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Westminster’s Middle East colonial military garrison called ‘Israel’ looks increasingly ridiculous as it tries to pass off very obvious Europeans as having some kind of barbaric ‘religious’ legitimacy to colonize the Middle East.

... nothing more than another old school european colonialist...


Indeed British ‘Israeli’ dual nationals living in Tel Aviv were voting for Brexit because they just hate any kind of unity between other civilians who they just want to militarily rule over.


They'd gag over having a Middle East Union like the European Union with freedom of movement for civilians.


Indeed the truly fascist Little Englanders Brexit from the European Union brings the parallels with their Israeli military garrison in the Middle East into even starker relief because they so obviously mirror one another.


All the fascist Little Englanders falsely claim, is how the big bad administrative governance of the European Union 'bullies' Westminster when what Westminster are really trying to do is illegally target... civilians freedom in the European Union.

It is entirely inconsistent for Jewish people who claim they were targeted in Europe to then do the same to others in the Middle East, while standing with and helped by those in Europe they claim did nothing for them.

The 'Israeli' government sound exactly the same as Westminster’s Brexit fascists who they support.

The fact that various major ‘religions’ have sprung out of the Middle East that people all over the world have joined does not give anyone superior ‘rights’ over others in what everyone knows is really an oil rush.  

The reality is that if one election were held across what is called Israel/Occupied Palestine it would presumably return an Arab administrative governance because the majority of the population are Arabic.

This is why the West has never supported any kind of democracy, while harping on about ‘religious’ exceptionalism to hide what is really just the re-branding of colonialism.

The reality that anyone can join a religion on any given day shows the whole particularly shallow and superficial fraud that politicians and journalists pursue.


The real problem with Zionist opportunists trying to hijack a religion called Judaism is that they are only playing the religious card to try and hide they are really trying to colonize their military garrison with... Europeans.

Last year Netanyahu made the most ridiculous claim he had suddenly 'discovered' his Sephardi roots through a DNA test which was of course a blatant lie because DNA tests do not extend to... religion for goodness sakes.

The only reason the clearly European opportunist who is descended from Zionists did this is because most Ashkenazis keep very quiet about they didn’t care about and look down upon Sephardi Jews who did come from the Middle East and were thrown out of Spain and Portugal first along with Arabic Muslims.


Most Ashkenazi’s have always looked down on Sephardi Jews precisely because Sephardis did originally come from the Middle East and lived in peace alongside Arabs and Europeans.


... 'zionist'... the re-branding of barbaric colonialism...

There is no real difference between Netanyahu, Abbas and Meshaal so they need to stop wasting civilian lives.

There should not be any more public space for the disingenuous meaningless waffle of politicians sitting comfortably smug collecting their pay-checks.

Most politicians are inherently lazy beasts because it is so much easier for them to just follow corporate orders, while only engaging in the myopic echo chamber that exists between politicians and journalists treading the same old self-serving paths.

The only politician in the Middle East who has really made any effort to save civilian lives in Occupied Palestine is Saleem al-Saqqa from Gaza who didn’t waste any time embarrassing Abbas and Meshaal into joining the International Criminal Court.

European civilians are not standing quietly by and behaving like Nazi leaders pretending we do not not know what is being done to Palestinian civilians.


There's many a politician who need to find a conscience and the rule of law and examine both.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!