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The incontrovertible evidence proves that the latest installment of Murdoch & Co's 'fake news' psyop pretending that Israel wanted to ‘take down’ MI6 Vitol Oil Duncan is completely untrue.

The public records prove MI6 Vitol Oil Alan Duncan has always been PUBLICLY maliciously targeting me, trying to ’take down’ our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign, where he is no peacenik who ever supported Palestinians.



... the MSM war propaganda is trying to hide what MI6 Vitol Oil Duncan who works with Israel et al has done...


Vitol Oil have an annual turnover of around $270 billion that is similar to Exxon Mobil and the annual budget of the Saudi government, but with a 'profit ratio' higher than Goldman Sachs & Wall Street, because they have far, far fewer employees


The recent Murdoch-led 'fake news' psyop is trying to distract from and sanitize war propaganda which is a crime because it intends to cause serious identifiable harm to civilians for corporate profit.


All Westminster war propaganda is always trying to hide politicians and their propagandists including the 'intelligence' services targeting CIVILIANS.


Duncan who is ILLEGALLY running 'intelligence' agencies is NOT a civilian.


NO-ONE CARES what allied 'politicians' do to each other, where indeed they could even sell tickets at the Coliseum for everyone to go along and watch [where at least they would be leaving civilians alone for a change]


What is really Brexit war propaganda is trying to hide that a) Vitol Oil who are the largest oil trader in the world who b) grease the wheels of the global world of big business and c) do have considerable illegal 'influence' in Westminster will d) not only be completely unaffected by Brexit but will demonstrably PROFIT from stealing civilians freedom.


The obvious reason that war propaganda is criminal is because it deliberately tries to cause identifiable harm to law abiding civilians.


Duncan only pretends to support Palestinians, because our campaign which has always included Palestinian people, that he has always openly called to be shut down, does.

Westminster who always peddle the disinformation that anyone and everyone else is always to blame for everything, has always used the last line of a non existent 'defence' that their made in the UK Israel influences them, to disguise what the same colonial Westminster has always does including through the Balfour Declaration etc.

In the world of Westminster war propaganda the U.S. and Israel ‘make’ them do everything, which is a complete lie that hides who really sets up what and how through their far from legal systems.


It was colonial Westminster who occupied among much else both North America and Palestine.


There is no shadow of a doubt this is what they are trying to 'hide':


... this is without any shadow of any doubt what the daily mail et al are covering up...[barrow is heterophobic duncan's latest rent boy as uk ambassador for europe]...

The sole purpose of ‘fake news’ which is what all war propaganda is, which is criminal, is to make out black is white with an oppressor like duncan et al who target civilians, making out the 'politicians' are the 'victim'.


The legal reality is that in legal terms Westminster and Israel are both equally legally culpable when they target civilians.



It’s exactly the same as Westminster maliciously inventing fraudulent corporate legislation [the we forced the repeal of] to call us ‘criminals’ so they could violently attack us.

If Israel had ever wanted to ‘take down’ Vitol Oil which they have obviously never wanted to do, everyone in Westminster knows the dirty ‘secret’ of what Duncan did that would put him in prison that is a far, far bigger scandal than the Jonathan Aitken affair.

The purpose of the Daily Mail & Al-Jazeera fake news psyop is very obvious.


They are really trying to cover up that the largest global oil trader in the world was trying to ILLEGALLY ‘take down’ our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign with the Westminster Press Gallery publicly cheering on Duncan's failed efforts.

It is a matter of fact that the Daily Mail whose Benedict Brogan was at that time chairman of the Press Gallery in the Palace of Westminster arrogantly published the claim in the Daily Mail that all ‘journalists’ who obviously include those working for spookdom had wanted ‘police’ to unlawfully arrest me.

When the Daily Mail’s legal department were served with a put up and disclose notice, they were like rats down the proverbial drainpipe.

I am the one Vitol Oil Alan Duncan really maliciously targeted and threatened, who has a High Court Order against MI6 Vitol Oil Duncan et al from 2008, which it is technically legally true, would bring down Duncan and the British government of all sides along with him, if it should so happen the rule of law was ever done in Westminster.

The whole problem has always been the rule of law is not being done by lawless Westminster.

It is only the real peaceniks who reflect most of humanity, who have been trying to restore the rule of law to try and save civilian lives.


In the real world most people are in any literal sense peaceniks who oppose war because we live by the peace and harmony of the rule of law that the crony 'capitalism' of governments and propagandists are trying to undermine.

It’s a matter of fact that Vitol Oil paid off an array of government jobsworths to illegally imprison me without legal representation or trial to try and illegally ’remove’ me from the UK in 2008.

Prison staff in Holloway told us they had been paid off.


It was self evident it was impossible in any legal sense to explain what I was doing in prison which all the staff on multiple levels did complain about.

It was the gossip of the prison staff because it was so impossible to explain.


From the moment the prison van pulled up at the gates of Holloway Prison and the staff looked at the paperwork, what was going on was being questioned by the staff.


The 'men in suits' tried to grab me from court cells etc etc. It was just ridiculous/Kafka-esque what went on.

The Prison governor personally tried to make me sign a ‘waiver’ over her involvement which I point blank refused to do.

The next year in 2009 Murdoch and Cameron are singing the same MI6 Alan Duncan et al tune from the rooftops before along came Boris Johnson’s MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ which included the DAILY MAIL !! et al illegally paying people to try and ‘take down’ our Parliament Sq Peace Campaign.

It is a matter of fact we caught a member of the IDF trying to attack me in my tent in April 2010.

While Brian confronted and distracted him, I quickly went through his small backpack that he had left on the ground and discovered he had identification from the IDF, working with a private security company in the UK.

