Day 3415 October 8th 2010.

"lose the fancy dress, join the human race and start doing a 'system' that involves justice".

Friday 1st October 2010, saw Westminster brought to a halt with the ritualistic parade of judges, being ferried to and fro from Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament in their no doubt taxpayer funded gasoline guzzling, stretch limos, as Parliament and their Judiciary 'celebrated' the beginning of the new 'legal' year, where no doubt there will be considerable financial pickings to be made by these many loyal servants of big business.

Decent and civilised people suggest that it would be far more useful to have a Judiciary who lost the fancy dress, joined the human race and started doing a 'system' that actually involved justice for everyone.

After all lets face it, the British Establishment hasn't really made much progress towards humanity, since the illegal occupation of all those countries that created the far from "Commonwealth", where a far from legal 'system' was imposed through force, none of which bears close scrutiny either morally or legally speaking.

Parliament and the Judiciary really need to learn/recall the fundamental concepts of thou shalt not kill and common law !!

Babs Tucker.