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The evidence is Tony Blair did the torture deal with ‘Sir’ Kier Starmer originally from Doughty Street Chambers that ultimately saw Blair forced to resign, but not before he invented Article 50.


Labour's Stake-knife Corbyn is protecting Starmer because Starmer is Blair's heir, where they both need to resign really because neither are remotely fit for public office because of what they have been involved in doing.


... blair's heir... the corrupt state 'prosecutor' is integral to the corporate 'police state' machine ...


The Labour Party are ultimately responsible for the rot that has set in that everyone can see is consuming Westminster, because of the self-evident reality the Tory party can do no worse than Labour.


When one 'political side' opens the door to the worst excesses, others only eagerly follow.


The Labour Party are not any kind of 'victim' nor are they an 'opposition' political party.



The problem is not state employees who are whistle-blowers having protection, but rather members of the public who are 'whistle-blowers' having the most basic protection of legal representation.



When you ask yourself who was Head of Doughty Street Chambers when they wrote the far from everyday legal ‘opinion’ fraudulent legislation was incompatible with the rule of law in December 2005, to really use to trade over my life for their own personal financial gain, the answer is Kier Starmer.







It has always been impossible in any professional sense for Doughty Street [& Bindmans] to explain what they did with that original case, except to use it to trade over my life to line their own pockets, because it was always ‘the case’ that would repeal the fraudulent legislation.

It was a no brainer the original malicious prosecution proved fraudulent legislation was incompatible with the rule of law. It is a legal impossibility of quite epic proportions to claim when two people are campaigning together that it is legal for one person to campaign with the other person, but not legal for the other person to campaign with that person.

There was no logic or law in claiming it was legal for Brian to campaign with me, but not legal for me to campaign with Brian.

The case also ultimately exposed Special Branch who tried to hide an earlier case that should have been identical that had the same lawyers who treated it differently before the state dropped it, while continuing against me, which also showed how they all work together.

Special Branch et al have a real problem when a campaign is pushing for a legal outcome using the rule of law, because inevitably the records of their own wishy washy woo don’t make sense, alongside real campaigners.

The lame ‘cover’ of Special Branch et al was originally blown in the absence of records beyond my own initial unlawful arrest on May 23rd 2006, after which they incredibly tried to repeatedly invent ’separate’ campaigns... within our existing campaign !! to try and hide the legal woo of their endless lies.

Of course Westminster don’t like the public to repeal their fraudulent corporate legislation because it inevitably exposes how multiple layers of corrupt government just use abuses of all process to illegally use state violence against civilians for global corporations.

The fraudulent corporate legislation is the propaganda ’facade’ behind which serious state violence using every conceivable abuse of all process is hidden.

The previous Director of Public Prosecutions ’Lord’ Ken MacDonald had given up trying to prosecute us over ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 after December 2007 really because he had really gone to town on both Brian and I and then Steve and got no-where but Blair being forced to resign over ...torture.

So Kier Starmer was given the role of Director of Public Prosecutions to wage his extraordinary campaign of terror because the paper trail led to Doughty Street Chambers.

The ‘barrister’ who became ‘Director of Public Prosecutions’ and front bench Labour MP has conducted a truly deranged campaign of terror spanning years involving torture, for his own personal financial gain.

The reality we nevertheless forced the repeal of fraudulent corporate legislation exposes the absolute corruption of partners in multiple law firms etc involved in working with Westminster trying to stop us.

Too many barristers at Doughty Street Chambers were involved.


... 'Sir' Kier Starmer QC and Paul Harris 'Special Counsel'...


Westminster's phoney 'human rights' law firms are interested in their profits not civilians and the rule of law.

’Sir’ Kier Starmer did the torture deal with Blair to try and stop our forcing the repeal of multi-billion dollar fraudulent corporate legislation. He personally profited by becoming Director of Public Prosecutions which put him in the position of waging his campaign of terror, including collaborating in MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ before going on to become a front bench Brexit Labour MP on his way to becoming Blair’s heir.