He was a weasel who actually looks reasonably similar to the weasel in their fake news story called Shai Masot.

When he was confronted with his own information he fled threatening he would be back and sure enough the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts appeared several days later.

It is the business interests that show what is really going on and who is really working for and with whom.

Let us be frank that everyone knows that Vitol Oil have never been real peaceniks and that there is no difference between the Tories and Labour.

In terms of Israel, the reality is that if there were one election across what is called Israel/Occupied Palestine what that would expose is that there is no difference between Netanyahu, Abbas or Meshaal who is a traveling circus currently hanging out in Qatar.

The only person in the Middle East who is really trying to help Palestinian people in a constructive manner is Saleem al-Saqqa who forced Abbas and Meshaal to join the International Criminal Court.

Anyone who was remotely interested in Palestinian people would be publicly working with Saleem al-Saqqa who has proved his honest intention is to just do the rule of law to try and save civilian lives.

The politics everyone else waffles on about wasting civilians lives over is just all about money grabbing vultures.

The only interest the snouts in the trough in Westminster have ever had in the Middle East is purely for their own personal financial interests.

What is really being hidden is that in legal terms, whichever way you look at it, it is obvious that in real terms Vitol Oil who is the biggest global oil trader in the world who greases the wheels of the global world of big business is really an ‘offshore’ MI6 front for the British government.

In legal terms Boris and Duncan are no different from each other.

While Vitol Oil publicly demanded we be “removed” there is much evidence of their hidden hand operating too.

It is really the rule of law that exposes what they all illegally do.

Only an idiot pretends that Duncan is in government for any other reason than to be Vitol Oil’s bagman.

What is illegal about Duncan like so many others in Westminster, although he is arguably one of the the worst examples because it is Vitol Oil, is that he is only there for his own personal financial interests.

To even try and suggest that Vitol Oil has anything to do with ‘democracy’ is just plain ridiculous.


The disinfo agents and Westminster lackeys who are apologists for Duncan and the British 'intelligence' services targeting civilians in the UK:


... the armchair 'warrior' david icke is an example of someone who has obviously never been anti-war at all, but is instead knowingly a disinfo agent who ridiculously sucks up and spews out the murdoch and daily mail war propaganda as 'alternative' which is obviously garbage...


In the David Icke fantasy world where war is peace and all that, the biggest global oil traders in the world Vitol Oil are the poor 'persecuted' peacemakers.


It's the same sort of rubbish war propaganda that tries to claim Duncan's admitted MI6 Vitol Oil cell of Mahdi al-Harati & Co in Libya [who went to Syria too] are 'freedom fighters.


The real problem the disinformation hides is CIVILIANS being illegally targeted by 'intelligence' agencies run by the likes of Duncan who are not civilians.


Israel did not "make" Alan Duncan maliciously target me, and Icke has never had any interest in what Vitol Oil have been doing in Westminster. He is just part of the whole Rupert Murdoch media barons are going to save the world Brexit Wiki-woo.


We lived what really goes on in Westminster for years, unlike the armchair warriors.


It really is impossible to claim that MI6 Vitol Oil Duncan is "unfriendly" to Israel and Icke is only an apologist for what Duncan really did to real civilians who really are peaceniks.


The 'fake news' psyop covers up what Duncan et al have been really doing.


Icke is just one example of an MSM disinfo agent trying to undermine everything Brian really did because what Brian did was real.


He could never spin his Daily Mail garbage to Brian and I who unlike him have actually lived the real truth and have the evidence to prove it.


Murdoch and the Daily Mail are the MSM version of the gutter and Icke is the not at all 'alternative' version of the gutter.


David Icke has no problem collecting his shekel over Duncan who is a war criminal.


When you peel back the multiple layers of corporate deceit all real peaceniks like ourselves in the UK have been doing that the likes of Duncan oppose, is to try and restore the rule of law, to save civilian lives.



It is a matter of evidential fact that Duncan moved Vitol Oil interests out of Russia because they had been working with Moscow over the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ and they knew they planned Brexit which is only all about trying to steal civilians freedom while keeping any old 'economic union' for big business.


... vitol oil are a global corporation who are massive because they grease the wheels of big business...


For the avoidance of doubt everyone does know that it is illegal to steal civilians freedom.

There remain no legal grounds to trigger Article 50 because it is never going to be proportionate or necessary in a democratic society to arbitrarily steal civilians freedom, which is what fascism does.


More disinfo:


... the murdoch & co's brexit world of wiki-woo where the media barons and their 'journalists' of all sorts are going to save the world...


The legal woo of Wiki-woo & Co:


... 'five eyes and all that'... the wiki-woo legal woo spun through a 'former' spook working for the spook outfit 'oxford analytica' in the uk covering up asio assange is hiding behind 'immunity' at his ecuadorean press gallery working for westminster et al to cover up real peaceniks ILLEGALLY targeted in the uk...


[N.B: The ASIO Assange wiki-woo was parachuted into London in 2010 to run cover for Queen & Co's Boris Johnson and Theresa May's MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts that started on May 1st 2010, trying to take out our Parliament Sq. Peace Campaign.]

Who would want to support global corporations who are behind Brexit re-branding themselves as ‘revolutionary nationalism’ to try and steal civilians freedom ?


The robber media baron Lord Rot @ the Daily Mail:


... january 1st 1973... it's civilians freedom and the rule of law, that big business has never liked...


A global corporation like Vitol Oil who really do have considerable illegal ‘influence’ in Westminster and have never done anything for civilians anywhere will not only be completely unaffected by, but demonstrably PROFIT from Brexit.





24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!