange most certainly are not, are not afforded even basic protections like legal representation !! in the UK.


I didn't know our real leaks [which cover both the Labour and Tory administrations] were LATER countered by fake Wiki-woo 'leaks'/events involving the same key dates:




What they have done that isn't credible is:


a) after I blew the whistle over the spy ring on January 13th 2010 before their MI5 'Democracy Village' was also a busted flush on May 25th 2010




b) tried to cover it up/counter both with CIA Manning supposedly sending the January 13th 2010 Iceland 'leak' to ASIO Assange in February 2010 before Manning is supposedly busted by an undercover on and after May 25th 2010 [see below]

I have always lawfully done ‘whistle-blowing’ through legal proceedings, which I have always been perfectly legally entitled to do in my own defence.

In legal terms, it is absolutely impossible to deny that the British government were illegally using the entire apparatus of the state to try and “remove” us to continue their War on Terror.

In any legal sense, their public statement on July 19th 2009 was an admission they KNEW they could not do anything to us, and in particular everyone knew that date July 19th was a reference to why Blair was forced to resign.

We have a very long demonstrable track record of always just trying to restore the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

They had to try and cover up the torture of a civilian peacenik in the UK because that obviously really would spell the end of their War on Terror.

Westminster have always illegally refused to hand over to me their ‘trophy’ CCTV.

The Australian government had become definitively involved when I was kidnapped off the street on October 7th 2009 when everyone was trying to silence me over what was really going on, when I was just demanding the CCTV.

No-one foresaw that I would formally ‘blow the whistle’ as a civilian peacenik on the public record in any and all legal proceedings, incl. over their spy ring being violently used against us.

The British government and ASIO Assange et al just countered our true leak by a civilian peacenik on January 13th 2010 with their fake January 13th 2010 leak by the U.S. military in February 2010.

The difference between the two ‘leaks’ could not be more different.

I am a civilian blowing the whistle on a spy ring being used against we peaceniks involving the use of torture in the UK, while the U.S. military were spinning their own ‘leak’ using the old chestnut of a military intel analyst doing the whole going Dolores act.

They were trying to 'take back control' with their false narrative that has never cared about civilians anywhere.

Of course no-one even ever spoke to us in a manner that acknowledged we are human beings.

There was obviously nothing that was at all extraordinary about the contents of their January 13th 2010 ‘leak’ that was only useful to Gordon Brown’s agenda really of look anywhere else but at what Westminster is doing.




... 'leaked' by gordon brown et al in... february 2010...

Of course Gordon Brown wanted to point the finger at Iceland for all sorts of reasons all to do with corporate war in all it's shapes and forms.


... the meeting with gunnarsson and kristjan guy burgess... you just couldn't make it up...


In April 2010 ASIO Assange stood in Washington ‘leaking’ the whole ‘Collateral Murder’ video with no problems at all, to try and give the whole ASIO Assange Wiki-woo that everyone can see is anything but anti-war, some credibility.


When you know ASIO Assange is really a spy what he is really illegally doing takes on quite a different meaning.

[We did not have the internet in Parliament Sq at that time, and even later we only used it when we had limited access to power, so we didn’t know much of what was percolating around as a distraction when we really did have our own hands more than rather full. Indeed it wasn’t... until 2013 they all agreed their version of Wiki-woo in their Manning case.


They are typically trying to insult real women.]

Westminster had originally delayed the legal proceedings that were supposed to take place in the UK on April 29th 2010 so they could launch the Matryoshka of their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts on May 1st 2010 under the cover of the 2010 election that included Putin the Pretender’s Moscow...  in Central London.

I don't think Russia changed the outcome of the 2010 election in the UK, that everyone pretty much knows Westminster did rig using the student fees lie, to split the vote and produce a hung parliament, to give the power back to Westminster to install the government they wanted.

Westminster needed to be sure they could install both a Tory government with their Tory Mayor while making sure the Matryoshka of the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ that started on May 1st 2010 covered the ‘transition’ so that everyone was involved.

