The 'Old Europe' of Westminster, Washington and Moscow who have always been corporate allies really through Two World Wars, the Cold War and War on Terror, didn’t like real unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq War from civilians in the European Union.


... 'five eyes' rupert murdoch world of war propaganda which is a crime, knowingly trying to subvert rule of law and democracy to cause serious identifiable harm to civilians...


This unprecedented public opposition saw Asnar thrown out and Blair forced to resign while they were torturing and attempting to murder peaceniks in London because they knew they could never put us on trial for anything.


Now they are trying to steal civilians freedom in the European Union.


[To example: I was first tortured by Westminster in the UK on August 5th 2006 because they could not prosecute us, and again on July 9th 2007, after it was proved in court they never had any evidence to bring a malicious prosecution against me to try and cover up their torture. I was again tortured while they attempted to murder me at Belgravia Police Station in Central London on September 4th 2009 because they wanted to stop me from ever giving evidence before any High Court jury. I only survived then because Brian ended up being a witness and they knew they could not murder both of us at the same time. It is a matter of considerable public record, that after that, I have always illegally been denied legal representation and stopped from giving evidence before any High Court jury.


There is no 'War on Terror' when Westminster is really torturing peaceniks in the UK because the political classes in Westminster are really only working for global corporations.]

Anyone who claims they 'believe' war just happens and is a 'mistake' that involves no premeditated crimes, and that there is no crime involved in trying to steal civilians freedom in the European Union is choosing to live in Rupert Murdoch’s world of war propaganda which is violently imposing a criminal state of denial.

War propaganda really is a crime because it's only purpose is to knowingly try and subvert the rule of law and democracy to cause serious identifiable harm to civilians.

The state of denial that war is the most serious crime known to humanity, and that stealing civilians freedom in the European Union is a crime:


... same old rupert murdoch state of denial war propaganda that is a crime...


Murdoch got an Iraq War criminal who is a 'politician' also posing as a 'journalist' to 'interview' an apologist for Iraq War criminals fronting the whole gaggle of Pence & Co.


Westminster and Washington trying to pass blame for the Iraq War onto European civilians does not resonate with or go down well among civilians in the European Union.


It will be 'fascinating' to watch Washington and Moscow kiss and make up over Ukraine, who the UK were once again taking the lead in trying to fast-track into the European Union, Westminster, Washington and Moscow so despise.


Moscow could not offload it's former Soviet satellites fast enough when the Cold War collapsed.


Blair became the one trying to bring anyone and everyone into the European Union as fast as possible, while Putin the Pretender's fellow Stasi comrade Merkel was installed in Berlin after public opposition to the Iraq War.


The European Union really does need to shake off the shackles of Westminster's military muscle, which is the lawless U.S. military in the European Union they are not a part of [along with Russia really] who just try and endlessly divide and rule Europe for their own financial ends.


The European Union very much need their own military consisting solely of those who actually belong to the European Union and are signed up to and have respect for the European Courts.


The self serving arrogant way lawless Westminster talk down to civilians in the European Union about the U.K. and U.S. military is just so corrupt and dishonest.


People in the European Union quite rightly don't want to contribute in any way to a military 'alliance' with those who are not part of and do not support the European Union and are not subject to our European Courts.


Westminster, Washington and Moscow's lawless Old Europe 'world view' does not work for the benefit of and is not relevant to civilians in the European Union they have no respect for.


... the VP vam-pire pence looking uncomfortable having too much light shone on the dirty iraq war oil deals etc...


The incontrovertible evidence is Westminster and Moscow had also been working together with their "government approved" MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts that started on May 1st 2010, trying to "take down" our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign.


... august 19th 2010...  the evidence is westminster and moscow hiding what their 'government approved' MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts was really illegally doing in Central London [between May 1st 2010-May 4th 2012]


[The public all knew what Westminster was doing because we have been around so long, where all we have ever been doing is trying to restore the rule of law to save and protect civilian lives]


It is not that Westminster have never known what they are doing or that anything was a mistake:


... 'subverting rule of law and democracy'/'no free press' [evidence stolen by westminster on august 31st 2011 after we slapped them with a high court jury lawsuit on august 17th 2011]...


[There was never and is not any 'difference' between political parties in Westminster]


The purpose of the Murdoch-led 'fake news' psyop that points the finger at anyone but Murdoch, is to try and distract from and sanitize war propaganda because they know it is really a crime subverting the rule of law and democracy to cause serious identifiable harm to civilians.


" In a time of universal deceit, law abiding civilians trying to restore the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law is an evolutionary act."


(adapted from George Orwell)