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Westminster and Moscow and all their multiple layers of corporate deceit have long been falling all over each other working together to try and hide that we forced the repeal of the free speech ban in the UK that is essentially the same in Russia that has been replicated elsewhere in Europe.


... the 'brexit bubble'... the tory leader of westminster council 'resigns' to try and save tories and labour from our high court jury lawsuit filed on august 17th 2011...


Westminster and Moscow’s latest ‘fake news’ psyop is only trying to hide that all the archair generals in the MSM and alt ‘news’ spin-offs have always lied about our forcing the repeal of the free speech ban in the UK [which our doing is another much larger tale on it’s own]


The 'fake news' psyop relies on people 'believing' there are discernible different 'sides' in Westminster, Washington and Moscow 'politics' and 'news' media which there obviously is not, because all their sycophants are just spinning their version of where they pretend to sit in the same circle.


The fact most people have long despised all the political classes and news media in Westminster and Washington does not mean they support the Russian government who are nothing more than controlled opposition.


The legal problem with Westminster and Moscow's 'government approved' groups is not that they exist per se [each to their own and all that] but rather when they are maliciously used against law abiding civilians as a means to try and smash law abiding civilians who are not controlled by those governments, which is what happened in the UK.


It is well known [for example] that it is completely illegal to use state agents to bring malicious prosecutions against civilians.


... same fraudulent corporate legislation, we forced repeal of in uk...


... people from russia, who didn't even force the repeal of the same free speech ban in russia, like we did in the uk, are given political asylum...


It is seriously illegal the ridiculous lengths that Westminster has gone to, to try and steal our 'intellectual property' with numerous illegal MET Police 'conversions' and rip-offs including Tate Britain and Goldsmiths University and the Museum of London.


They have all been trying to fraudulently pass themselves off and profit from dishonestly claiming they speak for us too with what are really their government sponsored lies.


It is a matter of 'registered' public court record from December 2005 that Brian and I campaigned together, that nothing can 'overtake' or 'go behind'.


[The Tate Britain had to 'buy back' their rip-off 'State Britain' in September 2016, because they and Mark Wallinger had always lied to both Brian and I when they forgot to mention when Wallinger came and spoke to both Brian and I, that they were really acting as paid agents of Westminster, before Wallinger dishonestly claimed he 'owned' State Britain and it's profits that Brian and I really always owned.


It's very simple to prove in court that the Tate Britain and Wallinger publicly lied about all sorts when they were paid agents for the British government trying to go behind legal proceedings involving both Brian and I


The Museum of London obviously have no legal grounds whatsoever to be receiving stolen campaign property from two MET Police 'conversions' in 2006 [Labour] & 2011 [Tory] to make their own third illegal 'conversion' to try and illegally stop us using our own campaign property !!]




Of course:

a) the whole war mongering Guardian’s

b) ASIO Assange Wiki-woo and his entourage of lawyers who were parachuted into London in 2010 [that has now done the rounds of Putin's 'Russia Today' and Murdoch’s 'Fox News']


The ASIO Assange-Murdoch collaboration [below] covers up that the Cameron-Murdoch collaboration on July 19th 2009 [and May 25th 2010 etc] in the UK, shouted from the rooftops that they would try and illegally "remove" our Parliament Square Peace Campaign, proving we couldn't be more law abiding if we tried.


... murdoch & co's brexit spy who is no civilian, keeps lying about the fact he works with politicians hiding behind the false pretext of 'journalism' to maliciously target... civilians... to steal civilians freedoms [in 2010 he was working with westminster who were working with moscow, so they all worked with the obama/clinton administration too]


[It is quite impossible to deny that ASIO Assange is still working with the governments in Westminster, Washington and Moscow to try and steal civilians freedom in Brexit. The idea that Murdoch's Fox News is any kind of 'alternative' news media to the MSM, is preposterous.]


... the brexit 'revolutionaries'... murdoch !! is 'alternative' news because asio assange and the orange one say so [along with theresa may, boris johnson & co... the same murdoch who with cameron was shouting from the rooftops they would 'remove' us !!]


The entire Trump administration is nothing more than a massive apologia for Iraq War criminals, who no real peacenik would ever support, while it is impossible to imagine anyone but a government handing over anything to the whole bizarre circus of Wiki-woo.


They'll get along swimmingly with the Brexit bubble's latest appointment as UK Ambassador to Europe.


... brexit uk ambassador to europe...


Now fancy that:


 ... quelle surprise...there is another of duncan's rent boys mr tim barrow on the right...


N.B: Duncan shifted his MI6 Vitol Oil interests out of Russia into the Middle East in preparation for the whole Brexit panjandrum that was always planned.


... brexit was always planned and westminster and moscow have always worked together...


c) to help both the Tories and Labour incl.

d) Stake-knife Corbyn and his unions who were “exempt” from the free speech ban targeting us

e) while Wiki-woo spooks John Pilger and Craig Murray, had been lying for years about what really goes on in the UK

f) to run cover for Westminster and Moscow’s MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts that began on May 1st 2010


... august 19th 2010... westminster and moscow's 'government approved' group, the MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts that started on May 1st 2010, lying while being protected by both governments, who were illegally using it against our Parliament Square Peace Campaign to bring malicious prosecutions etc etc etc...


...have never stood up for civilians freedom anywhere because they are “government approved” groups, who have no interest in civilians rule of law.



We have by contrast a demonstrable track record of really standing for civilians freedom while all the “government approved” groups who lied about the free speech ban are obviously really opposed to civilians freedom.

Westminster and Moscow were silent about what really happened in Westminster because it was useful to Westminster and Moscow to pretend that Russia Today’s dumbed down propaganda that is the equivalent of the BBC, for their opposite audiences promote civilians freedom.

Westminster or Moscow didn’t broadcast we forced the repeal of the ‘free speech’ ban in the UK, because that raises all sorts of questions about what all sorts of ’government approved’ groups were doing, while we are clearly not a ‘government approved’ group of any kind.

It has always been impossible for either Westminster or Moscow and their ‘government approved’ sycophants to even use the excuse that we have ever wanted to “overthrow” any government because all we have very obviously ever done is try and restore the rule of law.

It is self-evident that when it is claimed civilians need the ‘permission’ of the state to speak to restore the rule of law, there is no free speech or the rule of law.

Of course now everyone can see, who would want to support Westminster trying to steal civilians freedom again !! with Brexit, where they are still supported by exactly the same sycophants who were silent about and supported their free speech ban in the UK too.

The concept that peaceniks who are exactly the same as the rest of the law abiding majority of humanity, don't need to be 'approved' by either Westminster or Moscow governments in the UK, entirely escapes the 'government approved' sycophants of both.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!