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First and foremost, Mr Greenwald clearly has a business agenda that he puts before law, which explains many of his numerous contradictions.

Ditto his latest backer, Mr Omidyar, who only recently crawled out of the woodwork, with great fanfare about...freedom.



A Washington Post article on the "Pando, Intercept" squabble, adds nothing of interest, while continuing to avoid much.



It does not take very much "research" at all, to discover Mr Omidyar is involved in funding the "Opposition" in Ukraine, which Mr Greenwald clearly must have known.


The idea that Mr Greenwald is not Mr Omidyar's puppet for Mr Omidyar's own paid for propaganda platform, would be quite difficult for most people to believe.


"Intercept" has a very clear agenda, to try and maintain an old fashioned, traditional phoney left "perspective".

However it just isn’t done to speak about Mr Omidyar's interests in Ukraine, in polite mainstream media circles right now, because everyone is supposed to be on board, and on message, over Ukraine, and Syria.


"Intercept" will appeal to those sanctimonious "radicals" who want to feel they are part of something that tells them it is "different", while still providing them with, that safety net feeling, of a little white picket fence. 


Or in the case of Mr Grenwald himself, a very large bank balance.


Intercept is still trying to sell people on the Great American "dream".


The story that goes, things may be a teensy bit bad, from time to time, but hey, things are not really all that bad, and American journalists are great big heroes who are going to save all the good people, like...Americans, anyway. 


And if the American government just happens to trample all over and murder a few million people, here and there, well, hey-ho, it couldn't be helped, shut up, there's a super-bowl on.


You want to watch a You tube video ? Well you will have to wait until you have seen the McDonald's ad, first.


One of this "Intercept" crew was some guy called Jeremy Scahill (who along with another prima donna, "journalist" from the Guardian) would not speak, at get this, the U.K Stop the War Coalition !! unless Mother Agnes withdrew.


Yet Mother Agnes played a significant role in heading off the pretext for overt western military intervention in the war on Syria, last year. 


Of course it would be unusual for the U.K Stop the War Coalition, to actually -encourage- someone with something really important to say, that may be "controversial". 


Intercept also give a platform to Begg and Cage Prisoners, who are dangerously promoting "British fighters" in Syria, which is just what western governments want, and are covertly doing.


Begg & Co. argue that because the British government want military intervention in Syria, it shouldn't be a problem for anyone else to join the bandwagon of those inflicting untold western misery on Syrian people.


I personally think it is entirely possible Begg was actually lifted recently, because of his previously declared links to Chechen "rebels". It would after all be embarrassing for a British government to explain, away Begg's views, while at the very same time, trying to keep quiet about their Nazi friends in Ukraine, who also have links to Chechen "rebels".


There is a delicate mainstream media dance currently going on, trying to work out how to mould the Cold War and Al-Qaeda fantasies into some sort of coherent mainstream media narrative, somehow.

In fact, Omidyar is of course, part of a very much wider money go round, in Ukraine, involving the likes of Nuland and Klitschko, Kissinger and Albright.  



Not good at all.

I for one do no want someone who sticks a label on themselves, to make money, claiming they are whatever, to fill my head with whatever their propaganda agenda is, which most importantly, does not put law to protect life, ahead of it’s own business interests.

Life is beautiful and -everyone- should have the opportunity to enjoy it.

Yet look at the absolute misery, western governments and their mainstream media propagandists, try their hardest to inflict on... everyone.

I cannot ever see that the western mainstream media care much about people’s...lives.

Many people I have come across, comment that media would in fact, watch you die.

Personally, it is documented, that I do know that one, to be true.


We have all watched media lies lead to millions of innocent civilians being brutally murdered, only for us to be told, by government and media, that it is time to move on and talk about something else, because that is what they are telling us we must do.

Even a former U.S Treasury official and Media editor, admits the mainstream media are unrecognizable as “journalism” these days.



Of course only a fool would really believe, if asked, that being supposedly handed, 58,000 files about government, involved anything to do with “investigative journalism” !!

It certainly does not take, as Greenwald claims, big money to...challenge and expose...government.

Our own public experience, is evidence of the opposite.

Greenwald and Co, revealingly did not even challenge their own premise that government was illegally spying on people, in the case they brought in the British High Court, over the alleged arrest of Miranda.

As many genuine campaigners know, and was discovered in the case of the undercover police officer, Mark Kennnedy, governments often undertake phoney arrests, prosecutions and convictions, to provide “credibility”.

It is more than likely that was the case with Miranda.

Indeed Greenwald arrogantly claimed in his witness statement in the High Court, that journalists somehow had special expertise that should afford them special rights beyond you and I.


Excuse me !!



What really takes massive sums of money, is the public money, being paid to the propaganda machine, to try to silence the very many “little people” like you and me.

Both government and media censor the people.

Their problem is, just because the propaganda machine feed the people whatever garbage they choose to, really does not mean the people either believe it, or agree with it.

Before so many people had the internet many people didn’t know that most people don’t think like the government and media tell us we should think, or do think.

In the early days, in Parliament Square, people would say how nice it was to meet people who thought like we did. I would tell them, we meet people from all around the world and we all think the same.

The millions upon millions who marched against the illegal war in Iraq, from all around the world, really was the beginning of the awakening.

Governments and media do not yet want to admit, that we are all called the...law abiding majority.

That is what most of us have always been.

One only has to look at the blind-spots in the wholesale western mainstream media propaganda over Ukraine and Syria, to see western governments do not have any concerns that their own western mainstream media outlets, are putting out anything other than the message they want, in whatever shade it is presented for various audiences.

What western governments and their mainstream media really fear, is the very rapidly declining effectiveness of the mainstream media propagandists -despite- their wall to wall, blanket propaganda.

Mainstream media is understandably hemorrhaging credibility, (and therefore financing) because the by and large law abiding majority simply cannot help but look away in increasing numbers, from a lawless mainstream media who promote corporate mass murder, after corporate mass murder, after corporate...mass murder.

Comment columns have been filled with complaints, for too long now.

Mainstream media is investing very large sums of money to try to counter and contain, the billions of "little people" like you and me, simply sharing...information, with each other, because we care (that would otherwise not be shared).


The "official" versions of anything, now have to work out how they can possibly erase whole historical records, of all sorts of things, that ...they have clearly lied about.

If Mr Greenwald had an ounce of sincerity, he would not be dictating to the people what he chooses to selectively “leak”.

Mr Greenwald doesn’t own government information, any more than governments could claim they do.

If Mr Greenwald, really was honest, he would publish a list of his Snowden documents (not the contents) so that people could bring legal proceedings at a time of their own choosing, over what may or may not, affect them.

That is reasonable.



Maybe Mr Greenwald & Co. have just been making it all up as they go along.

Whatever the case, there is no reason to trust him and his coterie, who present themselves as somehow our betters, because they happen to be whatever a "journalist" is.

Nor should we take what they say at face value, because not least, with all their whining about the plight of poor journalists !! it certainly isn’t the law abiding majority, they care about.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!