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The [fmr] UK Attorney General Dominic Grieve jumped up and down about our website in 2012 because of the legal reality of our 2011 High Court jury lawsuit against MI5 et al who had been running an illegal operation against us with ASIO... for years.

... all the evidence anyone ever needed the Official Secrets ‘Act’ is a complete and utter fraud...


The evidence is that after that original lawsuit was filed, the massive operation on January 16th 2012 included the MET Police and the ‘organisers’ of MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ and their spin-off City of London Police ’Occupy’ who are in turn linked to ASIO Assange and his entourage of lawyers.


It has always been the public who are ‘whistle-blowers’ who really need to be protected from the state apparatus with the most basic right of... legal representation.

Of course it is absolutely lawful to "blow the whistle" on illegal government operations being run against you because you are trying to restore the rule of law.


The completely and utterly lawless Westminster are showing the world their true colours with Brexit.


Brexit is really Rule Britannia's State of Denial over the Iraq War.

It is no surprise all the lying and corrupt Guardian, Kier Starmer, Shami Chakrabarti et al pretend they are backtracking on the ‘consultation’ they had over the ‘Official Secrets Act’ that doesn’t give a shit... about the public who are ‘whistle-blowers’ having the most basic right of... legal representation.


The one party UK has been the most shameful police state for years now with it's own real life Stasi 'secret' police etc.


There is no doubt 666 was PUBLICLY trying to illegally deceive the civilian population:


... no mention of the legal reality it is actually illegal to wear a uniform with the false numbers 666 to try and PUBLICLY deceive... the civilian population...


The incontrovertible legal reality is the starting point of 666 and all that followed and flowed from that was PUBLICLY intended to illegally deceive.




Of course the corrupt Justice Bean should recuse himself from 'overseeing' their 'consultation' because the evidence is he has a conflict of interest in/previous form trying to cover up illegal government 'surveillance' etc.


... the msm and government spies who are routinely appointed by editors collaborate in war propaganda which is criminal to make profits for global corporations...


It's really civilians that need protection from lawless Westminster:


... this is trying to legitimize secret prisons and torture...


In the UK, doing anything that isn't about making money for global corporations is falsely considered a 'crime':


... we proved their free speech ban was a VIOLENT fraud, while the same westminster claim being in possession of an umbrella without their "permission" is...a crime...


The whole 'consultation' is such an obvious grab for unfettered state power against ... civilians really, it just an appalling affront to the rule of law and democracy.


This is all the more so, when you consider the dodgy dossier used as war propaganda to wage the illegal Iraq war.


What has been happening for years now is Westminster is illegally refusing to make the most basic disclosures in law suits.


There are a number of reasons MI5 & ASIO who had been running a long term operation against us in the UK did not want me going to Europe.

What has really been going on in the UK bears no relationship to the lies being spun by spies and 'journalism'.

JUNE 21ST 2010:

The wider evidence is the only possible purpose of the “off the books” ambush on April 10th 2013 was to stop me going to Europe, because the City of London had been working with an ‘organizer’ of MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ I named in the High Court on June 21st 2010 before he became an ‘organizer’ of their Occupy too.


1. The High Court had illegally demanded the evening before, I go to the High Court on April 10th 2013, to agree a date for a 'case management' hearing that should have been agreed by... email.

This shows considerable malice aforethought including the High Court in the ambush that followed.


... a remarkable web of state deceit unfolds...


2. The fact the person impersonating the senior police officer who later pulled us over, had the so obviously false numbers 666 for the illegal purposes of trying to hide his identity, proves it was an “off the books” black operation really.

There was no reason to have the number 666 except everyone knew and intended what they were doing to be seriously illegal.


... we were just passing through and almost leaving the square mile...


3. The evidence is everything the police said they knew was a lie because there was no plan except to illegally pull us over to try and make something happen, to invent whatever they could.


... seriously corrupt city of london 'police' up to no good...


The 'police' all knew unlawfully arresting Neil over their lie about an arrest that didn't happen being on the PNC record was not going to last beyond Neil arriving at the police station because no such PNC record could possibly have existed.


... google street view shows it took place just past the blue offices of desmonds 'express' war propaganda outfit...

The 'police' all knew unlawfully arresting Neil over their lie about the PNC record was not going to last beyond Neil arriving at the police station because no such PNC record could possibly have existed.


... this is where it all happened...


And so the long travails by Westminster to try and hide what 666 was really doing when we left the High Court began an extraordinary example of pass... the hot potato:

The City of London and MET Police colluded with Birds Solicitors who are recorded being phoned by me to tell them to go to the police station because the police know there are no legal grounds to hold Neil over an arrest that never happened on September 13th 2012.

By the time I find Bishopsgate police station in the City of London... the video proves the City of London police have changed their story completely.

The City of London, MET Police and Birds Solicitors had agreed to invent a fraudulent arrest warrant over something else so that Birds Solicitors could use the fraudulent arrest warrant as the false pretext to not to go to the police station.


