The jibber jabber from the 'coalition' of Tory, Labour and media barons who spent billions scraping together an 'alleged' 52% of a public vote they call a 'revolution' over European citizenship that people don't have to vote to keep, hides the real reason they are exiting the European Union.



... the farage-orama lying about the... iraq war...


The real purpose of Brexit is to exit the European Court of Human Rights because Westminster absolutely refuse to have any respect for the rule of law.


The Tory and Labour 'coalition' that includes media barons who despite spending billions on their Brexit Farage-arama could only scrape together an alleged 52% of a public vote that they ridiculously call a 'revolution' shows just how weak the one party state in Westminster really is.


It is possible to be a member of the European Court of Human Rights and not a member of the European Union but it is not possible to be a member of the European Union and not a member of the European Court of Human Rights.


This is because the primary purpose of the European Union must be to uphold the rule of law to try and protect civilians.


The first Brexit vote for the unelected PM:


... it's self evident that as usual 100% of westminster are only voting for themselves [where they just have a few 'opposing' votes for public consumption]...


British 'democracy': the historic 'new' math in Westminster is 498 MP's 'represent' 52% of the electorate and 114 MP's 'represent' 48% of the electorate, although if you live in Hackney, Gibraltar or were one of the millions of British nationals living elsewhere in the European Union it was completely pointless voting because there is no pretense any MP 'represents' you.


It was very much a Little Englander bully boy 'vote'.


When the 2010 election was orchestrated to produce a 'hung parliament' with the Lib Dem lies about the student fees, the overt rigging of the election was obvious.


Westminster had to be sure that whatever the outcome of the public 'vote' then, they could run their MI5 'Democracy Village' because it needed the 'new' faces of both a Tory government and Tory Mayor to do [because Labour 'faces' in both had already failed].


It was the most extraordinary operation that overtly began in 2010 to try and 'take back control' of unprecedented public opposition in the UK to the Iraq War that had not been led or controlled by the political classes or media barons.


Let us be honest, most people know Westminster MP's are really only ever united in voting to try and take away civilians freedom.


... stake-knife corbyn crony who was never anti-war, making sure she doesn't have to stand down from shadow cabinet, while hanging on to her seat for as long as possible...


Hackney & Gibraltar:


... all out of 'plausible deniability'... let's be honest abbott was not "ill"..


The reality Westminster are running to exit the European Court of Human Rights to throw the rule of law out the window is only a sign of how weak Westminster really is, because their actions are only those of fascists.


Brexit has actually shown everyone the very real importance for civilians of having the stability of European Union citizenship in a European Union compared to the endless divide and rule of the revolving doors of arbitrary corporate self-serving 'national' politics of all sorts.