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Propaganda alert

compiled by Cem Ertür

3 May 2014

In a desperate attempt to sabotage the upcoming presidential election in Syria, the mass media constantly reiterate the same old lies about “chemical weapon attacks”. They must be held to account for their major role in the three-year long NATO-led genocidal war on Syria.



Daily Telegraph, 30 April 2014

Syria chemical weapons: the proof that Assad regime launching chlorine attacks on children

by Ruth Sherlock, Daily Telegraph, 30 April 2014 

President Bashar al-Assad is still using chemical weapons against civilians, a scientific analysis of samples from multiple gas attacks has shown. In the first independent testing of its kind,conducted exclusively for The Telegraph, soil samples from the scene of three recent attacks in the country were collected by trained individuals known to this news organisation and analysed by a chemical warfare expert. Our results show sizeable and unambiguous traces of chlorine and ammonia present at the site of all three attacks. 
Washington Post, 1 May 2014

U.S. officials say Syria is using remaining chemical weapons stockpile as leverage

by Ernesto Londono and Greg Miller, Washington Post, 30 April 2014

The months-long effort to dismantle Syria's chemical weapons program has ground to a halt because Syria is holding on to 27 tons of sarin precursor chemicals as leverage in a dispute with the international community over the future of facilities used to store the deadly agents, according to U.S. officials.
Haaretz (English edition), 30 April 2014

Israeli intelligence: Assad concealing chemical capability

by Amos Harel, Haaretz, 30 April 2014

Israeli intelligence is afraid that the regime of President Bashar Assad in Syria is acting to conceal a small percentage of the chemical weapons in its possession, while misleading the international community. This assessment joins similar ones heard in the past two weeks from intelligence sources in the United States and Great Britain, and which have been cited in the international media.
Jerusalem Post (English edition), 23 April 2014

US suggests Syria violated Chemical Weapons Convention 

by Michael Wilner, Jerusalem Post, 23 April 2014

Syria may have violated a United Nations convention against the use of chemical weapons only seven months after joining the treaty, the US suggested on Tuesday. The claims came after reports surfaced last week that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces might have deployed chlorine on the battlefield. At least two died in the alleged chemical assault on a village in a rebel-held area, while dozens of others were wounded. 


Libération, 27 March 2014 

Syria: A rock-solid evidence on sarin gas  


by Luc Mathieu, Libération, 26 March 2014


[excerpt translated from French by Cem Ertür]

In April 2013, when the use of chemical weapons by al-Assad was still in dispute, «Libération» collected witness testimonies of a possible sarin gas attack. Now, they have been officially confirmed. So, the red line had already been crossed almost one year ago. Classified as «Confidential Defence», the report on the sample analysis (of gravels collected on the spot on April 27 and brought to France on May 4, 2013 by a special correspondent of our newspaper) confirms beyond any doubt the use of sarin gas, which is an odourless neurotoxin.

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