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The sad reality is everyone knows Alistair Campbell arranged the MacPherson report because it was useful PR for the Labour Party, who then co-opted Doreen Lawrence to join the ranks of the racist old boys club in the unelected House of Lords.

Baroness Lawrence now just disgustingly does unto others what she didn’t like done to her own son.



It wasn't 'news' that Westminster itself has been institutionally criminal and racist for centuries.

Baroness Lawrence is a ’Nu Labour’ disciple who is an apologist for Blair & Co and their undercover agents of war, sitting with her fellow travelers, while also lying through her teeth through the corrupt state organ called ‘Liberty’ which masquerades as a ‘charity’ while really doing the devils dirty deeds.


You can't sit in the stinkingly corrupt unelected House of Lords pretending you are not part of and do not know what MI5 et al do.

Doreen Lawrence is no Martin Luther King Jr, but instead knowingly became exactly what she claimed to despise.


... they cropped "the woman in black" out because the BBC illegally edited and knowingly maliciously published a false account of my unlawful arrest involving the "woman in black" whose identity Westminster always protected...

Westminster and their Metropolitan Police foot-soldiers are all first and foremost institutionally corrupt, regardless of their race and religion, which is only then used to be institutionally racist towards whoever happens to be the latest target of the long colonial state.


The savage still far from 'Commonwealth' has spent centuries brutally slaughtering indigenous people all around the world so the likes of the unelected House of Lords can line their own filthy, dirty, corrupt pockets.

It is a matter of fact that in the recording of the institutionally corrupt Metropolitan Police on May 25th 2010 that the BBC illegally edited before maliciously publishing, the filth are caught referring to their agent provocateur as “the woman in black” who is really a woman “of colour” who has always been protected by war mongering Westminster.


... just plain evil really...

The reason the filth refer to the person as the “woman in black” is because they have been instructed to hide her real identity to try and stop a lawsuit being brought against her because she was working with the police.


In fact the "woman in black" openly boasted to two Muslim women about working with the police because she was like the rest of MI5 'Democracy Village' being protected by Westminster. 


What happened was that after I was unlawfully arrested by Cole and asking who had made the complaint [because the police needed a 'complainant' who was not a police officer] the "woman in black" complained I called Cole a "lying piece of shit" which is obviously not an arrestable criminal offence, by any stretch of any reasonable or rational law abiding civilian's imagination.


It was actually a statement of fact where I was unlawfully arrested by Cole while actually holding his perjured 'police' witness statement that everyone was trying to cover up.


... unlawfully arrested holding the perjured 'police' witness statement, where I was obviously never interviewed while being unlawfully detained, because they couldn't have me putting the perjured 'police' witness statement on the record of all that...


Westminster made sure there wasn't anyone there who could be an independent witness to what they did to Brian and I, but never realized we got a recording of everything, because Brian had an old camera that they assumed had not been working after our unlawful arrests.


All the footage shows the police 'seized' the tape [that they eventually had to hand back] without having actually switched the camera off, because they didn't realize it was still on, before they put the camera back in Brian's tent.


It is also a matter of fact that Westminster and their MI5 'Democracy Village' all covered up that MI5 'Democracy Village' were responsible for my unlawful arrest on May 25th 2010.


When you consider that I was unlawfully imprisoned without legal representation or trial in August 2011 over that, after Brian died, to try and stop our High Court jury lawsuit against MI5 'Democracy Village' et al, that was filed on August 17th 2011, you have some inkling of just how dirty it all was.



In 2010 Bindmans was 'representing' MI5 'Democracy Village' because they had to try and cover up so much:


... the very interesting 'strategy' over civil litigation from Bindmans after wasting our time with the IPCC, was the partners paid off Tony Murphy way back on July 20th 2007, who suddenly went to Bhatt Murphy... while the other partners illegally refused without lawful excuse to represent me in the inevitably mounting civil lawsuits...


[N.B: I was actually literally and quite incredibly kidnapped by 'police' from inside court during live proceedings on July 19th 2007 to stop me giving evidence in a malicious prosecution involving armed police from Blair's own security team, I subsequently won when the CPS admitted Special Branch was involved and had "put in place a sequence of events that put my life at risk"]


A High Court jury in our lawsuit would agree that there was a criminal agreement between the 'police' and Bindmans on July 19th 2007 when I was kidnapped from court to stop me giving evidence because they had agreed with the IPCC to cover everything up, hence the "uncharacteristically speedy" response from the IPCC over existing lawsuits, because they knew I had been kidnapped from inside a court !! on July 19th 2007 adding to it all.


