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In February 2013, the fascist Brexit Queen apparently sent an emissary to Australia to try and secure a fraudulent agreement for the ‘hereditary’ transfer of the global ’Commonwealth’ off-shore banking empire to ‘King’ Charles.


... you could post examples, if you could find any, of rule britannia practicing the rule of law, on the back of a postage stamp...

This is the same ‘British’ Brexit Queen who unknown to us until much later in 2010, went behind our backs in February 2008 to start the whole attempted land grab in Parliament Sq. Central London.


In the real world, hardly subtle weasel words like 'discreet international lobbying' mean fraud:

... the 'grey area' of brexit-land that is just plain fraud... the unelected global ‘off-shore’ banking empire is slowly on it’s way out... [guardian, march 16th 2017]


The only obvious legal 'option' is to hand the land back to the people, and end the whole fraud of an unelected global 'off-shore' banking empire of unsurpassed greed.


... greedy queen... the unelected global off-shore banking empire of unsurpassed greed...


The pompous self-aggrandizing 'King Charles' and his Tampon Queen have no currency in the modern world.


What we proved was the ‘British’ Queen’s version of land law that they even tried to change specially for us, because their grasping at straws doesn’t actually stand up to any legal scrutiny, really isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

When their ’memorable’ attempted land grab against us was taking place in the High Court in 2010-2011, we were in a corridor talking one day and some snotty nosed lawyers very rudely told us to shut up because they were trying to hear the ‘most important landmark’ case in ‘land law’ going on in the court.

I swiftly set them straight that a) the bogus case they were rabbiting on about was actually against Brian and I, as defendants, and b) there was no law being done in their corrupt court, who hadn’t ever used any legal system to make their Genocidal land grabs anywhere around the world.

We pointed out they only have a far from legal system that with all it’s procedural ducking and diving that is always an abuse of all process, only tries to do anything but the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

They obviously hadn’t had anyone enlighten their myopic world view before because their noses were seriously out of joint that someone [who btw was being maliciously prosecuted by the old clone on the throne] should dare to impugn their hallowed system of in ’justice’.


The true vision of their far from 'Commonwealth' suddenly flashed before their otherwise indoctrinated eyes.  


Since we were however actually the defendants standing outside the court minding our own business telling the truth there was not much ado they could make.


In July 2007 when a Treasury 'Prosecutor' had pulled a fast one, trying to bounce Brian and I in the High Court, he ended up in a red-faced rage of apoplexy when someone quietly queried if he was being such an arse-hole because he had been "excessively buggered in public school". 


We beat the Treasury Counsel and the Lord Chief Justice Phillips who was also forced to amend a corrupt ruling he tried to slip by us, to a watered down threat.


The British system of injustice is creaking at the seams it is so laden with corporate deceit.

The last time anyone looked the unelected old clone on the throne could not possibly own a world she did not make.

Another ‘landmark’ High Court case of their corruption against us was when they gave a convoluted impression for public consumption they could delete the infinitive ‘a’ to change around 40 years of legislation and 23 years of case law to try and stop us exposing their corporate lies in the High Court way back in 2007.


That legislation had never been a problem for them either, until we came along.


We later proved the fraud of their whole 'Contempt of Court' legislation anyway when the Attorney General bizarrely threatened me in October 2012.


It was a straightforward matter of a) would a judge "allow" contemporaneous recordings in court and b) if he did then what was the problem and c) if not, then he had already proved his bias.


We had long ago proved Westminster can only swing their corruption in the money laundering racketeering of lower courts because they deliberately don't keep contemporaneous records.


No-one should have to a) apply for and/or b) pay for a transcript of High Court proceedings either that the court can produce if they wish to dispute anything.


The High Court memorably said they didn't want a class action from us because it would bring them to their knees, which had never stopped Westminster doing all the lawless violence they did.


We did by and large, unless we were physically taken by force to the Magistrates and Crown Court Courts, stop them being used against us.


When I had locked horns with the corrupt Lord Neuberger in 2011 [who is the head of the Supreme Court] over him illegally denying legal representation too over their ultimately failed High Court injunction in Parliament Sq, I just went and cut their fences.


They couldn't prosecute us in the High Court and imprison us, for breaching their fraudulent High Court injunction, because then they would have had to give us the legal representation we had been illegally denied, which was really what they were trying to do all along !!


I had warned him that he was corrupt and we could resolve it all the easy way or the hard way.


Rupert Murdoch had wanted me imprisoned because it was a Times 'journalist' who slithered along and said the Mayor of London at that time Boris Johnson couldn't swing it with his 'injunction', which was only illegally trying to stop our having legal representation.


We had never played their game of 'civil disobedience' in their sausage machine, but instead did the peace and harmony of the rule of law to prove their processes were corrupt and their violent corporate legislation a fraud.


The peace and harmony of the rule of law is not at all complicated, in contrast to the 'complexity' of their procedural frauds that are always an abuse of all due process.

The far from legal reality is Rule Britannia is really nothing more than violent fascism hiding behind the banner of democracy that tries not to let anyone who challenges them with the peace and harmony of the rule of law anywhere near a High Court jury.

You really can’t reason with fascists because they are sociopaths who lie because they know fascism is absolutely unlawful, so you just have to do the peace and harmony of the rule of law as best you can.

As we proved fascism is always absolutely unlawful and can always be repealed by civilians doing the peace and harmony of the rule of law.






27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!