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The media manufactured ‘fake news’ psyop from pulp fiction is the same old divide and rule.

When you know Westminster, Washington and Moscow really work together that ends most divide and rule of civilian populations by politicians, MSM and alt ‘news’.


... august 19th 2010... the real 'russian' scandal... westminster and moscow working together with their mi5 'democracy village' of all sorts maliciously targeting our parliament sq. peace campaign...


In 2010 Westminster and Moscow were working together to try and 'take back control' of and impose their 'official' narrative of the Iraq War, in their "re-branding the occupation of Iraq" for Big Oil et al who are obviously not 'exiting' Iraq.


This included their ASIO Assange Wiki-woo which was parachuted into London then too [to run cover for Westminster and Moscow's MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts] and has now run the full spectrum between the Guardian, Russia Today and Fox News with their Brexit and Trumparama's too.]


Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn and his three line Brexit whip hides the unions collaborated with Westminster in making themselves exempt from fraudulent corporate legislation we forced the repeal of that was used to violently attack our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign.


The Tories are what they have always been while Labour has gone full circle with Blair and Stake-knife Corbyn simply swapping roles as phoney opposition in war and Brexit.


We proved as a very small group of civilians through the repeal for the benefit of everyone, of multi-billion dollar fraudulent corporate legislation, that the peace and harmony of the rule of law has supremacy over any mob rule politics and media barons et al.


What Westminster was really doing had nothing to do with the rule of law and democracy that they were only trying to subvert with their mob rule mantra.


The peace and harmony of the rule of law is the same on any and every day, whether it is one person or everyone telling the truth about it.


Brexit Westminster's mob rule mantra simply parrots the political language "will of the people" with no opposition now necessary, to avoid the inconvenient reality there is no difference between what is really a one party state.


What Westminster's one party mob rule has done is spend billions targeting Brits exercising their freedom in the European Union, by excluding them from political or legal representation in their referendum of lies, using the false pretext of the administrative institutions of the European Union.


Westminster has no interest in a European Union that has the rule of law to liberate civilians from the divide and rule of national politics.


In fact Westminster is spending billions lying to the public where the best all the political parties and their media barons could cobble together is 17 million people out of 65 million people voting for all their lies.


It is not difficult to argue that in many ways, the one party state of Westminster really suffered the biggest defeat they ever have in what was always a massive fraud anyway.


This is after all Westminster which is the acknowledged war propaganda capital of the world because of the 'Windsor' warlords global 'off-shore' banking empire.


... the 'windsor' warlords global 'off-shore' banking empire that doesn't really bear any legal scrutiny, is used to launder all sorts...


The real problem has always been when the governments and 'media' work together illegally targeting law abiding civilians like they did in the UK, to try and maintain the false paradigm of their divide and rule weapons supply line.


... august 8th 2010... westminster and moscow's mi5 'democracy village' agent provocateurs overtly working to get brian unlawfully arrested...

All crony capitalist politics, spookdom and journalism is a mugs game pimping themselves for global corporations trying to subvert the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


... 25th may 2010... MI5 'Democracy Village' working with Westminster to unlawfully arrest me...


... 25th may 2010... the video evidence proves bbc maliciously edited and published audio given to them by MET police to hide the illegal use of MI5 'Democracy Village' agent provocateur...


It's no 'secret' among 'journalists' who talk about it openly in Westminster that the likes of the BBC and RUSSIA TODAY are two cheeks of the same arse playing different civilian populations [ie: the 'BBC' is portrayed to Russians as 'alternative' and therefore reputable for Europeans, while 'Russia Today' is portrayed to Europeans as 'alternative' and therefore reputable to Russians. They both really work together to cover all bases.]


Their divide and rule of civilian populations only profits global corporations.


... 25th may 2010... 'state opening'... mike raddie & Co working with westminster and moscow running their MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts...


Westminster and Moscow have always been trying to shut us down because we don't work for any governments etc. because we have only ever done the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


Real opposition to crony capitalism comes from recognizing the way the world really is, rather than pandering to the way politicians and news media tell people it is and should be.


It will always remain the rule of law that brings peace and harmony, not the revolving doors of the endless divide and rule of self serving politicians and 'news' media.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!