Interestingly the video proves no mention was made of the fraudulent arrest warrant below existing on any PNC when Neil was unlawfully arrested: [because of course it was only invented... later]


... the bogus 'fax' arrest warrant @ 18:37pm that was not on any PNC record when Neil was unlawfully arrested, because it was only invented after Neil arrived at the police station, and is not worth the paper it is written on and has no warrant number and is not signed...


[N.B: In fact I was the only one unlawfully arrested on September 13th 2012, and still on ‘police bail’ over that, where Westminster lost all their cases about that too at the different Southwark Crown Court]


... the PNC record story was obviously not going to fly because there is only evidence neil was clearly not arrested on September 13th 2012, while there is evidence of police trying to re-try the tent case from 6th september 2012 by bringing along two further summons on 12th and 13th september 2012... over 6th september 2012...


Neil had already turned up at court on 6th September 2012 and said thanks, but no thanks.


There was no summons issued on September 13th 2012 to appear on March 7th 2013, where they just made up that date on April 10th 2013, to try and make up something within the necessary six month time frame to bring a summons.


You really have to ask yourself what the [fmr] Director of Public Prosecutions Kier Starmer MP thought he was playing at.


... there were ridiculously three summons over september 6th 2012, because they just kept trying to re-try, what the video proves which was neil turned up to court and said everything that needed saying...


There was the real serious issue of the High Court jury lawsuit against MI5 et al.


In April 2013 Westminster were just trying to find some false pretext of one kind or another, to illegally imprison me again.

In legal terms, the fraudulent arrest warrant they invented against Neil on April 10th 2013 over September 13th 2012 wasn’t worth the paper it was written on and could never have been issued by any court, who could not possibly even accept or hold Neil in court cells either based on such obvious state corruption.


... the westminster magistrates were never able to name the UNKNOWN 'judge' TOO whom it is alleged signed an arrest warrant on march 7th 2013 when a 'police' officer from west end central falsely claimed in pass the hot potato neil's address was charing cross police station....


So it just grew to being an unidentifiable 666 and an UNKNOWN 'Judge' too.


The fraudulent court record above is a deliberate attempt to obstruct the administration of justice because the first question the High Court needs to know is what is the name of the Judge whom it is claimed allegedly made such an unlawful decision.


The obvious abuses of process, using fraudulent corporate legislation are only legendary, because that is all they have to maliciously use against people on alleged summary offences you cannot be imprisoned over.


Westminster war criminals are just outrageous unlawfully arresting and falsely accusing law abiding civilians of all sorts to make vast sums of money for themselves and their corporate cronies:


... the only PNC there was, showing there was no conviction on september 6th 2012, [shown above] where police always had an address that was not charing cross police station...


Everyone always knew that however they tried to launder it, they all always knew a police officer wearing the numbers 666 was acting unlawfully.


Any High Court jury would conclude everyone was really trying to a) hide what 666 was really trying to do when we left the High Court on April 10th 2013, where everyone has b) illegally hidden the true identity of 666:


... the real question is who is 666 and what was he really trying to do...


Nothing the police said or did after 666 came along excuses what 666 did when we left the High Court.


There's no 'law' that says police officers can run around with false numbers like 666 doing anything.


The starting point of being pulled over by 'police' and everything that followed and flowed from that was acting in the worst possible bad faith because the state do not have any lawful excuse to hide their agents identity with the false numbers 666.

The entire apparatus of the state all knew at all times they were acting illegally because the person alleging he was the senior police officer was wearing the false numbers... 666.

The following day Birds Solicitors tried every excuse to not go to Westminster Magistrates court to represent Neil until finally they were left with no choice after trying to fob everyone off with a ‘duty solicitor’ over their corruption.

In reality Neil had just been dumped at the court who illegally held him too, based on obviously fraudulent information.

Westminster Magistrates Court could not possibly have had any original copy of such a fraudulent warrant, with no warrant number, so they knew they had illegally accepted and held Neil in court cells too.

The wholly malicious prosecution against Neil was later dropped when we refused to attend court again, while everyone has always covered up the identity of 666.


[They didn't try and:


a) unlawfully arrest me over the summons lie about September 13th 2012 because


b) I had been unlawfully arrested later on September 13th 2012, so


c) they couldn't really try me in two different courts over the same day !!


d) while pretending they had somehow given me a summons... too !!


e) ALL while trying to keep on 'overlooking' my High Court jury lawsuit against MI5 et al, from August 2011


really wouldn't fly ]


To say corporate Westminster have always been scraping the barrel is an understatement.

The City of London did however have serious ‘motive’ to try and unlawfully arrest me on some pretext during Neil's unlawful arrest in April 2013, because they had been directly involved in trying to cover up my High Court jury lawsuit from August 2011 in the illegal operation they were involved in on January 16th 2012.

