In violent legislation we forced to be repealed it is possible to see the true financial (and physical etc cost) of 'Free' Speech for civilians with the regime trying to 'charge' @ £1,000 whether per minute/hour/day is not clear (ie: 1 banner @ £450 & 1 loudspeaker @ £475 = a minimum of around £365,000 per person per annum) for 24/7 civilian resistance.

We have not ever hidden behind the many labels of NATO 'journalism' etc to assume 'special rights' over and above anyone else with fraudulent claims 'free' speech’ is reflected by gatekeepers who fly by the war mongers at the Guardian to collect unusually large pay checks from George Soros, Omidayr, the Rockefellers et al.



I only insist on the civilian right to hold the Genocidal NATO military ‘state’ and their propagandists properly to account in courts of law with facts and evidence, before civilian High Court juries in Britain.


Everyone knows that the British regime are lying, thieving, mass murderers,  who violently oppress civilians at home and slaughter civilians abroad, for no other reason than that is what generates the greatest revenue for big business.

No-one has the incredibly disrespectful 'right' to chew over and debate the life of any other within NATO’s MSM & alternative 'news' media, which is at it’s best corporate and political advertising that at it’s worst is criminal, because it lacks any legal framework at all.

People mock other people’s lives when they deliberately ignore civilian society’s rule of law, which is the absolute opposite of corporate legislative frauds.


It obviously brings the 'administration of justice' into serious disrepute when the only purpose in token selective/arbitrary 'summons'/unlawful 'arrests' processed through kangaroo Magistrates courts (I live 24/7 civilian resistance) was to try and illegally prevent our having access to a civilian High Court jury to get legislation that had no lawful state 'power' of 'seizure' of civilian people or their property (banners & shelter) repealedetc.


One way the British regime tried (and failed) to 'play' the system to try and prevent our holding them to account before a High Court jury was to administer extortionate 'fines' to try and imprison us.


Several documents expose that the strange creature of not so 'free' speech that in our case was only about our upholding civilian society's rule of law (the British regime dishonestly claimed needed their 'permission') was just another effort to extort money by menaces that backfired.


Their own records show that by their estimate I needed to pay around £1,000 whether that was per minute/per hour/or per day was never clear (because I am 24/7 civilian resistance) for the 'privilege' of upholding civilian society's rule of law, without their 'permission'.


it has never been clear whether (for example) £450 was per minute/hour/day of what is 24/7 civilian resistance


The lunatics in the asylum did try to cover up their dirtiest deed as 'no details'.


This is where it all began for me in 2005, (first 'conviction' on February 22nd 2006) with their saying it was illegal for me to campaign with anyone else, and specifically Brian, as though Article 11 of the HRA (errr...Freedom of Assembly) did not exist.


moosa also interestingly showed me (albeit accidentally and i never got a copy of that of) a quite extraordinary 'checklist' of how the money launderette illegally access all sorts of personal information to try and steal any...last penny people might have...anywhere.




1. They often tried to manufacture public records (because they were trying to manufacture/airbrush much history, by pretending my maiden name was Tucker when it was actually Paterson. My unfortunate family history of which I have never been a part of, has proved to be a huge problem, because it got in the way of what I am doing. 


paterson, was my maiden name, and tucker was my married name


my granny barbara sybil fremantle: the fremantle etc ball and chain:



1. My granny (for example) was Barbara Sybil Fremantle (daughter of Vice Admiral Sydney Fremantle who started GCHQ) with Fremantle pirates going all the way back to Vice Admiral Thomas Fremantle who was Nelson's right hand man at the Battle of Trafalgar) altho' it was what the more recent 'relationships' attached to my parents & godparents etc that really made them try to 'airbrush' much too.


2. I sold my house in September 2006 (and we took all the household appliances to the surprised people at the tip section where they give everything away for free) because the regime were coming after me to take every last penny I had anyway. District Judge Nicholas Evans then ridiculously asked the court in May 2007, to 'seize' anything that was in my tent, which even the court staff could not swing. It was just so illegal what was going on.


3. There was obviously no agreed financial 'cost' of not having the permission of the state to uphold civilian society's rule of law, while it was also illegal to fine us the large amounts they did, although we survived on small donations that included some cash kind members of the public gave us, and did not take anything from the state.


4. The 'Contempt of Court' was part of a desperate attempt of theirs to do something, when Brian and I went to Magistrates Court to get a summons against the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police 'Sir' Ian Blair...and Tony Blair.


Brian eventually still got the summons against the Commissioner that caused us to come under even more serious violent attack from the state, and remains part of ongoing legal proceedings. In any real legal sense, the summons against now Lord 'Sir' Ian Blair is still live, because District Judge Nicholas Evans just illegally withdrew without giving any reasons, a summons that was actually issued by the Senior District Judge at that time Timothy Workman.


the summons against the commissioner of metropolitan police 'sir' ian blair


02.06.2015 HIGH COURT TRANSCRIPT (18.11.2008) & BRIAN HAW'S (14.07.2008) WITNESS STATEMENT


The ss 132-138 socpa 2005 'unauthorised demo' is pretty much the same as S5 Public Order Act 1986 really (ie: it caused 'Sir' Alan Duncan (Tory MP) 'harassment, alarm and distress' that I exposed he was trying to cover up he had not declared a £160,000 backhander from Vitol Oil)


Holloway Prison staff said (and I believe them) that some of his £160,000 backhander went to District Judge Snow and the Holloway Prison Governor who to this day have not been able to 'comply' with a still existing High Court Habeas Corpus Court Order, explaining how I came to be imprisoned without legal representation or trial for a non-imprisonable S5 Public Order !!