The multi-billion dollar fraudulent legislation was the ‘example’ of how global corporations buy fraudulent corporate legislation to violently use against law abiding civilians, for massive corporate profits.


The evidence is Murdoch was egging on 'politicians' at all times.

Westminster is nothing but the revolving doors of the multiple 'hat' brigade between journalists and lawyers etc becoming politicians for global corporations.

You would never have anything to do with [for example] a ‘journalist’ in Westminster because the next day they could be a politician or the Prime Minister’s ‘adviser’ and so on and so forth, where all the multiple layers are only working for the same corporate propaganda machine of crony capitalism trading in civilians lives.


TORTURE 2006-2007


When you ask yourself which law firm (working with Bindmans) covered up until it was finally admitted in court on July 9th 2007, Tony Blair had no evidence to charge us with anything on September 4th 2006 that led to him being forced to resign etc etc etc, the answer is Doughty Street Chambers.

The High Court jury lawsuit over that includes massive state corruption surrounding the use of torture.

When you ask yourself which law firm (working with Bindmans) knew two Crown Prosecution Service lawyers came forward as my witnesses, the answer is Doughty Street Chambers.

When you ask yourself which law firm (working with Bindmans) watched !! as we were ambushed leaving the court after winning on July 9th 2007 only to be unlawfully arrested and tortured... again, while never being changed with anything, the answer is Doughty Street Chambers.

I was unlawfully arrested outside the court [with three other people] when I was viciously thrown into metal railings and into the side of a police van I was then bundled into, before being driven around London and then tortured in the back of a police van in Belgravia Police Station for two hours before being booked in. An Inspector Stacey’s ‘piece de resistance’ was to try and implode my knuckles with the metal clasp on handcuffs [which I ended up in hospital over]

This was very clearly a revenge attack over Tony Blair being forced to resign and the Commissioner of the MET Police et al facing summons too etc etc.


In December 2008, the evidence is Bindmans and Nick Stanage from... Doughty also conspired to ‘delay’ and frustrate our High Court jury lawsuits over illegal searches by saying they would only represent Brian, while refusing without explanation to represent me. Their tall tale that obviously didn’t wash, and was never agreed to, was they wanted to a) have a ‘narrow’ legal argument without any facts, evidence or witnesses in b) the County Court. It was cloud-cuckoo land.


The illegal searches were used to try and find a new false pretext when ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 collapsed.

When you ask yourself who became Director of Public Prosecutions in November 2008, it was Kier Starmer.


When you ask yourself who was the Director of Public Prosecutions on September 3rd & 4th 2009 trying to cover up the torture and attempted murder of me at Belgravia ‘Police Station’ in Central London, the answer is Labour’s Mr Brexit Kier Starmer, Head of Doughty Chambers.

Westminster had long, long ago run out of false pretexts to use to unlawfully arrest us, because of course they never had any lawful excuse in the first place.

When you ask yourself who was the Director of Public Prosecutions (working with Bindmans really) having the MET Police kidnap me off the street on October 7th 2009 because I was demanding the CCTV evidence of torture at Belgravia Police Station on September 3rd & 4th 2009, the answer is Kier Starmer.

No-one was able to avoid the legal paper trail nevertheless securing the CCTV that Westminster have always illegally refused to hand over to me.

When you ask yourself who was the Director of Public Prosecutions having the MET police unlawfully arrest me over illegal searches on November 18th 2009, to try and cover up their legal ‘opinion’ in December 2005, the answer is Kier Starmer.


The corporate food chain needs the corrupt state 'prosecutor' who is integral in maliciously targeting civilians to oil the wheels.




In February 2010 Mike Schwartz a partner at Bindmans threatened a barrister called Annabel Timan who was at that time working with Michael Mansfield’s Tooks before moving to... Doughty that if she represented me she would not get any more business from Bindmans.

