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It’s that January 17th time of year again already when Mother Theresa & Co repeat her ‘smoking email’ that she is just following “the will of the people” etc etc etc by which she specifically means lawless global corporations like MI6 Alan Duncan’s Vitol Oil.


Brexit only means that global corporations are trying to profit from stealing civilians freedom, which is why Westminster won't put their 'final deal' to any public vote etc.


... rip-off brexit... with the dictators contrived grandstanding at lancaster house... off the parliamentary record offering... more of lawless westminster's city of london 'tax haven' with low wages/zero hour contracts and a lousy NHS...

Vitol Oil have an annual turnover of around $270 billion that is similar to Exxon Mobil and the annual budget of the Saudi government, but with a 'profit ratio' higher than Goldman Sachs & Wall Street, because they have far, far fewer employees.

Westminster use Vitol Oil who are global racketeers who are really a front for MI6 holed up by Buckingham Palace, to overthrow foreign governments by illegally manipulating oil supply and money markets.

What has been happening is a facade of illegal sanctions are imposed on target governments so Vitol Oil can move in and get a foot in the door cheap while frightening off competitors, before overthrowing the target government. They then sometimes pay a ‘fine’ for ‘flouting’ sanctions, which is really a back-hander over the legal woo of sanctions to the government/s who illegally imposed them, which is all done for public consumption.


This lawless global corporation who act unlawfully under the cover of their illegal influence in Westminster will profit from stealing civilians freedom in Brexit.


It is obvious to everyone that Westminster are really trying to "take down" the whole civilians European Union.

A January 17th 'smoking email' Mother Theresa had to invent in her previous incarnation at the MI5 Home Office when all did not go according to Westminster’s 'killer' plan:


... january 17th... what MI5 Mother Theresa & Co incl. ALL those named above would never be able to explain before a High Court jury was why they could not and did not get a 'stay' on my High Court jury lawsuit against all of them from August 17th 2011, BEFORE they embarked on their incredible fraud above with their MI5 'Democracy Village' that was nothing to do with us...


It's actually Mother Theresa's signature on the fraudulent legislation used in the smokescreen above, so Madam is clearly completely centre stage in the whole frame.


[After Westminster were slapped with our High Court jury lawsuit on August 17th 2011, they invented new legislation to extricate their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ through the phoney Gallastegui ’Judicial Review’ above that was nothing to do with us.

The theft of our shelter while leaving that of their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ above in the middle of winter was supposed to ‘take us down’ which left them with considerable egg on their faces etc, when it left us unmoved.



... westminster's never ending "plans to kill".. the freakshow in westminster have a zealotry hate for the human race...


Westminster had also publicly lied that they had an ‘injunction’ protecting their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ from having their shelter stolen, that did not actually exist they then had to invent on February 7th. They then had to illegally put a 'stay' on my High Court jury lawsuit from August 2011 that came first, in March 2012 that they had never done before their whole roadshow for the media.

MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ legged it on May 4th 2012.


Westminster could never successfully prosecute us under MI5 Home Office Mother Theresa's new legislation because it was a smokescreen hiding the most almighty fraud that involved the use of torture.

What exposed everyone named in the 'smoking email' above completely that none of them would ever be able to explain before a High Court jury was why they could not and did not ALL get a ‘stay’ on our High Court jury lawsuit against all of them, that involved their use of torture, BEFORE they ALL embarked on all that ILLEGALLY followed.


The 'serious procedural irregularities' of utterly lawless Westminster who lack any legitimacy of any kind, are legendary]

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!