There was so much incredibly dirty mind boggling black-ops going down around July 2007 that they were all chasing their tails over their 'dates'


On December 13th 2007, the day Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty we comprehensively wiped the floor with the government in Southwark Crown Court, so everyone just became increasingly desperate to keep us away from High Court jury lawsuits]



MI5 'Democracy Village' was 'hidden' in full view in Central London for two years between May 2010-May 2012 because the reality is the Westminster political classes, spies and the pulp fiction that passes itself off as journalism all work together.


... may 2009 ... in 2009 the metropolitan police, while we were illegally denied legal representation, tried to start getting us to sign very sly non-disclosures over what were really their criminal acts, which i refused to do over an unlawful arrest on may 2009, which they have thus far used as an 'excuse' to illegally refuse to hand over cctv from september 2009...


No-one can force someone else to cover up their criminal acts.


Doreen Lawrence is on that front-line covering up undercovers, where MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ including the woman “of colour” working with the police were in legal terms a completely busted flush on May 25th 2010.

The former Mayor of London Boris Johnson went running to the High Court to launch a malicious prosecution against Brian and I before we were released, using his MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ to try and stop us getting to the High Court first, because he was trying to delay the lawsuit.


N.B: The synchronized police footage and our footage shows the filth had to unlawfully arrest Brian first before going for me, because when they were all originally circling around my tent I was using, I went and got and read out Cole's perjured 'police' witness statement.


They couldn't run the risk of unlawfully arresting me for refusing to let them search my tent after I had read the riot act over Cole's perjured witness statement because that would have immediately exposed everyone.


The ghouls from MI5 'Democracy Village' were circling like vultures around us behaving like complete zombies while that was going on. 


A High Court jury in our lawsuit would crucify the whole chain of command/food chain of MI5 'Democracy Village' that definitively leads to Number Ten and Murdoch as it did then and still does.


Mother Theresa did after all start her career at the MI5 Home Office running MI5 'Democracy Village' with the former Mayor of London Boris Johnson she appointed as her MI6 'Foreign Secretary'.





The evidence proves Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn even more interestingly appointed the psycho 'Sir' Keir Starmer who used his dual roles as Head of Doughty Chambers and Director of Public Prosecutions to maliciously pursue me from my first unlawful arrest in December 2005 as their Brexit pointman.


In reality Mother Theresa and Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn are circling the wagons again using the common denominator Starmer who worked for both.


It was Doughty who were the bent barristers for bent Bindmans the Solicitors who had to write an 'opinion' that the Judiciary et al were corrupt over my first unlawful arrest that it took them until errr... mid 2007 to write, before I was then illegally refused legal representation by the bent Justice Collins in the High Court.


Instead of properly representing me Doughty used that 'opinion' to collect millions too.


[The evidence is that two of Stake-knife Corbyn's latest appointments, Diane Abbott as Shadow MI5 Home Office and the unelected Baroness Shami Chakrabarti as Shadow Attorney General were involved too]


... 'nu labour' groupie... doreen lawrence with racist war criminal jack straw on april 23rd 2008...




Baroness Lawrence's self-serving tall tale about stepping out of her 'comfort zone' in the lawless and unelected House of Lords, is an obvious deliberate lie, 'disguising' Westminster's self-imposed state of denial.


When now 'Lord' Ken MacDonald stepped down as Director of Public Prosecutions, after I got the High Court Order against MI6 et al on April 16th 2008 [The Crown Persecution Service et al haven't been able to explain to this day how I was illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial on a non-imprisonable S5 Public Order in 2008] Starmer stepped in as Director of Public Prosecutions, to try and cover up everything.


... diane abbott mp was actually a witness to the police acting illegally here and covered it up, while chakrabarti was at liberty dishonestly claiming legislation we forced the repeal of was compatible with the human rights act...


Blair & Co covered up that they made 'unions' exempt from the bogus 'War on Terror' legislation used against us we forced the repeal of.


There was just so much dirty money riding on maintaining that fraudulent 'free speech' ban.


Starmer was involved in the torture and attempted murder of me in Belgravia Police Station in September 2009.


Starmer was always involved in covering up undercovers.


Starmer was involved in my unlawful arrest on May 25th 2010 and the whole MI5 'Democracy Village'.


It was Starmer's Paul Harris an Associate Tenant in Hong Kong, from Doughty Chambers who along with Birnberg Pierce ran in the High Court on June 21st 2010 when I started giving evidence naming names etc.


Bindmans and Garden Court Chambers were representing MI5 'Democracy Village'.


On June 23rd 2010, I was illegally denied legal representation to stop me giving evidence, to try and stop our lawsuit.


... trying to join brian and i [2&3] with MI5 'Democracy Village'...


... 23rd june... and i am illegally denied legal representation... again !!...


It was a free for all where anyone from MI5 'Democracy Village' could do whatever they liked to us.


