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The NATO War on Syria proves yet again why the two faced UN Security Council weapons supply line of mass disinformation needs to be reformed.

Westminster and therefore Washington could not overtly invade Syria because Westminster was up to their ears in legal difficulties at home over unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq War and all that flows from that.


... a very odd interview... in english for... french media... only highlights how the un security council really don’t care about the syrian government or syrian people... 


Far from Moscow stepping in to help the Syrian government early on to STOP the War on Terror they incredibly stood by for four years while civilians were being slaughtered.


This also gave Washington and Westminster et al the opportunity to start illegal airstrikes, before Russia finally did some grandstanding from a great height.

There are only lame excuses Moscow can make that don’t wash, because they have always been wholly complicit in the way the UN Security Council was invented and works.


Moscow didn’t care whether President Assad stayed or went or about so many civilians being brutally slaughtered by mercenaries of all sorts, because however it went it was all money in the bank for them.

In the very same way we all saw political scripts orchestrating the slaughter of civilians with the Republican administration [who waged the war on Iraq] backing Israel bombing Gaza in the run up to the change-over to the Democrats administration, we see the corporate narrative of the War on Syria [and again Iraq] being fixed in the run up to the return of the Republican administration.

In stark contrast it was real unprecedented public opposition in the UK to the Iraq war that meant long discredited Westminster’s corporate narrative of war propaganda fell apart years ago.


Not only did Moscow not really oppose the Iraq War, but they illegally worked with a discredited Westminster in the UK to try and 'remove' we real peaceniks, and replace us with Westminster and Moscow's "government approved" snow-job fakes.


In every conceivable way Moscow was actively helping Westminster to continue with it's war mongering.


The MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts that started in Central London on May 1st 2010 was to be blunt a shit-fest to behold of the accumulation of all evil, that overtly lasted until we finally managed to get a High Court jury lawsuit through on August 17th 2011.


The Wars on Libya and Syria could not have happened without the devilry of the MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts that included and was supported by two-faced Moscow, where the evidence is, it is not the case that one government could claim they did not know what the other was doing.


It all took place very publicly through the courts and media showing who knew what and when at all times.


We have always been absolutely correct in trying to maintain and restore the rule of law, that we proved a very small group of civilians could very effective in doing, despite the considerable 'difficulty' of our not having an entourage of lawyers.


This makes it abundantly clear there is absolutely no excuse for governments, who really oppose war, to not do the same, because they do have whole armies of lawyers.


The whole history of our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign is littered by examples of 'how long' it takes a lawyer or Judge to run etc, because they were all without exception literally running from the rule of law.

Westminster did not have a corporate narrative they could sell over the War on Syria, while Putin the Pretender has only played the role of phoney 'Opposition'.

Westminster are now only trying to widen the economic gap between global corporations and people through stealing civilians freedom in the big Brexit scam which is being fully supported by Washington and Moscow... again !!


The evidence is Blair invented the sisyphean Article 50 that Westminster went to work on and signed the dirty deal over 'behind the scenes' on October 17th 2013, after they could not overtly wage the war on Syria that had 'spilled' over from Iraq.

The same phoney political classes and MSM and ‘alt’ media who are apologists for the Iraq War are backing Brexit.

The obvious real underlying problem is the two faced corporate narrative of the UN Security Council divide and rule weapons supply line of mass disinformation.

The UN Security Council are responsible for Two World Wars, the Cold War and the bogus War on Terror where it is only civilian populations who are really targeted.

This is purely because of a deliberate failure after World War Two that can be seen, which saw them invent their UN Security Council without a corresponding legal body it was mandatory for the five permanent members to belong to.


The UN Security Council very clearly blackmail etc other governments over bringing legal challenges in the European Courts or joining the International Criminal Court because the UN Security Council want to divide and rule the world.


Moscow who like Westminster sit on the European Court of Human Rights, actually help Washington who don't, 'fly under the radar' of the European Court of Human Rights in Europe, which they use as their springboard elsewhere !!


All the two-faced war propaganda is very far removed from what really goes on.

The UN Security Council only want to carry on with the old corporate lie that an arbitrary vote has supremacy over the rule of law.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!