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The 'Old Europe' of Westminster, Washington and Moscow have only through Brexit, betrayed their true intentions in Two World Wars, the Cold War and War on Terror have never had anything to do with any peace or civilians freedom in any European Union they so despise.




The two ways their dysfunctional old fashioned government approved propaganda flunkies fail is that they a) keep falsely parroting that the clearly corporate political classes are a true representation of the public, when the truth is no real choice is ever on offer, and b) that only politicians can ever change anything, which is simply untrue.


Westminster, Washington and Moscow really didn't like unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq War in the European Union.


The French government who were disingenuously called surrender monkeys opposed it, before Asnar was seen off in Spain and Blair forced to resign in the UK, while Westminster, Washington and Moscow have only been conniving over their own dirty oil deals etc.


Putin the Pretender has only ever tried to undermine at every opportunity public opposition in the European Union to the Iraq War.


There are no civilians in the European Union who want to be subservient to the two-faced UN Security Council weapons supply line of mass disinformation who still want to divide and rule the entire world.


In Brexit it was only as per usual, the same old political classes and their media barons in Westminster who were always all agreed they were going to pull the whole hoax who had the censored 'conversation' that was purely among themselves.


This is because the European Union which is a work in progress has proved of real benefit to civilians in so many ways beginning with it liberating and providing stability for civilians from the 'vagaries' of corporate revolving doors among national political classes.


The European Union is really the long haul in trying to restore and maintain the rule of law that national political classes are often playing fast and loose with, where Westminster has without any doubt been the worst offender.

When Westminster ‘leave’ the European Union there is no doubt that it will be without their having any ‘deal’ because it is absolutely unlawful to steal and trade in civilians freedom to cause serious identifiable harm.

What people will then discover is that Westminster don’t have the ‘power’ to arbitrarily do whatever they like to civilians that they claim they do.

The best smokescreen of fraudulent corporate legislation Westminster will be able to cobble together is that anyone born in the UK after some date in 2019 doesn’t automatically have European citizenship which won’t really be worth the paper it is written on.

Westminster will not legally be able to alter or destroy civilians birth certificates either.


The Brexit hoax is all smoke and mirrors by Westminster who are cheered on by their echo chambers in Washington and Moscow.

The legal reality is European citizenship arose through the rule of law, before it was acknowledged by the political classes in Treaties, all of which no politicians have the legal ability to arbitrarily undo.

There will never be any legal grounds that are necessary and proportionate in a democratic society to steal civilians freedom to cause serious identifiable harm.


Westminster will have some waffle about the WTO for goodness knows who, while the ECJ etc will still deal with trade 'disputes' etc.


The whole Brexit hoax for public consumption was planned by the political classes long ago, with the London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Borse planning to tie the knot on June 30th 2017, with their weasel words about "institutional design that crosses borders in times of uncertainty".


It is the European Union of 500 million civilians living in peace and harmony across a huge array of inspiring traditions and cultures in a world no human made who are really deserving of celebration and protection.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!