The Doughty's  no-one ever, including their DPP Starmer ever needs to give 'reasons' [aka as the 'because I can Act 1984'] was so blatantly corrupt because it is well understood the arbitrary/unknown is of itself absolutely unlawful:


... 'no reasons'... another example of doughty chambers covering up not just for a judge not giving reasons but starmer's CPS  not giving reasons either...


Tunde Okewale was an arrogant person "of colour" following orders to be corrupt too, with absolute disregard for human life in another case I won against Starmer & Co.


I had never even agreed with bent Birds Solicitors to be represented by anyone from Doughty after June 23rd 2010.


Steve Bird panicked when I complained because he knew there was an obvious massive 'conflict of interest'.


Another bent barrister Annabel Timans who was threatened that she would not get any more business from Bindmans when she was at Mansfield's Tooks, if she represented me, although the Law Society confirmed I had not done anything wrong so she had no grounds to withdraw which is what she did anyway, took sanctuary with Starmer's... Doughty Chambers.


Starmer was the DPP maliciously prosecuting us !!


Of course Starmer & Co had a lot of MI5 'Democracy Village' gremlins they had to disappear over the years.


The MI5 'Democracy Village' gremlin below who tried to smash me over the head with a wine bottle before getting through two men to punch me in the jaw, was only 'arrested' because it was witnessed by two other people, who called the 'police'.


That happened several hours after I reluctantly gave an interview to the Independent on June 2nd 2011 for Brian because it was the tenth anniversary of the campaign:


 ... Starmer @ CPS et al and... another MI5 'Democracy Village' gremlin...


After I filed the High Court jury lawsuit on August 17th 2011 against MI5 et al, against more than considerable odds, Starmer was the Director of Public Prosecutions who could not then explain Mother Theresa from the MI5 Home Office's smoking email written on January 17th 2012.


... the smoking email... mother theresa at the MI5 Home Office at that time obviously signed off the actual fraudulent legislation they used to give their MI5 'Democracy Village' above an out,  because I had filed a High Court jury lawsuit against MI5 'Democracy Village' et on August 17th 2011...


It is self evident that a High Court jury could only conclude that the current British Prime Minister passed further fraudulent legislation targeting me, to give her MI5 'Democracy Village' an escape route through staged proceedings above, because I filed the High Court jury lawsuit in 2011.


It was impossible to explain maliciously stealing our shelter on January 16th 2012 in the middle of winter, while leaving the shelter of MI5 'Democracy Village'.


Agents of the state are not called 'provocateurs' without good reason, because they are given carte blanche to commit crimes while protected by the multiple layers of the criminal state and their pulp fiction.


In April 2012 when the filth stole and destroyed four tents we had in one night, I saw that MI5 'Democracy Village' had spare tents, so I went and very openly stole one.


When the police destroyed that tent too and unlawfully arrested me, of course I had to be honest and fess up and tell them I had actually stolen the last tent that I had never intended to give back, they had just destroyed.


It's not like the filth weren't watching on their CCTV as each tent went up that they came and destroyed.


So then the filth had no choice but to 'arrest' me for theft as well, to which I said marvellous, I get a Crown Court jury who I can show, that I stole the tent from your illegal agent provocateur.


I can tell you that the corrupt filth could not 'de-arrest' me for 'theft' fast enough ;


... the only honest admission from the criminal state of starmer & Co... belgravia police 'custody' record april 2nd 2012...


Of course I 'offended' war criminals and their propagandists, whom I have always openly and honestly held in absolute contempt.


A war criminal is a war criminal and war propaganda really is a crime.


They had to shut their MI5 'Democracy Village' front down pretty sharpish after that on May 4th 2012, because then I just said to the police we would dump all the MI5 'Democracy Village' excrement outside New Scotland Yard down the road and just have it out with everyone, which they knew we would do.


Starmer is the common link targeting me while:


a) Head of Doughty Chambers and as Director of Public Prosecutions,


b) working for both Labour and the Tories.


Starmer illegally used both his 'hats' to maliciously target me over many years, while working for both Labour and Tories.


It is impossible to claim that Starmer is Labour because he just uses his role as a Labour MP now, to line his own seriously corrupt pockets.


Starmer had serious 'motive' as Director of Public Prosecutions, to try and cover up the 'opinion' that his Doughty Chambers wrote over my first unlawful arrest in December 2005 that led to my further ahem 47 unlawful arrests.


In fact the evidence proves that Starmer could not have become Director of Public Prosecutions unless he had agreed to try and cover up the 'opinion' his Doughty Chambers gave over my first unlawful arrest where I managed to force the repeal of that legislation despite Starmer & Co.


Talk about serious 'conflicts of interest' that were really, really unfair.


The complete psycho Starmer was able to maliciously use both his positions as Head of Doughty Chambers and Director of Public Prosecutions, while working for both Labour and the Tories, to relentlessly target me.


I obviously want a Protection from Harassment Order and then some against Starmer personally because he is a complete nutjob.