The evidence is Ms Timan spoke to the Law Society who confirmed I had not done anything wrong and so she had no legal grounds to withdraw, that I refused to agree to despite being pressured to do so. Nevertheless Ms Timan withdrew without lawful excuse while failing to be able to give any reasons in open court, because she did not want to lose business from Bindmans.

A ‘Judge’ who had been brought in from Northern England refused to allow me an opportunity to get further legal representation in a malicious SOCPA prosecution from April 2009 so I was illegally denied legal representation.

When you ask yourself who was the Director of Public Prosecutions, the answer is Kier Starmer, covering up for himself over December 2005.

In April 2009 the Director of Public Prosecutions Kier Starmer had been trying to re-introduce maliciously prosecuting us using ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 to try and drag out it’s repeal for longer, covering up his own corruption.

The Director of Public Prosecutions Kier Starmer could not legitimately prosecute me over fraudulent legislation his own law firm Doughty Street had given a legal ‘opinion’ over December 2005 saying it was incompatible with the rule of law.

It was just another serious abuse of process.

It is impossible to deny the Director of Public Prosecutions Kier Starmer and Mike Schwartz a partner from Bindmans didn’t want me to have legal representation because it would unravel and expose them still working together over December 2005.

The real unanswered ‘question’ was how they never quite managed to get to the High Court years earlier to argue the original case.

I was therefore illegally ’detained’ in court cells by the ‘Judge’ to stop me going to the High Court over such a fraudulent ‘show trial’ taking place that I refused to take part in.

Westminster was just illegally using processes and the revolving doors of different hats to try and save their free speech ban.

APRIL 29TH 2010

When you ask yourself who was Director of Public Prosecutions who then applied to the Magistrates Court on April 29th 2010 to adjourn a show trial over illegal searches involving the illegal use of agent provocateurs, because they claimed their MET ‘police’ officer had gone on ‘holiday’ despite the date being agreed, the answer is Kier Starmer.

MAY 25th 2010

On May 25th 2010 an ‘unusual’ situation inevitably happened because there was just so much state corruption falling all over each other to try and 'take us down'.

The video evidence shows the MET Police unlawfully arrested me on the false pretext of a S5 Public Order 1986, before then relying on using an agent provocateur from MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ to come forward after the unlawful arrest, all of which was never going to legally fly.

So the evidence shows that after I have been unlawfully arrested the MET Police later also invent the false and malicious allegation of my ‘obstructing’ police searching [my] property that the video evidence shows I did not do.

In fact the video proves that when I went and got from my tent and read out the perjured witness statement of the same police officer standing next to me, over the previous illegal search in November 2009 in the show trial that was ‘adjourned’ the police are shown not searching and moving away from my tent they know I am using.

No-one wanted to unlawfully arrest me while trying to search my tent after I read out the perjured witness statement of the same police officer standing next to me in front of an awful lot of people working for Westminster.


They wanted to invent a different false pretext to unlawfully arrest me.

Of course it was not a co-incidence that the police officer who later unlawfully arrested me was the same police officer whose perjured police witness statement I had got out and read and was holding when he unlawfully arrested me again over an alleged S5 Public Order Act 1986.

No Director of Public Prosecutions could ever claim they ‘reasonably believed’ they had any evidence to charge me with any 'crime' on May 25th 2010.

In fact the Director of Public Prosecutions conspired with the MET Police, the BBC and Mayor of London et al to maliciously edit and publish audio the police gave the BBC, to cover up the illegal use of an agent provocateur from MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ in my unlawful arrest.

So I was unlawfully ‘detained’ for 36 hours while the MET Police, Director of Public Prosecutions and Boris Johnson and his MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ tried to work out what to do because in legal terms everyone was a completely busted flush any which way they looked at anything.

I was never 'interviewed' over anything because the MET Police, Birnberg Pierce and the Director of Public Prosecutions Kier Starmer all knew there never was any evidence to charge me with anything.

