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Brexit Westminster [and it's echo chambers in Washington and Moscow] with their lawless supranational UN Security Council of military divide and rule oppose the supranational civilian administrative governance of the European Union.


Specifically the European Courts of Justice [ECJ] and Human Rights [ECHR].


... the 'old europe' of divide and rule...


This is because in practice the arbitrary and lawless supranational UN Security Council have no checks and balances like the supranational European Union with the ECJ & ECHR.


The supranational European Union is a model of progress in administrative governance in a world no human made, because it is built on the foundations of civilians rule of law, rather than the lucrative corporate military divide and rule of the UN Security Council weapons supply line.


The European Union should be celebrated not denigrated with it's 500 million civilians living in peace and harmony across a huge array of inspiring traditions and cultures with their European citizenship.


... the westminster establishment and their echo chambers...


We owe nothing to the 'Old Europe' of Westminster, Washington and Moscow's divide and rule.


This is an unprecedented grab for unfettered power that even Hitler didn't try:


... using any false pretext for... an unprecedented grab for unfettered power... "has effect despite"...anything else...


The Trump 'Visa' propaganda is a media manufactured sideshow.


... westminster had to recruit a real bullhorn in washington to try and 'hide' what 'oh so proper' westminster are doing...


It is self-evident the corporate-led rush to trash human rights is designed to try and increase the profits of global corporations:


... of course 'national' GDP is not any kind of 'indicator' of the true 'flow' of money between people and global corporations...





[N.B: The real legal point in the Trump 'visa' propaganda that will not be argued is that a) Trump publicly campaigned on a platform of 'banning Muslims' before being elected and now b) making false statements to courts, that he has information that is not available to the public, that of course he did not have when he originally campaigned for his 'Muslim ban']



Trumps own 'policy' [which typically intends to extend Obama's] was invented before he had any facts:


... 'national security' is political language for public consumption that has no legal meaning whatsoever... where trump had no evidence of any kind, when he was... publicly campaigning for his 'policy'...


'Usually' no judge entertains the 'national security' risk red herring, because any 'lawyer' trying to use it can only have rings run around them, because it has no legal meaning.


Meanwhile the business deals continue behind the scenes.



The 'visa' row propaganda is intended to distract from Westminster's Brexit, which involves trying to steal law abiding civilians existing European citizenship that politicians and media barons are not up in arms over as they try and exit the European Convention on Human Rights.




It is possible to be a member of the European Court of Human Rights and not a member of the European Union but it is not possible to be a member of the European Union and not a member of the European Court of Human Rights.


Westminster have made clear their opposition to the European Convention on Human Rights which can and often does mean something at the ECJ & ECHR compared to the Magna Carta that has never meant anything for civilians and never will.


Blair only introduced the phoney 'Human Rights Act' in the UK to wage war by giving the lawless UK the widest possible 'margin of appreciation' to ignore the rule of law for as long as possible because prior to that 'Act' people could go directly to the ECHR.


 ... quelle surprise... the same old trash european union 'plan' is straight out of westminster's supranational un security council divide and rule playbook...


When the rule of law caught up with Blair and he was forced to resign he invented Article 50 on his way out.


It is self-evident that Westminster have no legal grounds to trigger Article 50 that are necessary and proportionate in a democratic society.


Westminster's 'trial by media' has not declared it's 'conflict of interest' over the European Convention on Human Rights, which is the real reason it is trying to force civilians to exit the European Union.



UPDATED 06.02.2017


The Westminster establishment and their echo chambers.


The phoney fascist MSM & 'alt' media Brexit 'news' repeaters and their algorithms are busy pushing Pussy Le Pen who is not known for having ever stood with and for any peaceniks anywhere:


... pussy le pen is not known for having ever stood for and with peaceniks anywhere... [updated 06.02.2017]


This is the same BBC 'insider' Icke who was trained by them in their 'dark arts' of trying to manipulate the public, who is whoring himself for MI6 Vitol Oil Duncan.


Crikey, Icke was collecting his paycheck from the BBC way back when Thatcher was spinning the Falklands War, he never opposed.


... of course it's only a 'mystery' to most people why Pussy Le Pen & Fillon et al are so vehemently opposed to a "universal basic income" of err... €300,000 - €900,000 for... everyone ;)...


The 'historical revisionism' typically 'glosses' over it was the French public who did not support the Iraq War, while Le Pen has typically always sought to profit from disseminating the accompanying war propaganda.


The Westminster establishment mouthpiece pretending to 'oppose' Trump and trying to pretend Trump is 'different' from Pussy Le Pen and Westminster:


... the public were never 'tricked' by the same old westminster donkey's two horse race in washington...


