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In the good old days, people in the UK apparently had the luxury of legal representation and a trial, which is not what happens to real peaceniks in the UK who do nothing more extraordinary than oppose the Iraq War.


In fact it is well documented that when it comes to really opposing the Iraq war, the London 'human rights' lawyers can't run fast enough.


... the 'royles'.... the MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts is a busted flush maliciously targeting "two veterans"...


It is impossible to deny that the BBC's Ricky Tomlinson is also on the payroll of Blair & Co, parroting whatever... Blair's Mr Burnham tells him to. 




... spin... so labour sat on the information... until... december 2015 ??...


It will be true that Whiteley [who also worked for the BBC too] worked for MI5, which Tomlinson is only pretending to ‘leak’ via Burnham, to try and maintain his own legend.


... Brexit Britain... Tomlinson's "views" have never really "changed"... where he is playing the same old games being a foul apologist for Blair and Stake-knife Corbyn...


There are always multiple layers of deceit in Westminster that include the media, because it takes the whole apparatus of the state covering all "sides" to go to war or Brexit.




Well, we were never part of any "celebrity" racket, but instead ordinary law abiding civilians when the Tories swept into "power" with Westminster's massive operation to maliciously target us... again.


Of course we definitively proved we were never "serious organized criminals" which was the seriously false pretext used to repeatedly violently attack us.


In 2010, all of Westminster including the media were openly cheer-leading our being called a "royal eyesore" and "national disgrace" etc etc etc because they knew they could no longer maliciously prosecute us.

It is no co-incidence Tomlinson is working with the same Labour government who connived with the Tories to cover up torture CCTV from Belgravia Police Station in September 2009.



It was after I was tortured in police custody on September 4th 2009 when they attempted to murder me that I started blowing the whistle loud and clear about under-covers, to try and save our civilian lives.


Labour's Brexit Kier Starmer who was the Director of Public Prosecutions at that time was directly involved in the cover up.


It is not the case that under-covers are some nice and fluffy, kind and misguided folk in the responsibility free zone of Westminster.


I had only survived because Brian became a witness because he heard something going on, and they knew they couldn't get away with murdering two peaceniks at the same time.


The Tory PM in an unprecedented move had shouted from the rooftops significantly on July 19th 2009 on Murdoch's Sky News that he would use the entire apparatus of the state to try and "remove" us too, because they knew why Blair had been forced to resign in June 2007.


It is a matter of public record that on July 19th 2007 I was incredibly kidnapped from inside a court !! during live proceedings !! to stop me giving evidence, in a malicious prosecution I subsequently won, that involved Special Branch, armed police who turned out to be from Tony Blair's close protection and... Rupert Murdoch.


The Crown Persecution Service "conceded" I could not possibly be held "criminally responsible" for "a chain of events" that Westminster put in place, where they only put my life at risk.


I had without warning been suddenly pushed from behind into the roadway by two rather large MET Police bullies, while I was leaving Parliament Sq. who then unlawfully arrested me to... cover up what they had done, which failed, and later transpired was part of a pre-planned "operation" it was admitted in court Special Branch was involved in.


I was just innocently walking into an unavoidable trap really, because one did obviously come and go from Parliament Sq. which required crossing roads, without the benefit of any pedestrian crossing in those days. The CCTV evidence I was only very briefly shown, shows the men in trench-coats and TV cameras all too suddenly appearing from no-where. An armed member of Tony Blair's close protection 'police' also suddenly appeared too, to try and help cover up, where it was never explained how he really came to be there. Tony Blair's armed close protection don't just go traipsing off somewhere else, doing something else, for any reason. [I was sexually assaulted in police custody].


Apparently they were trying to "suffragette" me in what Murdoch's Sunday Times later snidely called part of their "Constitutional Reform" program.


In our lawsuit, Westminster have ridiculously tried to get a "Public Immunity Certificate" despite the facts being quite straightforward, albeit it turned out Tony Blair was overtly involved.


Blair had made his horrific second attempt to murder me on January 31st 2007, after what was his failed attempt on September 4th 2006.


None of the state records from September 4th 2006 have ever made any kind of sense, because of course, they were hastily invented after they had to unlawfully "arrest" Steve Jago too, because he had filmed them, which was evidence they then illegally destroyed.


The Labour government were completely legally compromised when we had successive massive wins in Southwark Crown Court culminating on December 13th 2007, which is why Brown was late signing the Lisbon Treaty, after we had against very considerable odds won. This was despite our not having legal representation after two London 'human rights' law firms had run [because they were implicated themselves].


The Charing Cross 'Police' had to be broken up because they were so obviously massively corrupt, where what really happened was those wanting to continue getting the brown envelope maliciously targeting us, shifted... to Belgravia etc.




In legal terms the Tory PM had very carefully publicly said what was really an admission Westminster could no longer maliciously prosecute us back in 2009, because he knew he was jumping on the bandwagon working with and protected by Labour over what had gone before.

Unlike Tomlinson and his 'political' divide and rule pretending Blair’s Labour like Mr Burnham were different, we have the actual evidence of the Labour and Tory governments conniving together with not just the BBC with their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts.


This was inevitable because our longstanding campaign existed throughout Labour and Tory administrations at the Mayoral Greater London Authority and Houses of Parliament etc proving there was no difference in any administration.

The synchronized video evidence of May 25th 2010 proves Tomlinson's BBC conspired with the MET Police to illegally edit and publish audio to do the rounds, hiding their illegal use of agent provocateurs to unlawfully arrest me on trumped up charges. Their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ was a completely busted flush.


... the real evidence is the BBC and MET 'police' conspired to illegally edit and publish audio covering up MI5 'Democracy Village' which was a massive operation, was a busted flush on May 25th 2010...


It is a matter of public record, I was repeatedly illegally denied the luxury of legal representation and trial in various courts to cover up what was cross party collaboration because of course they all agreed along with union leaders, to go to war together.

Ricky Tomlinson is most definitely a government provocateur too with his set piece propaganda over his own legend filtered through media deceit.

The wider reality the BBC's Royle "star" is hiding is Westminster sadly recklessly destroyed the UK with their bogus War on Terror used to invade and destroy Iraq, where what goes on behind the scenes of "elections" is obviously nothing at all like what is portrayed in the media propaganda.


Most people know all the politicians in Westminster simply have no interest whatsoever in the peace and harmony of the rule of law or democracy.


24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!