They already knew my ‘reply to caution’ would still be their illegal use of agent provocateurs.

It’s a good question to ask exactly what Birnberg Pierce were doing for that 36 hours except negotiating the size of their brown envelope with Westminster.

Everyone also knew that when I was released I would go straight to the High Court with video footage against everyone [while also still demanding the CCTV from September 2009]

They knew this would happen even if they tried to maliciously prosecute us at the Magistrates Court over illegal searches... again.

They all knew from previous experience we would Judicially Review the Director of Public Prosecutions ‘decision to prosecute’ us in the Magistrates Court, in the High Court with a) the video evidence from May 25th 2010 including b) over Westminster’s illegal use of agent provocateurs and that we would win.

It is self-evident they were only trying to find ‘processes’ to abuse to avoid themselves being put on trial before a High Court jury.

Therefore Westminster:

a) brought another malicious prosecution in the Magistrates Court over illegal searches despite the Director of Public Prosecutions having no evidence to do so


b) the Mayor of London Boris Johnson [now 'Foreign Secretary] went running to the High Court to also bring a different malicious prosecution against Brian and myself using MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ before we are released.

The sum total of the Mayor of London’s malicious prosecution against Brian and I turned out to be, we were an ‘eyesore’ which is as yet not known to be a ‘crime’ of any kind, let alone that one could be imprisoned over.

When you ask yourself who was the Director of Public Prosecutions bringing a malicious prosecution over the illegal search on May 25th 2010 in the Magistrates Court, the answer is Kier Starmer.

It is not possible for ’Sir’ Kier Starmer to claim he did not know the illegal searches were being used to try and frustrate our forcing the repeal of fraudulent legislation because his own ‘Doughty Chambers’ wrote the original legal ‘opinion’ the legislation was incompatible with the rule of law etc etc etc/ way back over December 2005.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson had to get to the High Court before we were released or MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ was finished too, because the Director of Public Prosecutions could not go to the High Court, but we could.

Then it got really ‘interesting’ when their web of deceit spectacularly unraveled in the High Court on June 21st 2010.

[A lot had obviously ‘happened’ since December 2005]

JUNE 21ST 2010

In the High Court, Bindmans who it had become clear were involved in our being tortured in September 2009 were now representing the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts, who were being used against Brian and I.

Bindmans were now overtly working with Westminster trying to bring us down too.

On June 21st 2010 there was a packed High Court of the whole MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ bully-athon, when I was first up to go on the witness stand, so I just started blowing the whistle on what was going on.

Those first on their feet to try and silence me were actually the row of lawyers who all stood in unison when I started spilling the beans.

Then the High Court ‘Judge’ fled [in I might add, record time] after ridiculously threatening me to no avail, with an alleged ‘Contempt of [the High] Court’ for what, lawfully giving my own defence !!??

It was truly a spectacle that unfolded.

What is most interesting is what happened next [aside from Brian giving the totally corrupt Tony Benn a very public dressing down in court for disgracefully trying to ‘defend’ MI5 ‘Democracy Village’]

The fireworks really flew that afternoon.

Who do you think was fraudulently claiming they were representing me without disclosing their serious ‘conflict of interest’ ?

The alleged senior barrister Birnberg Pierce had foisted on us who very ’unusually’ never even met with us before such a ‘high profile’ case in the High Court was from which law firm and really representing who ?

Paul Harris was the ’Special Counsel’ QC from Doughty foisted on us who incredibly never even met with us before going to the High Court, who the evidence proves was really working for the Director of Public Prosecutions and Head of Doughty... Kier Starmer !!

The corrupt Doughty Chambers was founded by Geoffrey Robertson and Starmer and the law firm is like Bindmans notorious for ‘covering all bases’ so to speak for Westminster.


Paul Harris 'Special Counsel' at Doughty Chambers covering up for Kier Starmer et al:


... june 23rd 2010... a real bully-athon where brian and i are the only real campaigners surrounded by the separate MI5 'Democracy Village' when I am illegally denied legal representation because i start giving evidence blowing the whistle...