They did not then foresee that their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ would also become a completely busted flush so quickly at their State Opening on May 25th 2010.


They put their 7/7 Livingstone and Vitol Oil liar ‘Acting Inspector’ Cole in our faces... yet again as a deliberate provocation, which gave me sufficient pause for thought.


... 25th may 2010... bbc illegally edit and publish audio covering up illegal use of agent MI5 'Democracy Village' provocateurs...

The incontrovertible evidence is the BBC were then completely legally compromised too, through illegally editing and maliciously publishing audio given to them by the MET ‘Police’ to hide the illegal use of agent provocateur/s from MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ in my unlawful arrest.  


The London Evening Standard [owned by Lebedev, with Daily Mail retaining a stake] ran a five page spread of MI5 'Democracy Village' lies to try and hide what happened.


The 'trial by media' briefing while we were being illegally detained [and behind our backs] was both quite incredible and seriously illegal, including because it was exposed both the Daily Mail and Russia Today had undercover 'activists' posing as 'journalists' working for them, illegally acting against us.


So the Mayor of London at that time Boris Anthony Blunt Johnson went running to the High Court while we were illegally held for thirty six hours while they scratched their heads, to launch... a different malicious prosecution against Brian and I before we were released so that we could not get to the High Court... first.

When we contested the malicious High Court prosecution brought against Brian and I by the latest Mayor of London Boris Johnson using one member of MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ all manner of others jumped on the bandwagon to try and cover up and delay what everyone would reasonably know was coming.

The evidence is that was when the Guardian ran with ASIO Assange being parachuted into London to do the whole Wiki-woo with the NY Times et al, because the BBC, Daily Mail, London Evening Standard and Russia Today were all legally compromised over May 25th 2010.




FAKE MAY 25th 2010 'LEAK':


The Guardian, ASIO Assange, Manning, May 25th 2010 Wiki-woo:


... may 25th 2010... lamo met with FBI and army investigators...


There's absolutely zero chance of any 'co-incidence'.



... after the events on and around may 25th 2010 in the UK, the Guardian do the fake 'leaks' because they are trying to help cover up for MI5 the BBC, Daily Mail and Russia Today et al...




Any legal analysis exposes they are always looking for a far from legal duck and dive all over the place in terms of trying to find themselves some kind of ’political immunity’ etc.

ASIO Assange was never any part of the anti-war movement in the UK where the major operation was being run against our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign.




We never had the whole entourage of lawyers like ASIO Assange et al.


It is ASIO Assange who is supposed to be the 'cut out'/provide 'plausible deniability' for what is a media operation by Westminster, Washington and Moscow's spy agencies pretending they are on 'different' sides in the War on Terror:


... it didn't sound right what Comey was saying which i understood when i checked the ASIO Assange & CIA Manning key dates I had not known [20.03.2017]...


The Daily Mail and Russia Today were incredibly actually part of the whole MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts with their own undercovers called an Arthur Martin and Mike Raddie posing as 'activists' and 'journalists' who the Mayor of London did not prosecute.


The now Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson could not claim before a High Court jury he did not know what he and Moscow were doing.


This was a massive operation going down against entirely innocent civilians.

It was admitted in the High Court on the court record that the Mayor of London had sat down with the Matryoshka of the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts in a nice cozy chat agreeing among themselves who they would put forward against Brian and I.

The Mayor of London et al had all illegally refused to disclose a record of that meeting that they were legally obliged to disclose.

The war mongering Guardian et al legend revolved around May 25th 2010 and the days after that too, with the claim they heard that Manning had been arrested so contacted ASIO Assange to do their whole fake 'leaks'.

In legal terms, the two key dates of January 13th 2010 & May 25th 2010 and the descriptions of events cannot be passed off as mere ‘co-incidence’ because of the true facts of the lengths Westminster et al went to try and cover up what was being done to we real peaceniks in full view in Central London.

