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The ‘War on Terror’ has seen so many politicians jumping on the bandwagon for themselves over so many years now that Benoit Hamon has suddenly stood out in France, as completely different.

You only have to look at Germany who are the economic powerhouse of Europe because the people are the best inventors and the most efficient, to understand the fraud of endless ‘nationalist’ divide and rule being sold elsewhere.



It doesn’t even really matter so much, how much Benoit Hamon could achieve in France, because he is heading in the correct direction of travel in terms of legitimate administrative governance instead of the relentless assault on freedoms.


It's novel these days to see any politician who is not solely devoted to haranguing the public about some freedom or other they want to steal.


Hamon certainly has the ability to be President because he stayed true to socialism when he resigned from Hollande's government when it veered wildly off script, while he has also had experience as an MEP, and supports the European Union.

Most of us are ordinary people who don’t mind too much about the finer details if politicians could just confine themselves to the politics of legitimate administrative governance, which has not been the case anywhere for a very long time.

One imagines Hamon's policy of ‘universal income’ would take quite some time to implement but at least he is willing to try.


The legalization of marijuana which could be done immediately is long overdue all over Europe really, in particular because of it’s medicinal benefits.


Yet again it's long been a case of what has marijuana got to do with politicians really, so if Hamon wants to legalize it and tax it to help raise revenue for his 'universal income' well at least that's an acceptable compromise.


... socialism is not a dirty word in france where it is actually considered perfectly normal and part of the way of life, to protest...

There can be no doubt any sensible person would prefer taxes more generally going back to the people in some form of 'universal income' rather than disappearing into the coffers of global corporations.

It is only curious that France doesn’t already have a massive Silicon Valley of their own because French is still so widely spoken.

Sadly Fillon and Le Pen only want to appease the worst fascists in Westminster, while the Rothschild's Macron is portrayed as 'centrist' by media barons.


Hamon will only undermine real socialism if he is however just an apologist for Stake-knife Corbyn, which cannot be attributed to pragmatism.

In fact if Hamon is genuine about his policies, they are nothing like the treacherous Stake-knife Corbyn in Westminster who has done nothing but always collaborate with Blair and the Tories over war and Brexit.


Jean-Luc Melanchon is far more like Stake-knife Corbyn.


Stake knife Corbyn & Co in the UK and his unions aren't even remotely 'socialist' in shamefully and dishonestly blaming freedom of movement in the European Union to disguise their own abject failure to even campaign for decent wages.


The idea of freedom for civilians isn't anywhere on Stake-knife Corbyn & Co's radar.


There's no denying now that Stake-knife Corbyn and his unions are every bit the fascists the Tories are.


The policies of Benoit Hamon by comparison can't be criticized, if they are indeed his true position.

To be frank, I never thought I’d hear myself say a politician was okay in the wastelands of politics these days where most politicians have forgotten about people long ago.


Hamon is either genuine or making space for Macron, whose 'centrist' policies are at best vague, in a coalition of possibly all sorts, because Macron does not have the backing of a large party machine.


Nevertheless Hamon, even in a coalition with Macron who may just be playing kingmaker, would still hold the upper hand.



I wish the lovely people of France well, because they have a beautiful country and wonderful way of life.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!