The problem is not state whistle-blowers having 'protection' but members of the public who are 'whistle-blowers' not having the most basic protection of legal representation.


So there was an almighty row over the obvious corruption in trying to illegally stop me giving evidence in my own defence [which I reported to the Legal Commission so there was a paper trail, proving I hadn’t done anything wrong in my trying to errr... give evidence in my own defence !!]

[The Daily Mail had the nerve to try and doorstop me in a lift while I was leaving the High Court. I told them to get lost because the evidence was they were involved in running the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts too]

In all legal terms we had comprehensively won because no-one could deny anything.

No-one wanted me to rake over in the High Court where it all started in December 2005 with Bindmans, Doughty and Kier Starmer, while their own Paul Harris ’Special Counsel’ QC and Bindmans who were all really working together, along with Birnberg Pierce, were all standing in the High Court being ‘humiliated’ and then some, while all together.

Their web of deceit just fell apart.

JUNE 23rd 2010

On June 23rd 2010 the evidence is I was then illegally denied any further legal representation [because I had won on June 21st 2010 really] to illegally stop me giving further evidence while the Judge closed the court to the press and public.

Westminster then just went through the motions, where they had to lose their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ at that stage to try and have another two attempts at going for Brian and I in 2011, for the sake of their ’keeping up appearances’/’saving face’.

Most people observed that Birnberg Pierce were acting like the lawyers taking us to court, instead of acting like our own lawyers, which was really true. The evidence is Birnberg Pierce pretended they were still representing Brian before actually dumping him while he was being treated for cancer. The next barrister Birnberg Pierce had brought in for Brian was Martin Westgate QC who was still from Starmer’s Doughty because they were actually trying to do whatever they could incl. provocatively to try and force a situation of them being dropped.




In our campaign it is legendary how many phoney ‘human rights’ lawyers have run from everyone because we have always actually been grown adults serious about doing the rule of law in the most serious of circumstances]

Brian died in Bremen in Germany on June 18th 2011.


It is impossible to say any which way you look at all the evidence, including medical records, anything other than Westminster murdered Brian Haw.

The evidence is I was then also inevitably illegally denied legal representation or trial over the illegal searches in 2009 and 2010, before being illegally imprisoned in August 2011 because Birnberg Pierce who were obviously involved in all the wrongdoing were running.

Westminster had a free for all against us because we were repeatedly illegally denied legal representation to both a) defend ourselves and b) hold Westminster to account properly.

Of course Birnberg Pierce could never claim they had not seen the police footage from May 25th 2010, so they knew there was no evidence to charge me and that the MET Police and Doughty’s Director of Public Prosecutions had illegally used an agent provocateur from MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ etc etc etc.

On August 17th 2011 a High Court jury lawsuit was formally filed against everyone that the High Court confirmed on October 7th 2011 would have to proceed, while the fraudulent SOCPA legislation had to be repealed on March 31st 2012.

Of course the Tories thought nothing of inventing fraudulent legislation to steal our shelter because they knew Labour had... tortured us.

It was Labour that led the rot that has set in at Westminster.



In January 2011 when Brian went to Germany, the Director of Public Prosecutions Kier Starmer and Bindmans dreamed up the Kennedy ‘undercover’ media roadshow to try and distract from what was going on.

Of course the actual evidence is Kennedy was still working for Westminster doing the early version of the Edward Snowden hoax where the undercover’s are only publicly trying to ‘airbrush’ their own image, while everything carries on.


Starmer has form working with undercovers because both Starmer and the McLibel Two lied to the public about their legal representation. In fact public records show the McLibel Two did have legal representation at all the relevant points, including at the European Court of Human Rights.


