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The political classes and their propagandists in Westminster are united by war and Brexit.


The only competition between these self-serving political classes and their propagandists is over who collects the biggest brown envelope from corporations for ripping off the public, stealing civilians freedom and lives.



It is a matter of fact all the political parties in Westminster violently opposed our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign regardless of who was in government.


Westminster violently opposed us because we try and restore the rule of law to save and protect civilian lives !!


Brexit really is a hostile act against civilians by corporate politicians and their propagandists, who in playing fast and loose with the rule of law, really don't want civilians to have any freedom at all.


Everything about Brexit is the Old Europe of national divide and rule.


One thing the European Union does do that is constructive is it does liberate and protect civilians from the endless interfering of the self-serving divide and rule of national political classes who don't even bother making any pretense about caring about civilians at all.


Brexit only hides the truth that everyone in the UK is actually fed up of all the long ago discredited political classes in Westminster and their propagandists.


We don't want to know about the same OLD divide and rule from the same OLD liars endlessly trying to re-brand their same OLD lies.


The Iraq War united everyone against all the political classes in Westminster, which is what Brexit is really trying to undo with the same old divide and rule, utilizing the likes of Twitter algorithms pumping out propaganda that really does not reflect the majority of human behaviour in the real every day world.


If it takes a long time for national governments to agree on anything in the European Union that also has to pass muster at the European Court level too that is no bad thing.


It is self-evident that the less that national governments can arbitrarily interfere in civilian lives the better.


Whenever any national governments complain about the European Union all they are only ever really complaining about is civilians having any freedom that national governments always want to grab for themselves.


The only real reason there is any bureaucracy in the European Union is because money grabbing national governments are always quibbling over trying to keep and grab back arbitrary power over civilians at national levels with their 'margins of appreciation' over this, that or the other.


It is Westminster who has been relentlessly churning out fraudulent corporate legislation to give themselves an unfettered 'margin of appreciation' to completely ignore the rule of law for as long as possible, to violently do whatever they like to law abiding civilians.


Those who complain in the UK about the European Union, have no demonstrable track record of having even challenged the British government, let alone successfully, while they instead just carp from the sidelines of Twitter, repeating the gibberish of media barons click bait.


The whole purpose of the revolving doors of 'politics' and 'journalism' in the UK, which are both sideshows really, are to try and undermine anything civilians DO, because they don't want civilians to change their comfortably smug self-serving corporate world.


Those who are really interested in civilians freedom don't need anyone to first vote for them, before they do the right thing, for goodness sakes.


We forced the repeal of the multi-billion dollar free speech ban violently imposed on us by all the political classes with their media barons being their cheerleaders, who would dishonestly claim their legislation was "the will of the people".


The "will of the people" is a deceitful term for all sorts of reasons, including the obvious ambiguity in that what they really mean is the corporate "will" that lines their own wallets.


We lived the appalling reality of what it is really like to have all the political classes and their media barons et al really opposing you, using their multiple layers of deceit, including police, spooks, academics, lawyers, prosecutors and judges etc.


There is a very big difference between free speech and their war propaganda which is seriously criminal because it intends to cause serious identifiable harm to civilians.


The Brexit propaganda is also criminal because it too intends to cause serious identifiable harm to civilians, by claiming our entire lives should be subject to whatever might be any arbitrary passing whim of any politician in their revolving doors of 'national' politics.


Brexit highlights the fundamental problem of the long standing supreme arrogance of 'national' politics in Westminster.


Any politician in Westminster claims they can just arbitrarily destroy millions of civilians lives, while being able to just walk away from what they have done the very next day, to continue with some lucrative corporate directorship or another, which has financially benefited.


This is not democracy, but instead fascism dressed up as democracy.


All civilians who live in the peace and harmony of the European Union across a huge array of inspiring traditions and cultures really should be celebrated and protected, instead of being endlessly denigrated by the self-serving political classes and their propagandists in Westminster who only ever want to steal civilians freedom.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!