The British regime do not want any unarmed civilians to assert their ability to hold the regime legally accountable for the Genocidal bogus NATO War on Terror and repeal legislation in the High Court.


It is from both the fraudulent legislation and complete absence of legal accountability that the regime derive all their illegitimate violent state power.

nato regimes and their propagandists like murdoch have long been trying to conflate their own terrorists like the fake ‘islamic state’ with unarmed civilian resistance




It is deeply disturbing that the Australian 'Foreign Minister' is actually using the fake 'Islamic State' who are NATO's own terrorists to make threats of false flag terror attacks on civilians.


contrary to what are actually threats being made by the oz 'foreign minister' this dual national civilian points out that even the publicly known evidence is nato (and what are their isis) terrorists, are behind what are false flag terror threats on unarmed civilians.


By July 2008, the British regime’s ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 legislation (now repealed) had completely fallen apart when we legally had the regime’s backs against the wall in the High Court.


We kept simply asking for a court order for the return of campaign property taken (for example on May 23rd 2006) because there was no state ‘power’ of ‘seizure’ of either civilians or property.

The British regime’s dirty tricks brigade only dual 'strategy' consisted of trying to give an appearance of having found any possible ‘power’ to violently use against us, while all they were actually trying to do was murder us, to prevent our holding them to account.


08.10.2008: less an 'emergency' incvolving 'police'...'searching' for "bombs and mortars" and more a police attack on babs for having a banner and loudspeaker

Of course, after the police attempted to murder me in September 2009, (which btw the Australian government knew) it was not possible to ignore that the entire apparatus of the British state had gone way beyond merely trying to simply ‘delay’ our High Court civil claims against the violent corporate state.

Once the police overtly tried to murder me, it was no longer even possible to discount the possibility that the regime were then going to considerable lengths to try and conduct a false flag terror attack on us, which based on the true facts and evidence appears more than likely.


There is much that has not been disclosed.



The police had tried to claim for a number of years, that any terrorist who was opposed to the British regime could plant a bomb in the midst of our unarmed civilian resistance to the regime.


This was more of a threat against us, because we would obviously be the ones who would be blown up, and by the regime, because everyone knows it is the regime and their terrorists going around bombing civilians.


The excerpts from paperwork below is actually only further evidence of dirty lawyers trying to illegally prevent our having access to a High Court jury in civil claims against the British government.


What is particularly illuminating however is that while the 'police' concede that Brian is not a terrorist threat himself, they refuse to say they do not think I am a 'terrorist threat', even when this is questioned by lawyers.


It looks very much like the same 7/7 Gold Commander who had also come after our campaign, had been plotting another false flag terror attack...against us. 


the proper venue was the high court for a binding ruling that you cannot get in magistrate courts, years before these red herrings


[Note] Obviously we did not ever agree to this 'legal argument' being put before a Magistrates Court when the proper venue was a High Court civil claim against the regime, for a binding ruling following...almost two years of illegal 'searches' that preceded these two red herrings.


michael mansfield was one of the dirty gatekeepers for 7/7 bombings

Of course it had never made sense that anyone who was opposed to the government would instead try and blow up civilians in Parliament Square, opposite the road from the British 'Parliament' so the 'bomb' threat had always been at best a threat from the regime.

After the police attempted to murder me in September 2009, 'Acting' Inspector Cole (of the dirty tricks brigade) changed the regime’s terror threat story slightly by refusing to concede that I was not a terror threat.


In legal terms, it was this shift, which crucially was actually the same as directly accusing me of being willing to "store, prepare and conceal a bomb or mortar device" (see below)


The very same filth had long been publicly falsely accusing us of being criminals, for years.


Their entire lives were devoted to falsely accusing us of much but this took the cake.


the 'presumably' mrs tucker is not a 'terror threat' sought to gloss over cole who did not change his witness statement was falsely accusing me of being a terror threat


The 'presumably' was a major red flag, because Cole never changed his original witness statement.

kind of 'overlooks' all the other searches that had gone on since...july 2008 where lawyers illegally refused to represent us in civil claims against the regime in the high court


it is well established the british intelligence services are criminals who have no intelligence whatsoever.

cole and the unattended tents of an agent provocateur had been trying to set me up: "store, prepare, or conceal bomb or mortar device...."

These were the most serious allegations that could falsely be made with absolutely no evidence and so on and so forth by a brutal Genocidal regime:



'reasonable belief': the most serious false allegations...'store...prepare...or conceal a...bomb or...mortar device'...


