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In the lawless corporate world of crony capitalism the biggest lie told is they can just write any old arbitrary whatever they like on a scrap of paper and call it ‘law’ to in fact conflate it with the rule of law that has the checks and balances.

In the real world there is supposed to be a 'travel ban' on the lawless U.S. military in foreign countries, including the European Union.


... february 2017... 'trial by media'... murdoch & co STILL trying to conflate corporate jibber jabber with the rule of law...


The real legal point will not be properly argued in the Trump 'visa' propaganda because it is only about trying to extend Obama's civilian 'ban' via the Supreme Court, for public consumption.


The evidence is Trump maliciously campaigned on a civilian 'ban' before he was in public office. He did this without any evidence or access to any government information, to only then typically hide behind the political red herring of 'national security' to introduce a 'policy' of fear when he was in public office.


The facts prove Trump always intended to impose the ban regardless of any lawful excuse.


Only the beltway war profiteers benefit.


It's not really a complicated 'case' at all.


The real problem with Trump's travel ban is it relies on war propaganda.


... march 2003... the murdoch war propaganda that trump is... echoing is a crime because it intends to cause serious identifiable harm to civilians to make profits for global corporations...


The term 'national security risk' is political language that has no legal meaning and is a red herring any lawyer can run rings around, and no real court even entertains.


In the UK, there is no question that Murdoch-led war propaganda is reviled by the public.


In fact "the establishment" is the 52% trying to steal the freedom of the 48%:


... cnn war propaganda tries to hide those who voted for brexit are err... "the establishment" and their donkeys...


It is obviously false for CNN to claim [Trump] Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders & Nigel Farage are "anti-establishment".


They are part of the same "establishment" trying to use the same 'War on Terror' propaganda to keep continually pushing for even more corporate power grabs by the political classes over civilians.


"In the meantime" there is no credible 'journalism' in the media manufactured cesspit:


... corporate funded... distractions...


All 'journalism' is just a corporate algorithm these days.


The whole Brexit war propaganda comes complete with it's own pre-packaged language 'toolkit' of 'nationalist', 'fake news', 'alternative facts','snowflakes', 'virtue signalling' etc etc.


There is no time the rule of law is more important than when the politicians and their media barons spin their war propaganda which is nothing more than an obscene 'trial by media' over real civilians, real lives.


Some media barons make an albeit condescending pretense of re-acquainting themselves with the legal reality the rule of law exists, which the rest of us mere mortals naturally live by every single day:


... taking the proverbial...


The only purpose of war propaganda is after all, to try and subvert the rule of law and democracy.


A wholesale deficit in responsible 'news' media discourse continues because while 'journalism' will pay lip service to the rule of law existing, it absolutely refuses to admit and views the rule of law an anathema when it extends to politicians... who wage war.


... the rule of law is not 'indiscriminate'... and civilians lives are not 'disposable'...


All 'news' media remains outside the spectrum of acceptable norms in decent and civilized society, precisely because it presumes it can put itself along with politicians on a pedestal beyond the rule of law.


It is the most cynical attempt at manipulation of and insult to the public for politicians and media barons to try and put themselves outside the sphere of the rule of law, because their war propaganda is a crime that kills.


The only reason Tony Blair is not on trial in the Hague is because Rupert Murdoch would be in the dock alongside him, because politicians and media barons rely on each other to commit their corporate crimes.


... it's not that they are even 'subtle'... in the revolving doors between 'politicians' and 'journalists' who can be both at the same time...


The corporate war propaganda is all connected in one completely artificial echo chamber.



Murdoch's 'Guido' is textbook egocentric Whitehall where the real world, beyond their very, very narrow all consuming self-interest in whoever happens to be competing to be the latest corporate 'SPAD' in the whole spectacle of revolving doors, is usually non-existent.



... a few faces may change from time to time, but the corporate spin always stays the same...


Of course, the Wiki-woo war propaganda has always been appalling too:


... i think we can all guess who funded tony blair's friend jimmy wales' wiki-woo which is at least as bad as the daily mail, and was built on the whole lie 'journalism' is a 'reliable source' for the truth...


One of the biggest reasons for our campaigning in Parliament Sq. was our complete and utter disgust with war propaganda.


I can promise you that just because war propaganda claims people "believe" what they are told is not true.


The biggest lesson I learned in Parliament Sq. meeting people from all around the world was most people don't "believe" war propaganda, despite that being the only format all 'news' follows.


On the most serious issues all 'politicians' and 'news' media comprehensively fail to reflect the public and pointedly only engage in a cycle of deceit designed to at best deliver a meaningless curmudgeonly apologia of some kind.


Any reasonable and rational law abiding adult does know no-one has the unfettered right to arbitrarily vote to do whatever they like to someone else.





24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!