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The unfortunate reality savage Westminster have always had an obsessive hatred of... peaceniks [ie: all the public] means I have experienced first hand the Kafka-esque bureaucratic cul-de-sacs etc they try and railroad people into to try and fraudulently ’re-invent’ civilians identities.

Westminster’s Brexit war propaganda machine boasting they can steal European citizenship to ’take down’ the European Union will ultimately only bring down the fascist revolving corporate doors of Westminster's ‘national’ politics.


... the corporate machine cannot destroy your birth certificate...


The Brexit war propaganda of politicians and media barons is seriously criminal because it overtly intends to cause... civilians serious identifiable harm that is neither necessary or proportionate in a democratic society.


It is Brexit that really needs to be called out as the fascism it is, being dressed up as 'democracy' which it is not.


In fact all the foul Westminster war propaganda over Brexit very much highlights the obvious importance of European citizenship to stop civilians falling prey to the never ending duplicity of the revolving doors of corporate whims in ’national’ politics.


Westminster has overtly signposted they want to use elections in other countries to try and illegally undermine the European Union of 500 million law abiding civilians.


All Westminster war propaganda is going on and on about is elections in Europe that they want to help their Brexit, with an absolute disregard for millions upon millions of real civilians real lives.


The Washington war propaganda about their 'Executive Order' over visas only invites 'confusion' because the a) New York Times published their version of an Executive Order signed on Friday that has not actually been published by the White-house called 'Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States'




b) the White-house published an Executive Order on January 25th 2017 about visas for Iraqis and Syrians called 'Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior' that does ban Iraqis and Syrians from getting visas for three months.


Of course Washington's 9/11 Saudi friends are still welcome anytime.

The Washington echo chamber about visas is in any event a quite different pre-planned stage managed 'news' media event purely for the purposes of war propaganda. The war propaganda uses Iraqis working for the U.S... military in Iraq who could not be called civilians anyway, who have the luxury of lawyers as well.


There's no 'global outcry' from media barons over Westminster trying to steal civilians existing European citizenship in the European Union.


Everyone can see all the war propaganda hastily re-aligning, with Moscow who did not really oppose the Iraq War, before belatedly grandstanding in Syria, now cheering on the Brexit fascists in Westminster and Washington against... civilians in the European Union.


Westminster, Washington and Moscow's Brexit war propaganda is railing against 500 million civilians living in the peace and harmony of the European Union !!

Westminster is only running on an empty tank of war propaganda that has done the whole 360 degrees to be completely and utterly discredited long ago.


Now they just rely on pumping out online 'algorithms' which do not translate across into the real world.


People only need to ask themselves why Toxic Theresa is running to Washington for the Brexit war propaganda soundbite, before dashing off to Turkey to cut a £100 million BAE deal with Erdogan while any flopsy, mopsy and cottontail takes to the airwaves to ridiculously denounce the European Union for Westminster and Washington.

When we beat Westminster on December 13th 2007 before Brown signed Article 50 after Blair was forced to resign, Westminster then tried to use quite ‘extraordinary rendition’ to illegally ‘remove’ me.

This was despite the fact I am a completely legal... dual national.

When I was illegally imprisoned without the 'luxury' of either legal representation or trial in April 2008 in ‘L’Affaire de Vitol Oil’ where I had been maliciously targeted in what only involved state skulduggery, the MI5 MIB’s paid me a ‘visit’ in prison [after they had incredibly tried to get at me in... court cells]

There were brown envelopes flying around all over the place, because from the moment my prison van had turned up at Holloway Prison in London the staff had looked at the dodgy paperwork and said they couldn’t admit and hold me. None of the staff in prison were happy being involved in what was the talk of the prison, where staff did say large brown envelopes were being handed out. The evidence is the fraud in prison went all the way up the food chain to the Prison governor who illegally with-held from me, paperwork in a High Court Habeas Corpus Application, until they were forced to release me. On my way out, the Prison governor who had to hand over the paperwork to me then that she had illegally been with-holding, personally tried to incredibly ’coerce’ me to sign a ‘waiver’ over her responsibility, which I refused to do.


When you consider this is what Westminster was doing to a peacenik !! it tells you anything you need to know really about just how corrupt and dishonest Westminster are.

When the MI5 MIB’s had paid their ‘visit’ to me in Holloway prison they had ‘curiously’ claimed there were no Home Office records of my existence, although they had records of my two sons.

In all the circumstances you would be ‘surprised’ if it was you being confronted with that lie.

Indeed I had not been in Parliament Square that long before two MI5 Home Office MIB’s who had known exactly who I was had toddled along, making a bee-line for me, spending several hours !! irritatingly trying to ‘confirm’/manipulate my ‘ideology’ only to be disappointed when I pointed out I really had none, because I was just doing the rule of law. They didn’t actually try and make any ‘secret’ of where they had come from, which was after all just down the road. It was witnessed that I declined their invitation to go and have a quiet ‘cup of tea’ and chat with them to discuss anything further, because there was nothing to talk about with them.

Westminster had no legal grounds to try and ’turn’ etc a member of the public who was just doing the rule of law.

In April 2008, the evidence turned out to be Westminster had illegally destroyed their Home Office records, but could not get their hands on [for example] my passport to destroy my records proving they were liars who had just maliciously destroyed my records.

It was an important lesson in what were the truly extraordinary lengths Westminster go to, in viciously targeting... peaceniks.

What I told the MI5 MIB’s was that while they were saying they had destroyed all their records they knew there were records they could not destroy, that had nothing whatsoever to do with for example passports, which are really like so much, a secondary bureaucratic creation anyway.