The disgustingly corrupt and purely criminal Cole has never explained before a High Court civil jury to this day where the 'reasonable belief' that was yet again effectively a 'licence to kill' us came from....


A police officer was claiming in legal proceedings, that not only might someone put a bomb in our tents, but that he had a 'reasonable belief' we or rather more specifically I might, store, prepare and conceal, a bomb and or mortar.


It is just appalling what the brutal regime who do indiscriminately bomb civilians falsely accuse unarmed civilians of doing.


I was goody two shoes, who had one speeding ticket and one parking fine my whole life, before I came to Parliament Square, and now they were actually not only falsely accusing me of being a criminal, but also of being a possible terrorist.


The CPS (Crown Persecution Service) inevitably lie as much as 'police' and indeed all our 'own' lawyers who are all only trying to prevent High Court jury claims against the British regime.

[Note] Imagine our 'surprise' when we discovered that both our own 'lawyers' and the CPS were trying to cover up that:


1. Justice Maddison had actually adjourned my application until December 2008 (because the police turned up without any defence...again)




2. Lord Chief Justice Anthony May and Justice Griffith Williams had admitted there should be civil claims.


Obviously I just wanted to put an unprecedented 40 + unlawful arrests and umpteen illegal searches all together before one High court jury, and no lawyer would help me with that.


02.06.2015 HIGH COURT TRANSCRIPT (18.11.2008) & BRIAN HAW'S (14.07.2008) WITNESS STATEMENT 


an actual high court transcript with brian referring to the same proceedings as the CPS lawyer contradicts an alleged transcript the CPS lawyer refers to that has never actually been produced for me, that would obviously not match any actual recording





the transcript may have been 'ordered' by an unknown court, but it has not ever been produced to me, because it could not possibly say what the lawyer alleges which certainly would not be backed up by any recording


It won't be just this 'lawyer' who whores it around for the CPS too who will have difficulty explaining in European Courts why everyone was dishonestly saying anything that only ever boils down to their trying to stop our having High Court juries in our civil claims against the British government.


Obviously a High Court jury in our civil claims could only conclude very quickly on the facts, evidence and law that the 'police' illegally used a new 'power' in July 2008 that they had never used in previous years, including on errr...State Openings, when their previous hoax 'power' fell away also in July 2008 by no co-incidence.

There was obviously neither facts, evidence nor logic behind Cole's accusation, that would have only, whichever way you look at it, have led to us being sitting ducks in our own deaths in so many ways.

Again, it had only been by my formally naming their own agent provocateur who was leaving tents unattended with the agreement of Cole et al, who along with the provocateur never mentioned that, while the agent provocateur was working with the police to try and murder us to keep us away from a High Court jury, that we probably stopped what really was developing into a false flag terror scenario.


(1) Unattended tents + (2) lying agent provocateur + (3) lying police falsely accusing me of being a terror threat = (4) false flag terror attack that would have only left Brian and I dead.


The Gold Commander from 7/7 sure wasn't going to be telling any truths, while 'both houses and black rod' would have used it to promote more of their own NATO propaganda in their bogus NATO 'War on Terror'.


cole and the agent provocateur with the unattended tents the police had no problem with, and did not even mention, were working together to try and set me up


Our own 'lawyers' Birnberg Peirce and Mansfield's Tooks worked with the regime to try and cover up the illegal use of agent provocateurs.


We had finally completely changed 'lawyers' after Bindmans refused to get a court order for the CCTV of six members of the TSG 'riot' police illegally using positional asphyxiation to try and murder me in September 2009 at Belgravia Police Station.


In fact so desperate were Bindmans to cover up everything they had been involved in for years, that they started representing 'Democracy Village' and subsequently the agent provocateur !!


It was incredible that Bindmans [Paul Ridge] had to resort to representing the governments own agent provocateurs to try and cover up what they had been involved in etc.


In every respect 'lawyers' are very much directly responsible for everything that happened to us, because they not only let it happen but also tried to help the regime cover it up, every step of the way.


Bindmans & Garden Court Chambers have no lawful excuse over why they did not go directly to the High Court with a civil claim for me, when I was unlawfully 'arrested' and not charged with anything in the 7/7 Gold Commander's massive raid against us on May 23rd 2006.


