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It’s no surprise the Brexit bye-election in broken Britain turned out to be a washout in more ways than one.



The UKIP political leader lost to Labour who kept it’s seat in the Brexit capital Stoke-on-Trent, while Labour lost their seat and UKIP lost too, to the Tories in Copeland which is another Brexit seat.


It proved once again that UKIP only ever existed to provide 'plausible deniability' for Labour and Tory, with all working with MSM and alt media to spin referendum lies, to try and hand unfettered power to Westminster.


UKIP  just fronted the lie that gave Labour & Tories the opportunity of plausible deniability to pretend they were opposed to Brexit while they were all really lying about everything all along.




Blair who is the architect of Article 50 didn't do it because of anything to do with Farage.


Westminster recruited Farage because otherwise it is way too obvious what they have done.


In legal terms Farage is acting illegally as a paid agent provocateur because he is inciting racial hatred while lying about civilians freedom with the full protection of a seriously fascist state:



... there is no doubt fascist farage is definitely a paid provocateur...


It takes a really nasty and vicious fascist to laugh in people's faces while trying to steal their freedom, ridiculously pretending that is freedom.

There is no longer any pretence that Westminster politics has anything to do with any democracy.

All those who were exercising their freedom were denied any political representation in Brexit so all of Westminster could just lie all they liked without risking any votes at all, in what could certainly not be called any kind of democracy.


It is seriously illegal what is going on, because Westminster demonstrably want to cause serious identifiable harm to civilians exercising their freedoms.


All of Westminster only proved their absolute contempt for civilians freedom in Brexit.

Only an ostrich might think that is going to change, let alone in a vote for politicians who have proved they are no different from each other.

There is a clear disconnect between the UK being supposedly so well off on all the public barometers compared to so many other countries, yet that ‘wealth’ is not being spent on public services, but is instead being laundered off-shore through the City of London.

The whole corporate Brexit ‘reset’ specifically targeted those exercising their freedoms not harming anyone who have been maliciously scapegoated by the real culprits in Westminster, who have been ripping off the public for years with wars and financial meltdown.

Westminster dare to further insult those civilians directly affected by arguing the toss among themselves over trying to use those who had no political or legal representation as “bargaining chips” in Brexit.

If there was a sincere bone in a single spine in Westminster they would not have been lying about so much for so long.

Even Hitler would blush at those living in a state of denial over fascist Westminster who claim anyone can vote to do whatever they like to anyone else because that is what the politicians and media say.

The same politicians and media who are not ever known for telling the truth.

In the real world of real law abiding civilians living their lives, it is fascism when law abiding civilians exercising their freedom are completely excluded from any political or legal representation while their lives are directly affected.

The disgusting weasel words of Westminster and their establishment drones towards law abiding civilians living their real lives just shows the state of denial they are trying to impose.  

All those law abiding civilians getting on with their lives exercising their freedom aren’t interested in the self-serving ‘opinions’ of the Brexit brigade who are the real moaners, continually wanting to interfere in other people’s real lives to cause them serious identifiable harm.

Only fascists want to lie about and silence law abiding civilians standing up for their freedoms they are already exercising.


There is not single politician or news media who supports Brexit who wants any civilians anywhere to have any freedom.


First Westminster targeted those exercising their freedoms, so then they could target everyone.


24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!