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"Our Kid"

DAY 3413  6th October 2010

“STOP KILLING KIDS : MAKE PEACE NOT WAR : LET IRAQ INFANTS LIVE” – were my first small A4 posters on the first day, June 2nd 2001 - soon changed to “STOP KILLING OUR KIDS”, as some ‘Britons’ had problems with these hard concepts.

Later, next to 30 very short stories, a few awful examples from so many  kids and families being tortured, exterminated in Iraq by USA/UK, my huge sign asked “IF IT WERE OURS”?  

A child gets it, the ‘Great and the Good’ – P.M.s, Parliament; Lord Chief Justice et al; Top General; Media; Churchmen etc don’t? Nuts, of course they do, they choose to live in denial practicing British  ‘SODS LAW’, as done for centuries.  

Brummies and surrounds get it, with their large ethnic population. Their families back home are the latest   ‘Our kids and kinfolk’ the UK/USA currently murder in their illegal wars of aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, elsewhere. (check out Nuremburg, wars of aggression)

Caroline Foulkes wrote two dynamic stories in the Birmingham Post ’The Murdered Children’ and a follow-up, from what I told and showed her at our display. Your response was to fill up many more coaches for the Two Million March, biggest in our countries history. We all knew it was wrong – yet just HOW wrong!


0200 hrs one freezing winters night 2004, on vigil -“Why are you here”? a big man asks. I show him the sign.

“Who are Our Kids”? He asks. “Who are NOT Our Kids”? I reply. Two  questions of brevity and sense. I was glad of them, coming unusually from a man who’d been drinking yet well in control of himself, from a British Military Policeman returned from Basra, Iraq.


When I came here in 2001 - it was ‘legal’ to demo outside Britain’s Parliament against Infanticide, Genocide, Torture, Pillaging, Illegal wars of Aggression, (ironically that was thanks to Torturing Tony Genocidal Blair) it still is – shhhhh!

Since then what hasn’t been done to get rid of me/us – until presently we shelter in the mystical security of our Green Zone.

  THE GREEN ZONE - July 2010

No concrete walls or guns – righteousness, law, love, big gobs, minimum reasonable force protect us in this space won at the High Court of Appeal, despite all. The Master of Rolls, though most willing, could not square/bend it against us as his predecessor Lord Clarke did in 2006.

Battalions of the sharpest legal prostitutes are back to the drawing board yet again, with a teensy problem re: DPP v Jones House of Lords 1999, working out how to make our absolutely reasonable conduct of 9+ years 24/7 ‘unlawful’.


  SOCPA 2005 – ex-barrister PM Mr Tony Blair

perverted Law to call us ‘Serious Organised Criminals’ for witnessing against the gravest crimes of all. A complicit Parliament, went along with it embarrassed, compromised by collective responsibility for the war crimes we speak against.

SODS LAW - State of Denial Genocidal Britain 2010 -
‘State Britain’ 2007

Mark Wallinger copied our 45 metre display - stolen by Police/Parliament on 23rd May 2006 – called  ‘State Britain’ it featured in Tate Britain/won the Turner Prize. I recently suggested this title change to Mark. Note its S.O.D.G.B.

Unlike Germany we’ve never had to look in the mirror, b e aghast, repent, change for the better. Check out our Depleted Uranium Munitions, then tell me we’re better than Hitler.

  JUDGES - 2007 - Lord Chief Justice Phillips et al:

I gave Steve Jago’s skeleton argument “Nothing is prescribed by Law” (re SOCPA)

I reminded LCJ/Court “…Infanticide Genocide Torture are absolutely unlawful…”

Babs Tucker sweet request for return of our display against Genocide etc, robbed by PM T Blair and Top-cop I Blair, on 23rd May 2006 … barely 30 minutes into it …LCJ and Williams  ran from court.  

  GENERAL DANNATT - 2007/2008

- Could have been ‘Most Inspiring of 2007’
- Went AWOL twice on my watch.   

7th Feb 2007 Channel 4 TV, I would have told him “You said Troops out of Iraq, to Afghanistan – Isn’t that smart Sir, out of the frying pan into the fire, come on you know far better, why should one of ‘Our Kids’ have to die so sleazebags can make a killing out of war”? 

7th Feb 2008 Oxford Union, in nice chat I’d have passed on “David from USA says there’s a hole in your Christianity ‘Gen Donut’ Sir – Christ said “In the past …. Now I tell you Love your enemy”   


Having a Pizza I ‘meet’ a Dad and Son enjoying possibly their most intimate moment ever. It upsets me that Dad may next meet this son he loves when he’s repatriated a ‘Hero in union-flag covered box’. What Consolation/exchange then for Dad and Mum their ‘Queen Elizabeth Cross’? Spoilt my meal. How many more have to die for dirty lies? 

  DAVE CAMERON - ‘Man with a Plan’ – 2010

…said on Sky TV last year – “First job when elected is to make Brian Haw and his Peace Campaign B-off”. So Cameron’s Circus ‘Democracy Village’ was sent in on 1st May. (drugs, drink, threats, violence, thieving destroying, taking over, a Government campaign, wild guess?  Babs Tucker and I were kidnapped on Cameron’s crowning on 25th May. Babs sensibly asks for ‘Dave’s Plan’, the Con Party’s Strategy/dodgy dossier, to ‘remove’ us.


We can whine/blame Corrupt Politicians, Judiciary, Media, Police, Big Business, the whole rotten State, OR we can each look in the mirror, be Responsible, and make change, for ‘Our Kids’ sake.

-- Brian W. Haw

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!