I directed them to Kew and suggested they started pulling the birth certificates of [for example] my mother, and granny and my great grandfather, because I am the great grand-daughter of [for example] Admiral Sidney Fremantle who started their whole ‘signals’ department that became their stinking rotten GCHQ.


... granny barbara fremantle, daughter of admiral sidney fremantle...

I told them they were welcome to keep going all the way back to Vice Admiral Fremantle who was Nelson’s right-hand man at the Battle of Trafalgar, and get back to me about who was being any traitor of the people.

They were also reminded that Westminster also had copies of errr... my parents marriage certificate in Hong Kong [when it had still been a British colony] they might like to produce, when both parents were working for their respective governments.

[They really didn’t want to go anywhere near that one because of the very large can of worms of all sorts they would be opening themselves]

The MIB’s who were very obviously wired backed off and left without further ado admitting I was correct in what was just the most shameful persecution, while I went back to the ‘craft class’ I had been pulled out of in... Holloway prison.

The shameful ‘episode’ involving two Smiths trying to take us down any old Kafka-esque bureaucratic cul-de-sacs of ‘serious procedural irregularities’ was stymied by the truth of... birth certificates.

It was around that time that the whole FMOTL/’lawful rebellion’ legal woo appeared trying to undermine birth certificates, where ultimately the only question is why people don’t [for example] just change their name by deed poll if they supposedly don’t like the name they have been given for goodness sakes.

I certainly wasn’t the one trying to change who I was.

The Labour MI5 Home Office Secretary at that time was Jacqui Smith.  

The Tories baulked at my High Court Order because MI6 Vitol Oil Alan Duncan was working with the universally hated hard core fascist Ian Duncan-Smith who was the Tory leader who did the dirty Iraq War deal with Blair, and is the other Smith who married into the... Fremantle family.

I still have the live High Court Order against everyone over all that where Duncan-Smith is never going to go to court and talk Fremantle over the Iraq War, while Vitol Oil Alan Duncan was always just desperate to cover up he targeted me because I had beaten Westminster in court.

It was witnessed it was their MI6 Vitol Oil Alan Duncan and their $270 billion annual turnover who had come up to and maliciously targeted me early in 2008.

Alan Duncan tried to launder the £160,000 in bribes that Vitol Oil paid out, through the Conservative Party, but Cameron didn’t want his paw prints on that, before Cameron was caught out anyway when he and Murdoch shouted the same ‘remove’ soundbite from the rooftops in July 2009.

It is just so seriously illegal having politicians and their media barons openly say they will misuse public office to try and illegally ‘remove’ law abiding civilians for global corporations.

There was never any difference between all the political ’sides’ in Westminster who all maliciously targeted us.

Ian Duncan-Smith has recently been busy trying to ‘airbrush’ over what Fremantles were doing in Portugal when Sephardi Jews who did not hide their religion were expelled. My mother’s names were Leila Rachel which are not all that English really, while the other side of her family were French Normans and so on and so forth, so we are all a mix of all sorts.

When Westminster later launched another onslaught at their Tory ‘State Opening’ under the guise of the MI5 Home Office May & Co’s MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts it was Theresa May who first also started trying to then attack... dual nationality.

It had been admitted I legally had dual nationality.

This just then created the ‘situation’ of Westminster and the Australian government competing with each other to be the one to try and lose one or the other citizenship through bureaucratic frauds, which wasn’t possible unless you happened to want to play their horrid games.

MI5 ‘Home Office’ May found they still needed to [for example] be able to illegally physically get hold of British government records in foreign passports so then Westminster invented fraudulent legislation to unlawfully arrest people to try and force them to hand over passports which was still just using bureaucracy fraudulently really.

Their sisyphean Brexit is another wholly malicious attempt to try and force people to take up other citizenship/s which people really don’t need to do, so that Westminster can just try and offload those they don’t like through another version of Westminster’s frauds over dual citizenship.


There's no doubt Toxic Theresa wants to use Brexit to try and force British people to take up other citizenships so she can try and illegally revoke British citizenship through the back-door in another way because she has a demonstrable track record of trying to do precisely that.


It is the European Union citizenship which has made it difficult for Westminster to try and revoke any other citizenship.

The legal reality however remains Westminster cannot force anyone to jump through or pay for and be punished in any way over their Brexit fraud which is only about trying to steal civilians citizenship.

In the Brexit fraud while the Westminster propaganda machine is in full overdrive, it will actually have to put in writing at some point the legal grounds, of which there are none, in how they propose to try and steal civilians European citizenship.

The most Westminster could claim is that European citizenship did not apply to anyone who was born in the UK after 2019, which really would not be worth the paper it was written on, for all sorts of reasons.

What Westminster are trying to do is a legal impossibility because European citizenship arose through the rule of law, not the political classes, despite all their self-serving grand-standing.

Westminster cannot arbitrarily roll back/change multiple layers of civilians very real lives in the real world to viciously cause civilians very serious identifiable harm with their woo over ‘citizenship’.

There is no valid reason whatsoever why civilians should have to battle ‘national’ politics on not just one, but what could just as easily if Westminster had their way, become multiple fronts.



... that's what the sick and twisted westminster media barons call 'humour' that they profit from...[telegraph january 28th 2017]

All civilians really need ultimately is their birth certificate that doesn’t change however many fraudulent ‘legislative’ cul-de-sacs 'national' politics try and launder it in, over, under and through, any which way.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!