The true facts about what was really going on in Parliament Sq. make it impossible to deny the Guardian's ASIO Assange Wiki Woo was designed to cover up what was shockingly going on in Parliament Sq and the High Court.


JUNE 21ST & JUNE 23RD 2010:

On June 21st 2010 the High Court in London went into complete meltdown when:

a) I put the true facts of a copy of the ‘British’ Queen’s land grab on the court record which exposed the corruption of all the lawyers from Bindmans, Birnberg Pierce and Garden Court Chambers [going back to December 2005 really] who had illegally failed to make the ‘official’ disclosure.

[It turned out to be the Queen who was really trying to “remove” we real peaceniks using her gardener Boris Johnson, while trying to re-invent their entire history of 'land law']

b) I started to 'blow the whistle' on MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ who were a busted flush on May 25th 2010 etc.

The High Court Judge literally ran in record time after I was unmoved when he curiously threatened me with ‘Contempt of Court’ for legitimately trying to give evidence in my own defence.

There was obviously much being covered up like torture and MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ being a busted flush on May 25th 2010.

On June 23rd 2010 I was illegally denied any further legal representation and the High court was closed to the press and public to stop me giving any further evidence.

Paul Harris SC from Doughty Chambers was really representing the Director of Public Prosecutions at that time Kier Starmer who had got his job by covering up my original malicious prosecution that eventually forced the repeal of fraudulent MULTI-BILLION dollar corporate legislation.

In July 2010 Westminster had to lose their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ in the High Court who did not leave Parliament Sq. while they went for Brian and I again in the High Court in Round Two.


The evidence is Mike Raddie who was 'neither' an 'activist' or 'journalist' while employed by Russia Today on for example August 19th 2010 to cover up that the Matryoshka of the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ had also been behind Brian’s unlawful arrest on August 8th 2010 too.


... august 19th covering up august 8th 2010... [mike raddie actually works for russia today too]


Brexit Labour’s former Director of Public Prosecutions ’Sir’ Kier Starmer ran a mile in September 2010 when I said I would file the video footage of what really happened in August 2010 in the High Court when he was harassing Brian while he was in hospital.


The public weren't remotely surprised about what was going on being 'hidden' in full view because we have been around so long:


... 8th august 2010... the Matryoshka of MI5 'Democracy Village' captagon kids not being subtle getting brian, as we also proved, unlawfully arrested...



In September 2010, the Mayor of London had disclosed Blair, Stake-knife Corbyn and 7/7 Livingstone had all been working together with MET police behind our backs, at that time, way back since March 2007.

When Brian was then denied treatment for cancer in the UK he went to Germany.

In early 2011 the British government brought another malicious High Court prosecution against us so I was fighting two they refused to join, at the same time, without any legal representation.

When the Court of Appeal continued to deny not just me but Brian legal representation while illegally imposing a High Court injunction I literally cut to the chase and they could not prosecute me with their phoney fence Injunction, because they would have to give me legal representation !!

The second malicious High Court prosecution against us completely fell apart when I slapped everyone with a High Court jury lawsuit on August 17th 2011 that the High Court confirmed on October 7th 2011 would have to go ahead [that goes all the way back to December 2005 involving 48 unlawful arrests]


... oxymoron... george bush 'ethics'...  it's what all politicians do to civilians that is the real problem...


It was after Westminster failed to remove us in the massive raid on January 16th 2012 or subsequently, that ASIO Assange then went and hid behind ‘political immunity’ in the Ecuador embassy, while we had no shelter.

In the real world the ASIO Assange Wiki-woo is a sideshow of serious corporate deceit by government, intel agencies and news media.

Their whole Brexit deceit where ASIO Assange has gone the full circle openly working with five eyes Murdoch now trying to continue with their War on Terror is as always only ever trying to take freedom away from law abiding civilians.

In a time of Brexit it is impossible to deny there is no difference between Westminster, Washington and Moscow and their oil and media barons who are only trying to steal civilians freedoms while keeping their own.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!