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It is more than a little odd that even paranoid KKK ’off duty’ police in Los Angeles go ‘gardening’ with... guns in the United States of Ammo.

What has really happened is the KKK ‘police’ who knew he had no legal grounds to make a citizen’s arrest of a 13 year old minor, deliberately dragged the boy off the street, which is a public space, to try and find a false pretext to use his gun on “private” property.


... the kkk lawn 'police' doesn't have any defence he was trying to protect a) himself or b) his property...


It very much looks like a seriously bent copper with control issues had deviously planned what he did, by trying to cynically bend the law out of all recognition, against... kids !! for goodness sakes.

The alleged “arrest” which was really holding a teenager hostage at gunpoint, was not for trespassing on the copper’s property, but over an allegation of he said/she said over something the minor allegedly... said... in response to the bent KKK lawn ‘police’.


... the bent copper was out of control in every way...


The bent copper can’t say that he as an adult and a 'police' officer doesn’t know the law or what he was really trying to do.


There was never any life or death situation for the police officer over... a lawn.

Although police are accomplished liars, anyone can see the dirty copper could only have been trying to entrap a minor, to find any old false pretext to fire off his gun, playing the great I am, with the because I can act etc etc etc.


... the street is a public space... [and none of the children who included even younger children among their group, could have known why the 'off-duty' lawn 'police' is really trying to drag the boy off the street]...


PC Dickweed would have known that ringing a police precinct while he was off-duty, to inform them he had “arrested” a minor on the street over an alleged he said/she said, wasn’t going to fly terribly far.  


... the only reason the bent copper could be trying to drag the kid off the street is because he wants to use his gun, that... he does know he has on him...

The police officer really targeted the kids, who were... on their way home from school, as they would have been on many days, so he has zero defence to using a lethal weapon in any kind of defence of a) himself or b) his property, which he was dragging the minor... back to.


It's not what you'd call "conflict resolution" which 'police are supposedly trained in:


... beggars belief... bent copper is clearly holding the 13 year old boy hostage at gunpoint...


If there really were “issues” ?? with kids going on a... lawn ?? on their way home from school, it is still the adult who has more growing up to do than the kids, where there are a million other ways, or indeed any other way, the off-duty plod could have behaved more responsibly himself.


It just beggars belief:


... appalling... the lawn 'police' could not possibly have 'reasonably believed' it was ever "proportionate" to drag the 13 year old boy off the street, holding him hostage at gunpoint against his will...


Most adults would have stepped in to stop PC Dickweed abusing his authority against a minor in the cynical manner he did.


... clearly the most rubbish "arrest" of the year...

The fact the filth is now on “gardening” leave would hardly be of any comfort to most local communities, given his lawn paranoia.


... the cavalry arrive but you'd be wrong thinking they were there to rescue the kids, including the one being held hostage at gunpoint by the crazed gunman...

The paranoid trigger happy coppers in the United States of Ammo are of no use ‘policing’ in local communities in such a manner.

Did PC Dickweed go to his local high school and give a ‘community’ talk about the life and death importance of his... lawn ?

I think not.

The problem with all bent coppers is they rely on using escalating force, not brains or the rule of law, because they know the real dynamic is that ultimately the corrupt state they are really protecting will protect them.


... shocking... there's a little wee kid even younger, on his way home with the others, when the crazy KKK lawn 'police' fired off his gun... right near him too... 


PC Dickweed really is not anyone’s friendly local copper.

It is not easy for kids growing up in such aggressively irrational police states these days.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!