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The European Union Parliament is clearly much better value for money than the incredible amount of snouts, more than half of whom are unelected, lining the Westminster trough, who so vehemently oppose and have such complete contempt for civilians freedom and the rule of law.




The institutions of the European Union provide a more general administrative function across a large number of countries, while national governments like Westminster are just sloths in the trough merely rubber stamping volumes of fraudulent money grabbing corporate legislation they alone invent.


There are:

535 elected members of US congress [100 in Senate and 435 in the House of Representatives - 319 million.

Even the U.S. with a far larger population has less snouts in Washington than the U.K does in Westminster.

650 elected MP’s in House of Commons and 760 unelected members of the House of Lords - 65 million

That’s 1410 snouts, over half of whom are unelected in a UK Parliament for 65 million people.

750 elected MEP’s for 500 million civilians in the European Union with freedom of movement for civilians is by far the better deal considering all that is necessary trying to bring the various administrations of so many countries into some kind of coherency among the self serving revolving doors of national politics.


It costs about £130 pounds per person to belong to the European Union which really begs the question given all that it provides with freedom of movement for people and trade along with courts, why on earth anything is paid for the rubbish that is Westminster who only spend all their time rubber stamping rip-off corporate legislation.



There is just no functioning legal system of any kind in lawless Westminster.


Westminster and their echo chambers in Washington and Moscow are big liars about the European Union.


In reality the European Union has multiple layers of what is called democracy in what was always a huge administrative challenge to bring together so many countries with national politicians only really competing to maintain their own power over civilians.
The European Union includes the European Council comprising all the elected Heads of State and the President of the European Council and President of the Commission.
Each state appoints their own unelected European Commission members who propose legislation etc to the European Parliament [comprising elected MEP politicians from all the different countries] who also give opinions.


... the barclay brothers bankers bankrolling pussy le pen who only has... two MP's !! where all the fascists want to do is... steal... civilians... freedom...


[Pussy Le Pen is obviously barking trying to portray rotten Westminster as somehow 'superior' to all the other countries and more importantly civilians in the European Union.


Talk about the enemies within !!


It's not any kind of democracy for... two MP's to demand a referendum on leaving the European Union


The real problem very clearly is 'national' politicians arbitrarily demanding civilian populations change their entire lives whenever it suits the changing whims of corporate politicians.


Brexit which is not popular in the rest of the European Union among civilians only brings all the fascists crawling out of their closets. No-one will form a government in the Netherlands with Gert Wilders and Germany has been a coalition government for years. You can bet it is the rotten old fascist Phil the Greek trying to get the IMF to keep stirring things up in Greece who manage to pay out large sums to NATO


Europe has had a problem with fascist national politicians for far too long]


... the greek government has no problem paying vast sums to nato...


The European Parliament can also ask the European Commission to present legislative proposals to the European Council to make laws and so on and so forth.

Then of course there are 'national' elections etc in all the different countries.


... weasel words... the fascists have no problem spending billions trying to punish civilians by trying to steal... civilians... freedom...


[Westminster is just staggering in it's democratic deficit]
The President of the European Commission is elected by the European Parliament and the President of the European Council is elected by a qualified majority of the European Council [Heads of State] really. Neither have voting powers in the European Council.
There have not been any European Union 'laws' that 'usurp' British 'sovereignty' but instead European 'directives' etc [prepared by the European Commission and presented to either/both the European Council and European Parliament] that generally encourage uniformity with... the rule of law across the European Union.
The 'directives' often arise from court cases that highlight national 'anomalies' with the rule of law or unnecessary 'bureaucracy' across borders, where ultimately the European Courts are the arbiters.
The European Union typically all revolves around national governments squabbling over/trying to grab or keep illegitimate power... for themselves, over civilians which is why Westminster's real whine is over the European... courts.
The European Union has not done a bad job in trying to unite the disparate revolving doors of self serving national political classes, while most civilians have never really had a problem with one another.


It would clearly be far better for civilians to have much smaller national governments with the European Parliament having more responsibility, although it is a compromise of sorts the way it has thus far operated.


It's hasn't been the European Union trying to stop the European Parliament having more power but instead national politicians.


The more you look into the European Union it is surprisingly interesting and certainly far more so than Westminster.


All Westminster's MEP's have just been incredibly useless at informing and trying to engage civilians with the European Union in any meaningful and constructive manner.


There is just so much to celebrate about the European Union with it's incredible diversity of traditions and cultures among civilians who all have the freedom to live in peace and harmony together, where the only real problem is the revolving doors of 'national' politicians.





24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!