They knew it was going to come out that they were trying to cover up ‘organizers’ from MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ were able to go on and be ‘organizers’ in Occupy and work with ASIO Assange after they had been named in the High Court on June 21st 2010.

In legal terms the war mongering Guardian ASIO Assange media roadshow that was running cover for MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ was stuffed when MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ was a busted flush in the High Court on June 21st 2010.  So they had to invent another excuse for ASIO Assange to hang around in the UK because the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ was in serious trouble.


When stealing our shelter in January 2012 still didn't work they had even bigger legal problems.


The City of London which is very small only had a brief window of opportunity when we passed through where we were only several hundred metres from leaving, to pull off an ambush that was always planned.


The 'plan' was to try and grab us off the streets on any false pretext, where because I was on fraudulent 'police bail' they would have used that as the false pretext to illegally imprison me on 'remand' or whatever else.


The unknown 666 proves the police were only up to no good, while the City of London Corporation were like rats down a drainpipe when asked to explain.

The police had appeared in the distance behind on blues pushing their way through traffic until they got to us and to our astonishment pulled us over, before we got to and through the next traffic lights past their boundary.

They must have panicked they were not going to get near us before we passed through the City of London, to have gone on blues.

We had actually traveled from the High Court back to an underground car-park by Parliament Square before heading out of London along the Embankment so we must have been followed the whole time by illegal surveillance. It is highly unlikely that the police van was on it’s own in such a seriously illegal operation that was being done “off the books” by 666 that had to be pulled off in the City of London.

Westminster have always illegally refused to identify 666, who may or may not be a police officer, including when they lost their malicious prosecution over summons that involved an unlawful arrest.


JUNE 23RD 2010:

On June 23rd 2010 it is a matter of public record I had been illegally denied legal representation in the High Court to illegally stop me lawfully giving evidence in the court about MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ before the court was then shut to the public and press.

1. I informed the Law Commission so there was a paper trail.

2. I was always clear I formally “blew the whistle” in legal proceedings because I was tortured in an attempt to murder me at Belgravia ‘Police’ Station in September 2009.

3. I am saying Kier Starmer was personally involved in torture in his public capacity as Director of Public Prosecutions.

4. I had originally been tortured in 2006 and when I won the first part of that case that they had spun into two, and heard out of order, back to front, I walked out of court into an ambush to be tortured all over again in 2007.

5. When I won the second part of that case on December 13th 2007 Brown signed the Article 50 Blair had invented when he was forced to resign.

On June 21st 2010 the High Court Judge had ridiculously threatened me with ‘Contempt of Court’ to no avail, for my giving evidence !! in... my own defence !! of the malicious prosecution the Mayor of London [now Foreign Secretary] had brought to try and cover up the identities of under-covers on May 25th 2010 etc etc.

It was the High Court Judge who had to run in record time etc etc etc before illegally denying me legal representation and shutting the court to the public and press.

The corrupt barrister Paul Harris who was foisted on us worked for Kier Starmer really who was still Director of Public Prosecutions at that time.

The paper trail shows how Bindmans and Starmer’s Doughty had been trying to cover up their involvement in trying to stop our repealing corporate legislation since December 2005 that we did nevertheless force the repeal of.

The Guardian undercover spin in January 2011 is a fraud that was ‘leaked’ by Gareth Newnham from MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ through the government run Indymedia he was a ‘moderator’ with. The evidence is Kennedy was still working with Westminster when the Guardian and Daily Mail ran with that undercover lie to try and cover up MI5 ‘Democracy Village’.


... may 2012...the bastard owen bowcott @ the faux 'liberal' war mongering guardian making a lot of money out of trying to pretend, i kid you not, that an umbrella is crime... to try and hide the high court jury lawsuit against MI5 'Democracy Village' et al...


[The Guardian are pretty much the 'official' mouthpiece of MI5 in the UK, trying to 'sanitize' what has really been going on in the UK]

The Guardian’s Edward Snowden hoax is just repulsive because what they are not saying that everyone does know is that spies and the media always work together lying to the public. with war propaganda.

Of course the same Guardian’s ASIO Assange has zero credibility having been parachuted into London in April 2010 to do the rounds including with the lying Murdoch for the same reason of spinning war propaganda.

Murdoch had been illegally trying to ‘remove’ us for years.


The politicians, media barons and their spies are one revolving door of corporate war propaganda.


Michael Gove is an example of a corrupt a) paid politician/and former 'Justice' Minister who b) uses the intelligence agencies to do whatever he wants, to spin his war propaganda while c) also posing as a paid journalist for Murdoch, while his wife poses as a journalist with the Daily Mail spinning the same war propaganda too.


The more war propaganda a politician spins the more money he gets paid by global corporations.


These monsters are using war propaganda to knowingly lie and cause the most serious identifiable harm possible to defenceless civilians.


War propaganda really is the biggest global racket going, which we beat with our repeal of their free speech ban against us.

The only purpose of years of ’intelligence’ operations against us was to try and violently stop our... restoring the rule of law.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!