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There is something entirely inconsistent about Westminster and Washington claiming they support a one state solution in Israel/Occupied Palestine which would unite all ‘sides’ in the Middle East while at the same time opposing a united European Union.


Of course everyone has seen that like politicians elsewhere, there is no difference between Netanyahu, Abbas and Meshaal.



The only politician in the Middle East who has really ever made a constructive difference to try and save civilian lives was Saleem al-Saqqa from Gaza.

He embarrassed the Palestinian government into joining the International Criminal Court which had politicians everywhere gagging over the 'idea' that Palestinian people should have the most basic right of access to a court of law to try and save their lives.

Frankly it isn’t credible that Westminster et al want to unite the Middle East at the very same time they are trying to divide the European Union to try and “take back control” of ummm... civilians freedom.

Blair's military 'families' who never gave a shit about defenceless civilians anywhere:


... no adult can claim they are ignorant about the peace and harmony of the rule of law that most of humanity naturally live by every single day, that could not possibly be 'confused' with war propaganda...


The British military 'families' unconscionably indoctrinated their own children with war propaganda that was hardly new when anyone considers the long history of Westminster war mongering.


It is impossible for British military 'families' to claim they were 'misled' when they chose to ignore millions of civilians who publicly said the Iraq War was illegal, while they were instead trying to sell the same old criminal war propaganda too.


The same old liars in Westminster and Washington actually have the nerve to demand civilians pay more money to weapons manufacturers at the very same time, they are all trying to steal civilians freedom:


... the westminster and washington's utterly useless laughing hyenas advertising for civilians to pay more to weapons manufacturers while openly trying to stop... civilians freedom in the european union...


The Iraq War criminal Matthis is now posing as a fucking revolutionary which is about as fake as war propaganda gets.


There's nothing big and tough about pretending the rule of law doesn't exist to collect the check from weapons manufacturers.


It is self evident there is no point paying any money at all to weapons manufacturers and their front men whose only publicly stated purpose is to try and steal civilians freedom.


The lawless Big Brexit scam's Iraq War criminals and their apologists posing as 'revolutionaries' of all sorts is a repeat performance echoing Westminster's double-dealing with the MacMahon-Sharif agreement in 1916, and the manufactured Bolshevik 'revolution' and Balfour Agreement in 1917 leading to the phoney Treaty of Versailles in 1919.


24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!