British ‘democracy’ helpfully exposes how both elected and unelected knobs of all 'political' flavors live in a fantasy world where they violently claim they can do whatever they like to civilian populations anywhere.


It is interesting to note that such knobs now have to spend ever greater sums of money to try to keep peddling what is such an obvious lie that insults everyone’s intelligence.


court records prove the zionists were intentionally gassing us


The Lords and Ladies of the British Parliament of all 'political' flavours at FullFact.org incredibly (or rather fraudulently) invite people to believe (for financial reasons) that the City of London and the US government who fund them are ‘independent’.



dirty money inc.


In legal terms, Full Fact.org. is (run by) the British Parliament and illegally funded by:


not at all trusted


seriously illegal money laundering for the US Congress


The 'Trustees' include the unelected Baroness (Rabbi) Neuberger who is one half of the double act that along with Lord Anthony Neuberger (who became President of Supreme Court) are the Hamilton's in cash for questions of 'law' (ie: revenue raising corporate legislative frauds). 


in strictly legal terms, the phoney 'jewish' state of israel is nothing more than the most heavily armed european military garrison for illegal oil wars




Lord Neuberger is very far from benign as our 2011 exchange below when Brian was being illegally denied access to legal representation over their criminal attempts to gas us etc confirms: 


 the entirely criminal zionists are not at all squeamish about gassing people...including those who have cancer


the entire 'westminster village' have long lived in mortal fear over my ever getting a high court jury over the fact i was unlawfully arrested 48 times for no other reason than to try and stop my errr...getting a high court jury

not an entirely accurate description by the torygraph of what i really said and did in 'cutting' to the chase and shredding the mayor of london & lord neuberger's phoney high court 'injunction'


injunction: what injunction ?


Obviously Lord Neuberger & Co could never claim they have ever been remotely bothered about any Nazi governments intentionally gassing civilians.


There is nothing 'independent' but much that is illegal in the City of London and the US Congress funding what is very clearly the dirty work of the British Parliament of all political shades that extends far beyond the corporate fraud of fullfact.org


weasel words over human slavery

Obviously the Lords and Ladies are ignoring the fact that human slavery is illegal.


corporate lies are expensive

It is clearly illegal for the US Congress and the City of London to be 'funding' (laundering money through) the unelected Lords and Ladies in the British Parliament in what is a far from ‘charitable’ society.


Please note: Our long-standing civilian resistance that began on June 2nd 2001 is not a 'news' media outlet. We only publish information to help save civilian lives.