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When Westminster started their ‘Arab Spring’ spin because the Bin Liner bagman lie was past it’s sell by date, it is clear the British government specifically ordered another round of massacres of defenceless civilians in Afghanistan.


...weasel words... the responsibility free zone of westminster’s ‘defence’ of ‘diminished responsibility’...


I know this to be true because a very large gaggle of Royal Marines, having been for drinky-poos with the political trough in Westminster, very unusually came across to us in Parliament Sq. EN MASSE to revoltingly make a point of boasting and gloating about murdering... children.

Their behaviour was not that typical, but certainly in keeping with a Westminster looking to find an excuse for staying in Afghanistan at that time, by massacring civilians in continuing provocations.


Everyone knows Westminster was never in Afghanistan to fight their Taliban and al-Qaeda friends.

When there were a higher than usual number of deaths of Royal Marines in Afghanistan in following months, we observed that was hardly surprising because they had been openly boasting in London about murdering defenceless civilians, and in particular children.

In June 2011 when I publicly criticized NATO to the Independent specifically over a civilian massacre in Afghanistan when I was asked about the ‘Arab Spring’, [when they were trying to twist much including what is not in quotation marks about my sons because I did not say it] I was violently attacked by MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ who tried to smash a wine bottle over my head before punching me in the jaw.


There was so much happening in London in 2009-2011 because there was a big push by politicians and media barons to try and 'take back control' of failed war propaganda, where we were obviously in no way armchair warriors spouting disinformation from the sidelines.


I obviously support people genuinely protesting against governments, but I don't support the armed slaughter of your fellow defenceless civilians for NATO [or Russia]




I was talking about Egypt where I do not agree with or support a military junta or the Muslim Brotherhood:


... i was also tortured in the uk in september 2009 because i am a peacenik campaigning against westminster...


Westminster were sitting on the torture of peaceniks in the UK including because that obviously exposes to everyone and they cannot deny, the War on Terror is completely bogus.


[The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt had wasted no time in bringing in the same fraudulent corporate legislation we forced the repeal of in the UK]


The Iranian and Syrian governments were still supporting the Muslim Brotherhood at this time, before Meshaal handed over the keys to Damascus and slithered off to sup with Qatar at the end of January 2012.


"A [Brexit] way of life we already enjoy" ?:


... their mi6 false flag flotilla vitol oil mahdi al-harati is a bought and paid for mercenary in both libya... and syria...


Westminster were not happy about anything I said [ever really] that they planned to try and take me out over in what was a free for all, the minute Brian went to Germany.


The 'Arab Spring' in 2011 was just used by Westminster and Moscow to try and stop any real resistance to them, which was the same object of the Matryoshka of the MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts that began on May 1st 2010 in Central London to try and 'take down' our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign.


They are all agreed on their 'Kurdish' oil deals in Northern Iraq to try and launder the Iraq War.


Westminster and Moscow run their own joint operations really of phoney 'protests' to try and take out any real resistance by trying to control all 'sides'.

The MI6 Frederick Forsyth Sgt. Blackman spin came afterwards, where there is no way any British police would have ever handed over trophy footage.


[This is the same rotten Westminster who illegally refuse to hand over to me, their torture trophy footage of this peacenik]

It is obviously common for soldiers to transfer across to the police and they sure don’t support civilians or the rule of law anywhere.

What is really edited out of the Blackman spin is that there was a massacre of civilians in Afghanistan by Apache helicopters etc with the Royal Marines finishing off any civilian who was still alive.


They invent any lie they like, in the same way we proved their calling we peaceniks 'criminals' was a deliberate lie used as the false pretext to violently attack us.


The self-serving Blackman war propaganda is as unconvincing as lying Westminster politicians and media barons claiming they made fraudulent corporate legislation used against us because of the "hell" of having peaceniks in Westminster doing the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


Anything that ever makes it way to be laundered through news media about war is always surrounded by and glossed over by multiple layers of politicians corporate deceit.

In the typical fashion of sly Westminster war propaganda they made up the Blackman spin for public consumption to cover up what everyone knows is really the wider government ‘policy’ of civilian massacres.

The war propaganda is designed to make everyone cheer for the ’soldiers’ and by extension their masters who are murderous politicians and media barons.

Westminster who are all rotten are murdering defenceless civilians to make money.

Any adult who inculcates their children with Westminster war propaganda should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.


The Blackman spin is a Westminster snow-job about the wider war in Afghanistan.

The biggest single complaint I heard from too many soldiers over the years is how they are all too often manipulated and railroaded into the military ‘family’ as impressionable teenagers by wholly irresponsible adults.


Anyone who has ever come from a military family knows this is all too true.


Their latest Brexit deceit makes it impossible to deny there is no difference between Westminster, Moscow, Tory or Labour and what is really one weapons supply line.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!