There's no 'intelligence' in the MET 'Police' trying to explain away their phoney 'Inquiry' using... undercovers:


... weasel words... wouldn't a High Court jury find it 'extraordinary' if MI5, the MET Police & Director of Public Prosecutions all managed to 'destroy' their connected 'files' of all sorts ?...


It was Gareth Newnham from MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ who worked with the MET Police Commander Chris Allison, and was also a ‘moderator’/censor at the government run Indymedia UK based in Scotland, who ’leaked’ the Guardian/Daily Mail Kennedy undercover police distraction to try and cover up what we had already done in the High Court in... 2010.

We didn’t blow the whistle on undercovers because they were some nice fluffy ‘activist’ types but because Westminster tortured us and attempted to murder me in Belgravia Police Station, while we proved undercovers of all sorts openly work with police and 'news' media unlawfully arresting campaigners.

It is not the case that the various government departments in Whitehall and their lawyers are not collaborating or do not know what the other is doing.

Westminster’s limited hangout and quite separate Undercover ‘Inquiry’ [relating to only undercover police and not MI5 too] only came about because we:

a) formally blew the whistle on the public record, in legal proceedings in January 2010 involving Kier Starmer as Director of Public Prosecutions, which hadn’t been done like that before


b) blew the whistle in the High Court in June 2010 on the whole MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ which had really never been done before

and then

c) brought a real High Court jury lawsuit against MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ in 2011 which had never happened before either.

The true reality that was still happening when they spun their Kennedy yarn was that when you formally name one state agent... in legal proceedings, which is what we did in January 2010, a whole fucking ‘Village’ of multiple layers rocks up to try and cover up !!


State agents are not nice, fluffy 'activist' types.

It is a matter of fact under-covers are not just police, but also MI5 trying to illegally stop peaceniks, where they have the whole panoply of the machinery of the state working with them, while you are illegally denied the most basic protection of legal representation.


The public all knew what was going on because we had been around for so long and what was being done was in full public view.


Our High Court jury lawsuit in August 2011 saw off the overt MI5 'Democracy Village' on May 4th 2012.

JANUARY 2013 - APRIL 2013.

When you ask yourself which barrister, another law firm Birds Solicitors foisted on us at Southwark Crown Court in January 2013 in another malicious prosecution against us we nevertheless won... on our own, the answer is Tunde Okewale from Doughty Street Chambers who the clone on the throne gave an MBE to in 2016.


When you ask yourself who was the Director of Public Prosecutions in that same malicious prosecution, the answer is Doughty Street's Kier Starmer, who was among many only STILL trying to avoid the High Court jury lawsuit against everyone.

In the Kafka-esque world of Doughty Street Chambers they falsely claimed a) Judges did not have to give reasons for their decisions, just like their b) Director of Public Prosecutions Kier Starmer did not need evidence to charge anyone etc etc.

The same barrister/Director of Public Prosecutions Kier Starmer just wore multiple ‘hats’ to wage his long campaign of terror involving torture.


The Kafka-esque world of the City of London:


... Kier Starmer was ONLY ever 'negotiating' the size of his own brown envelope in this, where NO-ONE could claim anyone 'reasonably believed' someone wearing the false numbers 666 was 'acting in the lawful execution of any public duty' at any time...

When you ask yourself who was the Director of Public Prosecutions covering up that no-one could possibly have ‘reasonably believed’ a City of London police officer wearing the IN YOUR FACE !! false numbers 666 on April 10th 2013 when we left the... High Court, was acting in the ‘lawful execution of any duty’ the answer is Kier Starmer.


The example of 666 is the in your face 'secret' police state, who have just completely thrown any pretense of the rule of law out the window, while Westminster hides their identity... to this day !!


... more labour dross... by his own account this former bbc 'journalist' prefers shooting civilians without any legal accountability...


There is not just 'secret' police, but a 'secret' police state that the politicians and their media barons pretend does not exist in their whole violent 'state of denial' about who they really are and what they really do.

Starmer is responsible for using torture to try and be Blair’s heir.

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