Day 3397  21st September 2010

Brian Haw's campaign was found to not be an unreasonable 'obstruction of the highway' (as per House of Lords ruling in DPP v Jones 1999) in a case brought by Westminster City Council in 2002. Obviously Parliament and public authorities cannot make what is reasonable a criminal offence.

On 23rd May 2006 at 2.30am at a cost to the taxpayer of 111,000 pounds, the former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, now Lord Blair, nevertheless, sent in 78 Metropolitan Police to steal Brian Haw's display from Parliament Square, citing SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138 (which is still bound by the ruling in DPP v Jones)

Now, on 15th September 2010, a Guardian 'journalist' called Andy Beckett while writing an 'article' entitled "Whatever happened to Democracy Village (a.k.a Police Camp) next" wrote and I quote " The council does not currently have the necessary powers to remove the demonstrators and nor does the Metropolitan police." "Officers" says a spokesman "cannot remove tents, or any similar structures from this public highway." So few passersby use this part of the square put off by traffic and the lack of pedestrian crossings that it is hard to accuse protesters of obstructing it.

So given that police admit they have no power to remove (what is not an obstruction), where exactly is Brian Haw's display that was stolen on 23rd May 2006?

Now there's a question an honest journalist could be asking.

Babs Tucker xx