The latest seriously fraudulent legal proceedings over Parliament Square which inevitably omits mention that Brian and I won the case cited, and our ensuing lawsuit, incredibly doesn’t include those who were allegedly errr... arrested.

To be honest I missed the most recent bullshit with the phoney ‘human rights’ lawyers from ‘Liberty’ [I only noticed while looking for something else] who were one of the gatekeepers over corporate legislation we nevertheless forced to be repealed.


... 2012 and the bogus 'war on terror' with nothing better to do than quibble over beach umbrellas...


The MI5 Gallastegui/Hall and Barda frauds:


The very phoney schmuck Mr Barda from the ’Occupy Democracy’/London arrivistes are a spin off from MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ so it is trademark British government liars just changing between monikers.

... the unelected queen, her gardener and MI5 et al lying again


'multiple arrests'... the people who were actually arrested are errr... excluded from Barda's fraud

It's more than strange to exclude the people actually allegedly arrested.


If people want to be lemmings that is their business but that is quite some unparalleled lemming-ness.


What sort of a cunt goes to the High Court with a challenge that excludes those actually allegedly arrested ?


The 'facts' of the incredibly phoney legal challenge have a gaping hole over what actually happened to those... arrested ??


The British Parliament et al are obviously being very careful gate-keeping what really lies beneath Barda et al's bullshit.


Hall is 2010 not 2011 and the citation number is wrong... this fraudulent mention


The case incorrectly states Mayor of London (on behalf of GLA)v Hall [2011] 1WR 504 when it was actually July 2010 and the citation is EWCA Civ 817, which is why it doesn't have a link like the other cases cited.



... this where para 37 quoted in para 88 comes from [Brian and I are actually nothing to do with the MI5 'Democracy Village' shit they 'joined' us with]


The second quote in para 88 above sneakily a) omits Brian I won Round One cited above involving MI5 'Democracy Village' that was in July 2010 [not 2011 which was round two with Brian and I] where b) 2010 'Democracy Village' actually involved MI5 Gallastegui who despite being an 'organizer' was not prosecuted who c) had a lawsuit against her et al filed on August 17th 2011, by the time of the second pile of bullshit that is quoted above that was only d) about MI5 'Gallastegui' et al running like shit from our 2011 lawsuit in 2012, trying to cover their tracks.



What really happened was that I exposed MI5 'Democracy Village' in the High Court on June 21st 2010 before the 'Judge' ran and closed the court to the public and press and illegally stopped me giving my defence while my legal representation illegally withdrew.


So MI5 'Democracy Village' then had to be hived off at the Court of Appeal so they could try and buy time to try and cover up, while the court had another go at Brian and I, which didn't get them anywhere.


So Westminster Council then tried to use MI5 'Democracy Village' that included Gallastegui in 2011 again which just landed everyone with our lawsuit in August 2011, that they all had to run like shit from.




... every single dirty fucker named here is trying to cover up my lawsuit from august 17th 2011 involving 48 unlawful arrests going back to may 23rd 2006


... dirty, dirty corrupt bastards


... the overall 'conclusion' in the MI5 Gallastegui fraud/cover-up which I was not a part of and has nothing to do with me, [but is linked to Hall and Barda] where whoever gave 'evidence' using my name [Tucker] above did so illegally and lied, was that they remain comprehensively fucked trying to illegally cover up my lawsuits from... august 17th 2011


They are such fucking liars trying to illegally avoid High Court jury trials in the U.K.


.... april 10th 2013 and this piece of their shit is impersonating a 'police officer' ffs


MI5 et al only have so many gatekeepers etc ducking and diving all over the place over fraudulent corporate legislation etc

Gosh, they certainly have got themselves in a right pickle trying to cover up our lawsuits that don't rely on 'case stated' or 'Judicial Reviews' etc etc etc ;)


The PRSR legislation was a seriously illegal attempt to try and cover up our existing lawsuit.


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