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Westminster’s big Brexit scam with it’s echo chambers in Washington and Moscow came with it’s own pre-packaged language ‘toolkit’ of divide and rule with ‘fake news’, ‘alternative facts’, ’snowflakes’ and so on.

In the real world, last time anyone looked Westminster, Washington and Moscow are united in despising the freedom of 500 million civilians in the European Union.


... matryoshka... westminster and moscow's MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts only hid global corporations business deals...


The purpose of the ‘fake news’ divide and rule psyop is to:


a) try and sanitize war propaganda is a crime because it intends to cause serious identifiable harm to defenceless civilians


b) and hide the corporate business deals of global corporations that go on behind closed doors.


Westminster's Brexit war propaganda about Flynn 'hides' their own overt business dealings in plain sight.


... westminster war propaganda 101...


All intel agencies obviously operate on the basis of the Matryoshka 'principle' using multiple layers to 'hide' corporate deceit in plain sight.


The intel agency fronts can however never fully mimic or mirror human behaviour because the missing ingredient is the contrasting and consistent real world reality most of our human race naturally live within the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


That is why all the corporate world's 'artificial intelligence' of one kind or another can never fully replace the human race.


... the revolving doors of lying westminster 'politicians' and 'news' media are always trying to portray they are not all bad, when they are completely and utterly rotten...


It is self evident human beings who live within the peace and harmony of the rule of law are best able to really release the real freedom of constructive and creative potential.


In contrast the same old destructive robots in Westminster installed their Exxon Mobil Rex Tillerson bot in Washington because he could be relied upon to just "follow orders".


After all his personal pension plan does rather rely on his unfinished business in Northern Iraq, artificially inflating the price of abiotic oil that is not running out anytime soon.


MI6 Alan Duncan's Vitol Oil only slithered out of Moscow in the run up to the planned Brexit, while Westminster, Washington and Moscow's intel are not spilling the beans on the 'secret' offshore partner in the recent Rosneft, Glencore & Qatar oil 'privatization' deal in Russia. 


It was MI6 Vitol Oil Alan Duncan's mercenaries al-Harati & Co who overthrew Gaddafi etc etc.


Vitol Oil is the enemy within, the 'shadow' government running the UK government.


It doesn't make one jot of difference to the Westminster fulcrum of the global and commodities trader Vitol Oil what the likes of Mr Rothschild & Co who are now their followers do.


The global corporation of Vitol Oil has an annual turnover of $270 billion, which while similar to that of Exxon Mobil or the Saudis annual budget, generates far greater profits because it only has a few named 'employees'.


Westminster really works with/for Vitol Oil who are the largest global oil trader in the world, where it is impossible to 'distinguish' where the connection between government and business starts and ends.


In real terms the public pay in every way for Vitol Oil's 'profits', which only arise through their corporate abuse of the entire apparatus of the state.


Any process of 'democracy' has become obsolete because all Vitol Oil who are based in Switzerland have to do to control Westminster is maintain the facade of one MP in Westminster who makes it meaningless who 65 million civilians might vote for.


It is impossible for 'Sir' Alan Duncan to even claim he represents his constituents or any kind of democracy in the UK, because his sole purpose in being in Westminster is to completely hijack the state for corporate profit.


MI6 Alan Duncan's rent-boy 'Milo' who like Duncan has an irrational downer on women bears an 'uncanny' likeness to the drug crazed queen who woke me one morning while 'he' was dressed in a pin-stripe suit, stilettos and plastered with red lipstick, bashing me about the head with his umbrella, while I was sitting on the ground.


He was ranting on about our opposition to war. 


I just got out my loudspeaker, bemused by the surreal nature of the scene that had unfolded and advised the Palace of Westminster 'police' Duncan might like to collect his rent-boy. He then departed while still ranting about his 'friends' in 'government'. MET 'police' later sloped along to collect a very 'unusual' CD he had obviously mistakenly left behind.


Of course guys who really are gay don't have a problem with and get on really well with women.


It is only the likes of dangerous sexual predators, including paedophiles who hide behind all sorts, such as the gay banner, who do have a problem with women.


It is no 'secret' the cesspit of Westminster which is the acknowledged world capital of war propaganda is also the rent-boy capital of the world.


Their whole rent-boy tantrum took place under the 'full gaze' of 'big brother' in Parliament Sq. Central London, which is subject to the most intrusive 'surveillance' in the UK police state.


I have heard 'big brother' speak in court and he really was wearing that oh so British trench-coat, while failing miserably to try and explain away Special Branch.


It would be remiss to not mention the MET 'Police' brass memorably gagged over our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign description of their violent 'female' equivalents as the 'dykes on bikes' because what they could not refute, was the CCTV evidence, proving it was a statement of fact about state abuse.


It is a truth heterophobic Westminster most despise straight women.


Then there was a C.H.I.M.P.S 'controversy' when Brian commented to plastic police ['Community Support' filth] harassing us, that they were C.H.I.M.P.S and one Uncle Tom feigned 'offence' because of course they are such sensitive dears.