The following two court records (below) of Brian and I show them going after my 25w loudspeaker that wasn't even considered a 'crime' anywhere else in the UK.


pathetic and equally corrupt 'lawyers' ridiculously said it was 'inflammatory' to wear the 'you make me sick' t-shirt in front of corrupt 'judges' in 'courts'.


Of course they hated it even more that their corruption was actually recorded in courts and the UK Attorney General had to back down from trying to prosecute us in 2012.


On the occasion recorded above over a loudspeaker, I was unlawfully arrested, maliciously prosecuted and illegally convicted just for reading out the Minutes of a Far from 'Confidential' Meeting at New Scotland Yard on May 19th 2006 (before their big raid of our campaign on May 23rd 2006)


I was publicly pointing out the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police by their own admission was bending over for "both Houses and Black rod" (Houses of Parliament), which strictly speaking, is not normally considered 'Operational'...'policing'.   


£475 'fine' for Babs exposing 'both houses and black rod' and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police are criminals



Of course our 'Age/s' that were recorded as '0' were just slightly inaccurate.


brian got a conditional discharge.


I was unlawfully 'arrested' for publicly exposing that the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police really was...


 the nazi british regime do try to make it a 'crime' for civilians to expose their crimes


....bending over for 'both houses and black rod' and had no 'power of seizure' of people or property (which is not really an 'operational'...'policing' matter)


 the filth were trying to fall back on the fact that both houses and black rod tony blair's (british houses of parliament) gave plod the green light...which is nevertheless seriously illegal







1. The loudspeaker court record is 'inaccurate'. My barrister Annabel Timan from Mansfield's Tooks Chambers who ended up at Doughty Chambers, illegally withdrew along with Bindmans when Bindmans threatened her (despite her contacting the Law Society) that she would not get any more business from them if she represented me.


(Bindmans 'Solicitors' were actually trying to cover up that I was unlawfully arrested speaking out over what was their deliberate failure too, to go to the High Court so I had a jury trial against the government, when I was unlawfully arrested and not charged with anything on May 23rd 2006) The 'Judge' illegally refused me any legal representation when the solicitor and barrister walked despite not being able to attribute their fault for walking on me.


In fact, our 24/7 civilian resistance entailed (for example) my using nothing more extraordinary than banners, a loudspeaker (the 'police' stole at least six of mine) and a tent.

it was always going to take rather a long time to pay off @ £5 per week (to err...keep my freedom)


This kangaroo court money launderette was obviously used as another backdoor 'method' to try and imprison me/us without legal representation or trial to prevent what they were always really illegally trying to do, which was prevent my/our having a High Court jury to get their legislative frauds repealed etc.




It was too obvious the British regime were trying to very, very violently smash our civilian resistance/murder us because they are committing Genocide, that civilians can put them on trial over under universal jurisdiction before a High Court jury, with facts and evidence.




Their particular 'financial' route failed when I 'offered' (under threat of endless harassment & imprisonment) to pay them '£5 per week', (but tried to get way with toddling along as infrequently as possible to pay around £5/10 per month)


The wholly corrupt District Judge Michael Snow was eventually instructed to begin the process of having to wipe their ever mounting dirty slate clean so he wiped most of the fines in the attached first two sheets above, and they finally became more circumspect about fining us in 2012.


The Mayor of London had lost a High Court ruling on March 17th 2011, that admitted they obviously could not claim 'costs' against us, because his malicious prosecution was only trying to 'overtake' our outstanding claim/s against the state that only grew.


Nevertheless, the fine for 24/7 civilian resistance, by their reckoning, was around £1000 per minute/hour/day ?? was racking up, even with just the token criminal 'conviction' over...80 + mostly failed malicious prosecutions. 



snapshot of 24/7 doing the 'time' to prove their was no 'crime'


Of course, all they were really doing in racking up extortionate 'fines' was only ever further evidence of their illegally denying me a High Court...jury. 


I dumped the evidence of 'convictions' in the lap of the 'Criminal Cases Review Commission'. It was necessary to have the paper trail showing they were corrupt time wasters too, because it was impossible to conclude that it was all anything but illegally trying to prevent our putting the British regime on trial before a High Court jury.

'nit': 'picking', 'bureaucratic', 'state oppression'


It really is purely criminal how much money is being extorted from civilian populations behind the guise of what really are Genocidal corporate legislative frauds. 


No-one should ever presume that just because they want to tick a box every five years to 'vote' to stick their own heads in the sand and live in a state of denial, over the very real and truly criminal nature of the Genocidal British regime, that this gives the regime any right to use state violence to do whatever they want to anyone else.


The violent corporate legislative state should be repealed all the way back to an administrative core that reflects civilian society's rule of law.

Please note: Our long-standing civilian resistance that began on June 2nd 2001 is not a 'news' media outlet. We only publish information to help save civilian lives.