N.B. An American lawyer once visited me in Parliament Square after we had been in the High Court in 2012 and asked me how I wasn't done for 'Contempt of Court' for being so rude to a bent High Court Judge. I explained I had a) actually been quite unusually polite that day telling the bent Judge who was badgering me to try and get me to give a 'defence' that he knew I had never been asked for by the filth, to recuse himself, and b) that the last thing the government wanted to do was arrest me in the High Court !! because they would have to give me a lawyer which was precisely what they were trying to avoid doing and was where the problem lay.


I told him we time how long it takes bent High Court judges to run and that the record originally went to Justice Collins who took 17 minutes in 2008, after Brian told him to recuse himself because he had illegally denied me legal representation in the High Court in 2007 over December 2005.


This was beaten by Justice Griffith Williams on June 21st 2010, who must have run in under 5 minutes when I started to try and give evidence, before he later closed the court to the public and press too !!


... illegally refused legal representation in the high court in 2007, over my first unlawful arrest in December 2005, under bogus 'War on Terror' legislation we nevertheless forced the repeal of by proving it was mutually exclusive with the rule of law


[N.B: It is notably corrupt that it took the bent Collins over a year from May 25th 2006, until June 18th 2007 to illegally refuse me legal representation in the High Court from an Application over December 2005 !! while every dirty tricks brigade was having a free for all]


It is obviously unheard of in legal history and more than an absurdity for anyone [me] and the clearest breach of Article 11 Freedom of Assembly, to be arrested and convicted in December 2005 for the 'crime' of campaigning with someone else [Brian] who was lawfully campaigning.


I just did the right thing and stood up for and alongside Brian because it needed doing.




Suffice to say there was malicious motive all round to unlawfully arrest me on May 25th 2010 to try and cover everything up going back to errr... December 2005.

The previous Mayor of London, Labour’s 7/7 Livingstone ended up with a High Court jury lawsuit against him when he unlawfully arrested and falsely accused Brian and I of racism way back in 2007, to try and cover up Blair and Stake-knife Corbyn’s UK Stop the War Coalition was a front they set up that obviously wasn’t at all anti-war.

It was the same bent copper Cole working for both Labour and Tory Mayors of London on both unlawful arrests in 2007 and 2010.


... cole... 18.08.2007, 27.02.2008, 10.04.2008, 18.11.2009, 25.05.2010 etc etc etc...

When Andrew Gilligan slithered along with the London Evening Standard in 2007, because Westminster knew they could not maliciously prosecute Brian and I, Gilligan [who I did not speak to at all] was really trying to pre-empt our legal proceedings against 7/7 Livingstone, while publishing 7/7 Livingstone’s false and malicious allegations.


There's obviously no difference between Tory and Labour.


... 2010... the former Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson's malicious 'bundle' that incredibly included and repeated the former Labour Mayor of London 7/7 Livingstone's  malicious allegations that had already been found to be untrue !! ...

Doreen Lawrence is one of many, who covering up a whole warmongering MI5 'Democracy Village' of undercovers, does not want the script re-written with the truth that the Westminster she is an unelected part of is really institutionally criminal.


... patiently trying to explain to a barrister from matrix chambers that they really could not seriously expect us to be 'represented' by people deranged enough to claim cherie blair is a 'human rights' lawyer !!...


Imagine having Cherie Blair sharing our legal arguments with Tony Blair !!


Boris Johnson's other half Marina Wheeler similarly pretended to be a 'human rights' lawyer when all she was really disgracefully trying to defend was her other half's serious violent criminality.


London Evening Standard May 15th 2012:



"...Barbara Tucker, who has been [resisting NATO] protesting in Parliament Square for 10 years [7 years] uninterrupted and for the last 103 days without shelter, said talk of a loophole was a red herring as the law [legislation used by Wheeler's... husband Boris Johnson] itself was invalid.

Ms Tucker said: “If she [Marina Wheeler, Boris Johnson's other half] was a real human rights lawyer she would be saying nobody should be arrested, pulled up before the courts and lose their job for [resisting] protesting against this government..."



... this unusual 'briefing' can be directly pinned on starmer and the current prime minister mother theresa and her smoking email... 

... the fascist nazi tyranny of... Starmer & Co... "Barbara... you should be on your own..." ?? a new unknown 'offence' of not being on my own...


The Nazi UK always had an extremely unusual 'interpretation' of Article 11 Freedom of Assembly that decreed it was always a 'crime' for me to not be on my own.


Please note: Our long-standing civilian resistance that began on June 2nd 2001 is not a 'news' media outlet. We only publish information to help save civilian lives.
The certainty of the rule of law, that exists for the benefit of everyone, does not change to suit the revolving door whorehouses of any 'politics' or mainstream or not at all alternative churnalism.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!