I told them good luck 'complaining' about that one, when they were harassing us, because that was actually how S015 [armed police] had referred to 'Community Support' filth, to us.


SO15 described 'Community Support' filth as C.H.I.M.P.S saying they Can't Help In Most Police Situations, which is of course a view widely shared by the public. Of course I personally say all British 'police' are useless because they only 'follow orders' from corrupt corporate politicians, rather than uphold the rule of law.


In 2006, an idiot detective 'interrogating' me over an unlawful arrest complained when I described an armed 'police' officer who violently attacked me outside Downing Street as a gorilla. I actually had to 'educate' the ignorant bastard, who wasn't bothered about the state going around violently attacking defenceless civilians, that I described the white 'police' officer in that manner because he was dressed in black leathers from head to toe, while violently attacking me, like some knuckle-dragging ape.


The violent police state try and distract from and suppress any criticism of their thuggery.


Another time in 2006, an Israeli actually complained to the 'police' when I described him as 'white trash' after he destroyed some of our banners, leaving the remains strewn everywhere. When the 'police' ridiculously came and had words with... me, I suggested it was more appropriate explaining why they were harassing me, instead of 'overlooking' arresting the white trash who caused criminal damage, while trying to censor the truth.


It was a classic example of the criminal not only committing a crime, but maliciously trying to have the victim further 'inconvenienced' by being unlawfully arrested too.


Westminster are only terribly precious when it comes to civilians describing the violent state's complete and utter lawlessness.


War criminals really cannot complain about how they are described while committing the most serious crimes known to humanity.


What is called 'news' is really just their dystopian collection of algorithms rigged by money markets, who rely on state violence to try and stop civilians... freedom from global corporations.


All war propaganda relies on blaming the victim by trying to spin the red herring the victim just wasn't "nice enough" to the murderous oppressor.


Let us not waste civilians lives pretending that Westminster are anything but mass murderers.


When 7/7 Livingstone tried to smear us in 2007, it was to try and cover up what he was doing, which was completely illegal.


The incontrovertible evidence was 7/7 Livingstone had some thug punch me in the head, who 7/7 Livingstone got the Palace of Westminster and Charing Cross 'police' to then disappear.


Then his 'private security contractors' just wouldn't leave me alone so I stood up to them all, by taking down 7/7 Livingstone's illegal fences they were 'guarding'.


During this, a whole gang of his 'private security contractors' literally tried to amputate my leg in fencing, while... the filth watched, because of course it was not illegal for me to remove 7/7 Livingstone's illegal fences.


The MET filth never stopped what 7/7 Livingstone's private contractors were violently illegally doing.


The MET knew I was legally removing 7/7 Livingstone's fences so the MET 'police' instead unlawfully arrested me, on the false pretext that instead of my calling the gang of private contractors fucking bastards which they were, while they were trying to amputate my leg etc, which was extremely painful, I was 'racist' in politely called them monkeys, when of course not all of them where white.


The MET 'police' not the private contractors were the 'complainants'.


Of course they couldn't make their 'racist' lie fly because the 'private contractors' who were acting illegally were fucking bastards of all colours. I pointed out I was actually trying to be very polite, because my terribly proper British mother always called us monkeys instead of fucking bastards, when we were being naughty children.


It is always the same, that the state are violent criminal thugs, who falsely call it a crime for their victims to complain in any way.


It was the same corrupt 'police' officer Cole who then did the whole Vitol Oil Alan Duncan spin in 2008, where I have a still live High Court Order against everyone, before he then did the MI5 'Democracy Village' lie in 2010, which ended up with my High Court jury lawsuit against... everyone in 2011.


Westminster was publicly calling for us to be 'removed' cheered on by all the 'news' media, so there was no question Number Ten was illegally using the entire apparatus of the corporate state against us.


It was MI6 Vitol Oil Alan Duncan who had first overtly demanded this in 2008, when the evidence is he used the Daily Mail and Guardian 'news' media to publish what they all knew was his lie.


The Jonathan Aitken affair when he was imprisoned for lying, pales when compared to Vitol Oil et al along with 'news' media maliciously targeting... civilians.


Vitol Oil targeted us because they are the government within the government.


In 2011 I was illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial, to cover up I was unlawfully arrested by Cole etc, while standing in Parliament Square in 2010 with the evidence written by his own hand in a perjured 'witness statement' proving he was a "lying piece of shit" over... much.


I had been unlawfully arrested by Cole while explaining to someone else why he was a "lying piece of shit".


The evidence is the BBC had then illegally edited and published audio given to them by the MET Police to cover up what had really happened that involved an undercover agent from the MI5 'Democracy Village' because of course they were all a busted flush.


Westminster are only ever trying to cover up their own real crimes.


This is because most people know Westminster are cunts.


... cunt... spells out what the public knows and really says...


The worst crimes known to humanity cannot be wrapped up and disguised with delicate prose or the 'intricacies' of Westminster's systems of injustice.


... the war mongering dinosaurs @ guardian trying to spin what has long been observed about all westminster 'politicians' and 'news' media...


 Vitol Oil, Exxon Mobil and Rosneft are united in their oil 'deals' in Northern Iraq.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!