There are all the same old carrion calls of all sorts:


... the 'clash of civilizations' and their phoney 'nationalist' woo, working with crony capitalism to try and steal civilians freedom...


In Westminster's 'Glorious Revolution' another arbitrary 'vote' is just 'the solution' to all the world's problems.



The Brexit bandwagon invites any old 'politician' to clamber aboard in the clamour to grandstand for themselves over... civilians freedom.





It's become very much a tick-a-box exercise over whether politicians hide behind Westminster, Moscow or both to really try and have a go at... civilians freedom in the European Union.


... politicians trying to hide it is... westminster trying to arbitrarily... punish civilians... by trying to steal their freedom...


Will it perchance be called the Murdoch 'pact' ?


Brexit is only a political bully-athon against... civilians.



In reality the European Union has multiple layers of what is called democracy in what was always an administrative challenge to bring together so many countries with politicians only really competing to maintain their own power over civilians.


The European Union includes the European Council comprising all the elected Heads of State and the President of the European Council and President of the Commission.


Each state appoints their own unelected European Commission members who propose legislation etc to the European Parliament [comprising elected MEP politicians from all the different countries] who also give opinions.


The European Parliament can also ask the European Commission to present legislative proposals to the European Council to make laws and so on and so forth.


Then of course there are national elections etc in all the different countries.


The President of the European Commission is elected by the European Parliament and the President of the European Council is elected by a qualified majority of the European Council [Heads of State] really. Neither have voting powers in the European Council.


There have not been any European Union 'laws' that 'usurp' British 'sovereignty' but instead European 'directives' etc [prepared by the European Commission and presented to either/both the European Council and European Parliament] that generally encourage uniformity with... the rule of law across the European Union.


The 'directives' often arise from court cases that highlight national 'anomalies' with the rule of law or unnecessary 'bureaucracy' across borders.


... ultimately the european courts are the arbiters...


The European Union typically all revolves around national governments squabbling over/trying to grab or keep illegitimate power... for themselves, over civilians which is why Westminster's real whine is over the European... courts.


The European Union has not done a bad job in trying to unite disparate political classes, while most civilians have never really had a problem with one another.


There are 751 members of the European Parliament[MEP's] representing 500 million civilians in 28 countries.


This compares with 650 elected MP's in the British House of Commons and 760 unelected members in the British House of Lords for 65 million people in the UK.


In fact it was the UK Labour Party who are responsible for the most recent centre-right European Commission President Juncker.


The British MP's and their 'democracy' meant doodley squat in the UK when it came to any practical reality of 'representing' anyone in the Brexit referendum because all those living in [for example] the European Union [even if they were 'allowed' to vote] or British dependencies like Gibraltar or indeed even Hackney were not 'represented' by any British politician.


So let us not pretend that the Brexit referendum has any connection to whatever the creature called 'democracy' portrays itself as, on any given day in Westminster.


It was a completely pointless exercise to even vote in what was called a referendum where people are not even represented by any MP over any outcome, despite being the most affected.


Westminster always knew it was a fraud to claim anyone has to vote to keep their European Union citizenship, which is why those most immediately affected are not represented by any MP.


The British Houses of Parliament are only ever relentlessly rubber stamping fraudulent legislation to steal civilians freedom to make money for global corporations.


Anyone can see British MEP's have always deliberately refused to engage the public with the European Union in any constructive or meaningful way.


[N.B: The UK pays in around £13 billion pounds to the European Union and gets around £4.5 billion in rebates, which is never paid, amounting to a net contribution of around £8.5 billion which with a population of around 65 million people equates to a contribution of £130 per person]


The whole Brexit panjandrum hides the real danger continues to lie with the supranational UN Security Council, not the supranational European Union.


... the westminster establishment and their echo chambers...


Brexit only exposes the value of civilians having the freedom of European Union citizenship in the European Union, acting as a buffer for civilians against the revolving doors of self-serving corporate 'national' politics of all sorts.


Westminster is running for the Brexit because it is the worst example of 'democracy' in the European Union where Westminster has absolutely zero respect for the rule of law ergo the European Convention on the Human Rights and... civilians.


Brexit has exposed the malice of 'Old Europe' Westminster, Washington and Moscow who don't want 500 million civilians living in peace and harmony with the rule of law and without their divide and rule.


 ... the two-faced disingenuous anglo-saxon russian war propagandists who equate politicians with civilians, use russia's endless bickering with ukraine over the price of gas [that has 'oddly' ended up through the choice of the russian government in... british courts] to demand centre stage...


It could never be said that Westminster's Putin the Pretender echo chamber has ever had any respect for... civilians in the European Union.


[An economic union could also help protect smaller countries in the European Union against larger and wealthier countries outside the European Union]

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!