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The Edward Snowden Hoax, was a very important test that revealed a 'weakness' across great swathes, who claim to be 'alternative' media who 'report' on war.



Much of the 'alternative' media, who 'report' on war, revealingly simply repeated unquestioningly, what they were fed, by the ...mainstream media propagandists, over the Edward Snowden Hoax, AT THE VERY SAME TIME, the mainstream media propagandists, were firing on all cylinders with the most outrageous propaganda, to try to make the case to 'justify' a full scale military invasion in Syria. 


Yes, quite incredibly, at a time of great peril, great swathes of 'alternative' media completely failed to understand the ONLY purpose of the mainstream media is propaganda.


Much 'alternative' media, fell, hook, line and sinker, for the mainstream media propagandists ruse, that mainstream media propagandists, would sometimes publish something that was not in the interests of big business or government.


In fact great swathes of 'alternative' media who believed the Edward Snowden Hoax, did the job of big business for them, and neutralized...themselves, because they undermined and called into question their own true purpose or effectiveness, all by themselves.


Any 'alternative' media that does not understand that mainstream media propagandists will NEVER publish anything, that does not suit big business interests, not only serves no useful purpose, it will not protect people's...lives.


At the very time the 'alternative' media should have been throwing the proverbial book at the mainstream media propagandists, they threw them a life-line.


'Alternative' media who promoted the Edward Snowden Hoax, were dangerously inviting the suggestion, that sometimes, and worse, in the run up to what was supposed to be a military invasion, the mainstream media propagandists could be forced to publish the truth over some things.


It was the 'alternative' media who promoted the Edward Snowden Hoax, who introduced the idea that if the Edward Snowden Hoax was true, then maybe not all the propaganda the government was putting out to promote war, was propaganda.

It is therefore illuminating, that the very well paid propagandists at the Guardian, Century Foundation, CATO Institute, Brookings Institute, Hoover Institution, and Council of Foreign Relations have nevertheless, had to have a little get together, before ridiculously announcing the threat, that the U.S government has the ‘capacity’ to continue to murder whoever they like, with...impunity.


Of course, the very idea that mass murder could be considered a ‘duty’ by anyone, is clearly barking.

Obviously, it goes with the territory, that you won’t get much by way of coherent argument, from the multi-trillion dollar industry in propaganda, which is really struggling as corporate lie upon corporate lie, can so quickly be exposed these days, without big business ever being too sure, that it can be -wholly- shut down. 

In fact, all the most allegedly sophisticated’ and violent weapons, including propaganda, will never change the fact that the decent and civilized law abiding...majority, (apparently we are the ‘rise of the rest’) around the world, have the greatest ‘capacity’ there is, to uphold the rule of law, to hold government to account, to protect...life.

Much of the supposedly 'alternative' media now lack credibility because of their unquestioning position over the Edward Snowden Hoax, which is in many respects, similar to the mainstream media coverage over Flight MH370, where a remote hijacking has not been either properly investigated, or ruled out.


All the remaining, first and foremost, law abiding....majority,  really need is a court, a jury, a camera and the internet, and it is game over for big business and war mongering.


The law abiding...majority will -continue- to bring law into all we do, in all walks of life, because the most important 'priority' will always be, to have the 'capacity' to protect and save...life.


We look forward to seeing more 'alternative' media in Britain and America, getting back on track, to protect and save...life, by making some -direct- challenges by actually asking the mainstream media and governments, in Britain and the U.S, the questions that will...hold them to account.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!