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There are ongoing legal proceedings incl. over Mark Wallinger's 'State Britain' rip-off of our Parliament Square Peace Campaign which was paid for by Westminster.


The con-artist Mark Wallinger has only used the State Britain rip-off as a commercial vehicle to profit from spreading government disinformation.


... westminster 'con-artist' mark wallinger 'state britain' rip-off...


For the avoidance of doubt, Wallinger does not and has never spoken for/on behalf of/instead of our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign that he has illegally used to further his own career and financially profit from along with Tate Britain.


It is a matter of fact Mark Wallinger lied big time, when he first came and spoke to both Brian and I.


It all came about because Westminster who obviously spied on us, had no legal grounds to not give back the original display when I was unlawfully arrested during a massive police raid on May 23rd 2006, when they could not charge me with anything, while they knew from monitoring us that I would sometimes go to the Tate Britain.


It's pretty pathetic spying on someone going to an art gallery for goodness sakes !!


[We only began to fully realize the constant 'surveillance' aside from the obvious in Parliament Sq. we were under, when we went outside for example the M25 and CCTV to repeatedly discover MET police helicopters appear, during different journeys where usual 'surveillance' that was always illegal, would not have been possible, for various reasons.


One day when we had arranged to go to another protest, we woke up to MET police 'minders' literally standing outside our tents, waiting to visibly ridiculously follow us around for the rest of the day, which was really out of order too.]


In fact I had originally first come across Brian [because I wasn't living in London] one time when I had gone to the Tate Britain.


[The 'lawyers' could never explain why they did not immediately go to the High Court to issue a High Court jury lawsuit on May 23rd 2006, so the fraudulent legislation was repealed way back then]


... no lawyer could ever explain in a million years why they never filed a high court jury lawsuit the same day, over this unlawful arrest where it was impossible for the MET 'Police' to charge me with anything...


The 'State Britain' rip-off has only ever always been maliciously used as a massive disinformation campaign.


 ... financial times, guardian and telegraph war propaganda in 'pass the hot potato'...


Of course the true legal reality is we 'own' the 'State Britain' rip-off etc too, to do whatever we want to do with it, that we haven't in any way 'gifted' to Tate Britain for them to continue to try and cover up what everyone has done.


The con-'artist' Mark Wallinger only continues to expose the complete fraud he has always been who was always working with Westminster doing whatever they wanted against real peaceniks.


The understatement of a decade:





"...When the press backed the war in Iraq, when both sides of the house backed the war in Iraq, Brian stood up to the Government," she [Tucker] says. Pink Dr Martens and 40 arrests notwithstanding, she has an easy-going charm...she and Mr Haw have been dragged to and from police cells and the courts in increasingly 'complex' attempts by the authorities to get rid of them..."



It wasn't that it wasn't very well known in Westminster what was going on.


Wallinger and 'State Britain' et al do not have and have never had 'permission' to 'copyright' or 'trademark' our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign for their own commercial use of their propaganda.


[It is a matter of fact, Blair was given his own private viewing by Nick Serota and MI5 who are pretty much next door to the Tate Britain, were involved]


The Tate Britain et al have been informed in writing that they do not have our permission to display the 'State Britain' rip-off etc etc etc.


[It is well known that original banners etc have also been stolen to order for Westminster by the MET Police and stashed in the Museum of London to illegally stop our using them, while Westminster spreads more disinformation about our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign.


The Museum of London who have illegally refused to give us access to retrieve and use our own stolen campaign property, also do not have our permission to in any way display or use stolen campaign property to misrepresent and spread government disinformation TOO !!]


Westminster are trying to illegally rip-off our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign big time through both the Tate Britain and Museum of London using original and copied material to profit from their... lying.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!