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The UN Security Council’s weapons supply line of mass disinformation has overseen the armchair warrior brigade of talking heads hijack the word ‘activism’.

In the good old days ‘activism’ meant you actually had to do something that challenges the corporate state ;)


...this is the real resistance westminster has always feared... blair is forced to resign in june 2007...


Most people know it's only the false paradigm of war propaganda that keeps trying to push a phoney 'left' and 'right' narrative to try and divide and rule everyone.

The armchair ‘activist’ is really nothing more than a phoney ‘journalist’ trying to stop real people really challenging crony capitalism.

‘Journalism’ is not the new ‘activism’ and does not in any way reflect what most people know.

These phoney armchair ‘activists’ who have never supported real campaigners and never will, have no demonstrable track record of ever challenging crony capitalism themselves.

They are just parasites feeding off the real lives of civilians like all ‘journalism’ always has.

Let us be honest that those who have no demonstrable track record of challenging crony capitalism themselves who call themselves ’journalists’ have only always... stood in the way of real resistance.

Their pathetic ’fake news’ psyop is just more corporate spin in another media manufactured ‘event’ about... themselves.


Whether it is MSM or their inevitable alt spin offs, they are a myopic cabal only repeating each other in their zero sum echo chamber, that has never gone anywhere or done anything for the benefit of all civilians.


All 'journalism' is an abject failure because those who sell it put themselves before and above all law abiding civilians, whom 'journalism' has never stood for or with in any kind of... equal or support role.


When 'journalism' does not actively support civilians, or think it is equal with civilians but instead tries to dictate to and undermine real civilians, including those really challenging crony capitalism, then that 'journalism' serves no useful purpose.


Any 'journalism' which claims it has 'special rights' over and above civilians is an absolute fraud.

The whole fake ‘activism’ from the armchair ‘warrior’ brigade went mainstream with the warmongering Guardian’s ASIO Assange Wiki-woo in 2010, that has now gone the full circle of spin to Rupert Murdoch, re-branding ’activist journalism’ as ‘leaking’ documents for... corporate profit.

In fact any which way anyone looks at it, ASIO Assange hides behind political immunity saying that whatever the corporate world calls ’journalism’ on any given day is above the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

In the real world most people observe this is jolly convenient for spooks because of course not all ‘journalists’ are what they claim to be, including that they call themselves 'activists' too.

The whole Wiki-woo is such an appallingly lazy scam, the armchair 'activist' only spins what is... delivered to it, without having to venture to... do anything whatsoever itself, including search out any information.


Of course this is because the only true purpose of Wiki-woo is to spin corporate disinformation.


ASIO Assange has only always pretended that the MSM like the war mongering Guardian or now Murdoch support 'activism'.


Meanwhile Sexual Predators Inc [Murdoch's Trump & Co] spin Sweden as the sex crime capital of the world because of the refugee 'crisis', while their own ASIO Assange lurks in London, because of course it's never been any 'secret' that the cesspit of Westminster is the rent-boy capital of the world.


'Journalism' has always been just another word used to avoid the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


The reality that MSM and alt 'news' media spin-offs are mainlining Rupert Murdoch and variations thereof calling themselves 'revolutionary' pimping Brexit and Trump 'elections' only really shows they have reached the end of their shelf-life, having lost all credibility.


The only way you really learn about real activism is by going out there and doing it yourself, while all the time discussing and listening to and learning from your own and others real life experiences.


Brian Haw was the greatest peacemaker of our times.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!