The solution to the fact that London 'human rights' lawyers are only really working with the regime (which is very dangerous for civilians) is to secure a High Court ruling (most probably) through a jury in a civil claim, that MacKenzie Friends a) have the same access as lawyers to police stations and b) should be paid at the going rate of the top government lawyers the state bring in to use against you.


This is because a) 'police' stations are very dangerous places for law abiding civilians, and b) you can shut down malicious prosecutions very quickly as we learned, by for example filing Judicial Reviews of a 'decision to prosecute' with the real evidence that is deliberately 'overlooked'.


In our own experience there is only evidence of our own 'lawyers' trying to protect the Genocidal state.


It serves no purpose other than putting civilian lives at risk to pretend that London 'human rights'...'lawyers' are anything other than the biggest frauds.


our own corrupt 'human rights'...'lawyers'...'glossing' over the connection between my formally naming an agent provocateur on january 13th 2010 and brian being 'arrested' on january 15th 2010


This is the evidence (above) that our 'own' lawyers tried to cover up, that I had named an agent provocateur on January 13th 2010, and that after I named the agent provocateur Brian was first 'arrested' on January 15th 2010, over 'events' in November 2009 !! while the use of agent provocateurs on May 25th 2010, which is recorded was also covered up.


There is obviously a huge gap in disclosures over what was really said and going on behind the scenes after I formally named an agent provocateur that led to Brian's 'arrest'.


Obviously we were a little more than 'violated' and 'distressed' including by our own corrupt 'lawyers'.


[I had previously won a malicious prosecution over an unlawful arrest in what turned out to be a Special Branch 'operation' on January 31st 2007. I had pointed it was not criminal to resist the regime who had put in place a sequence of events that intended to put my life at risk of...death, where a lawyer had referred to the police statements as giving themselves a 'licence to kill' me]


what transpired to be a 'special branch'...'operation' that lawyers did actually call (another) 'licence to kill' on january 31st 2007 in parliament square, london too.

There was a valid and genuine concern that the police intended to plant a bomb in the unattended tents of the agent provocateurs to blow up Brian and I, and as it turned out point the finger at me, while we would be the only ones not around to defend each other.

In fact, a false flag bombing by the regime of us was their ideal solution to try and make the huge insurmountable ever increasing legal difficulties facing them, quite literally disappear.

It was after all the very same Gold Commander of 7/7 who was also the Gold Commander in a major police operation against us, who did not want to be exposed as a liar by the peace campaigners, which would inevitably lead to the reopening of an investigation into 7/7 that would quite probably bring the regime down.


the 7/7 gold commander already had too much he could not explain before a high court jury


The filth had already fingered ‘both houses and black rod’ (the British 'Parliament')as ordering the same 7/7 Gold Commander's illegal police operation against us.




they always 'disclose' just enough to point the finger upstairs ie: 'both houses and black rod'



westminster council 'disclosed' this to point the finger at the home secretary for the 'police' operation against our civilian resistance still using their same agent provocateur on january 16th 2012 where they were still only trying to keep me away from a high court jury to secure a second repeal and much else.

It was never our actual intention to “bring down the government” per se.


It is more the reality that our evidence before a High Court jury can only prove that all political shades and far beyond are entirely complicit in the Genocide the British regime really are committing.

The latest false flag terror threats outlined by...the NATO regimes during Ramadan between June 18th 2015 & July 17th 2015 are typical because it is NATO and their own terrorists who do cynically blow up and slaughter unarmed civilians everywhere.



may 2012...and babs still waiting for a high court jury during a two and a half hour 'search'/provocation that could by no stretch of the imagination be called an 'emergency'

over 'bombs and mortars'





emergency ?: the only "threat" the police et al faced was being exposed as lying, thieving murdering criminals before a High Court jury in civil claims

The NATO regimes have never cared about civilians dying while they decamp to their country estates and so on.

nato and all their terrorists numerous threats


In legal terms NATO is promoting criminal propaganda that deliberately invites people to ignore that every lethally armed foreign backed mercenary murdering and slaughtering Syrian civilians is a terrorist trying to illegally overthrow the Syrian government.


The Genocidal NATO War on Syria goes on every single day and every single day civilians suffer while NATO and all their terrorists lie.


There are no good and bad NATO terrorists who are all trying to illegally overthrow the Syrian government.


Please note: Our long-standing civilian resistance that began on June 2nd 2001 is not a 'news' media outlet. We only publish information to help save civilian lives.